Author Topic: 2.7.1 Beta - Change Log  (Read 11717 times)

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2.7.1 Beta - Change Log
« on: September 01, 2012, 15:36:50 »
Changes since v2.7.1 : 35+ Changes

ADDED - Now possible to assign hotkeys to the different View Modes.
ADDED - Can now change view mode with custom commands. "MC.Explorer.SetViewMode"
ADDED - Can now change sorting with custom commands "MC.Explorer Sort"
ADDED - Can now drop link from browser.
ADDED - Support for 7Zip archives that are password protected.
ADDED - Can now auto run a User defined command at startup using "Multicommander.exe -AutoRun=<CommandName>"
ADDED - Support for new language : Spanish - Created by Mauro72
ADDED - (Experimental) Force the zip filesystem to use a custom codepage. Set Codepage using ":zipcp <cp num>" in the command line field. ( -1 for current system codepage )
ADDED - (Experimental) Force the zip filesystem to use the extended zip support for UTF8 when created Zip archive. Use commandline command ":ziputf8 1" to enable
FIXED - Path and FreeSpace field did not update if Device Dropdown was disabled, when browsing network paths.
FIXED - Virtual Filesystem for 7-Zip had problem when files inside a .7z archive had invalid attributes.
FIXED - Crash when adding separator to menu
FIXED - MultiCommander Now works on Windows XP with SP2 again.
FIXED - 4 Crash problems reported by crash report system.