Author Topic: hidden share (c$) or share with authentication  (Read 9611 times)


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hidden share (c$) or share with authentication
« on: March 30, 2013, 17:36:56 »
at start i wan't to thank you for great job with this program, it's better than others file managers. But i have one problem with MC.

I can't connect to other computer to hidden share for example '\\\c$' , (nothing happend). First i have to connect by windows start->run and than i have a window to write user and password and i have access to this drive C. After this i put '\\\c$' in MC and i have access to C also in commander.

The same situation with custom net share '\\\my_share'. I have to log in by start->Run and than i have access to this share but if i want to connect once again by MC to C$ it's fails again. Something like MC remember last authentication (to my_share) and don't want to show again window to log on when i try connect to C$.

Could someone respond me if I do something wrong or this is normally situtaion in this programme. I know that other commanders have the same problem, for sure this problem doesn't exist in Free Commander and Unreal Commander but i don't like them :)

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Re: hidden share (c$) or share with authentication
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2013, 16:06:21 »
A Login window should be shown and are shown when I try here. But there are some situation where it is not show.

A workaround is to save the password for that network resource in windows by checking the checkbox in the user/password window or adding password for network resource for in accounts.