Author Topic: Right Click Shell looks odd, rename behave strange, look 'n feel messed all up  (Read 4802 times)


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I've got a several issues with the latest beta 3.2.1 (1432)

First off, I can't find a way to get the regular explorer shell when I right click. I thought the option was in the Explorer Panel Configuration under Right Click menu (now set as Shell Context Menu), but that doesn't work.

Also, in the previous versions I've been able to change the rename behavior as how it works in explorer. Whereas now a pop-up window appears to rename the files.

Last but not least, I thought I could change the Right Click behavior from the Quick Look'nFeel Setup under Customize / Mouse but after I changed it the whole settings have been lost (colors, fonts and so forth)

Mathias (Author)

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If you are running Explorer Style setup then the context menu is shown on right click.
With Commander styled setup it is on Right Button Click and Hold.. (Hold down for 2-3 sec) and on Double click with right button..

And yes the right click action will change when doing "Quick Look'n'Feel setup" but it also changes a lot of other settings.
(Just make sure that the settings panel is not opened when you do it. because the settings panel will not magically update it self )

Not sure that the issue with rename is. How are you renaming ?
This ways will do inline rename without popup..
Shift+F6  (Commander style)
Click and wait and then change the name
Rename action from the Context Menu

You can however get a popup message if there is a name conflict..