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Multi Commander SDK - Alpha
« on: July 03, 2013, 13:05:07 »
An alpha version of the SDK is getting close.

 With the SDK you can create extensions and plugins for Multi Commander.
 There are many different kind extension that can be created.

App / Tools / Utilities Extension
 These are extensions that can interact with the core system in Multi Commander. They can show a GUI in it's own window or inside a tab. They can extended the script system with more commands, add own command that will be shown in the menu. and more.

 Example of some extension of this type is the PictureViewer extension that shows it's own gui, MultiRename is an extension that is mixing internal gui element inside it's own window and The File Checksum verifier shows it's GUI inside a tab in Multi Commander. FSFTPScript extends the script language with FTP support.

File System Plugins
 These are used to allow Multi Commander to browse archives, FTP, Registry and other resources that has a file system like structure.

File Properties Plugins
 These are plugin that are used to retrieve file properties on file. For example the Picture Properties plugin allow you to get file properties of picture files so you can show column with picture properties like Image size, EXIF date and a lot more.

File Operations Plugins
 These are plugin that are used during copy/move and delete operations. They can modify the target location of the file, Change the data that is read/written or do something after a file operation is completed.

 To be able to build extensions and plugins using the SDK you will need to know C++ programming

 Also the Sample projects will require Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 or better.
 (VS2012 Express Desktop Edition should work and only minor project changes is required to get
 it to work in VS2010 or VS2008)
 I think it should be possible to create extension/plugin using another C++ compiler. However, I have not tested that.

 What I would like to get from you about the SDK is information about any bugs you find, issue,
 If anything is missing and other feedback or improvements that can be made.

 However, There is almost NO documentation for the SDK.
 But there are a lot of comment in the interface header files and also there is 4 samples extensions/plugins.
 One Tools Extension, a file property plugin, and a FileSystem (Stream Mode) Plugin and FileSystem (Internal Mode) plugin.

 If you are interested in Alpha testing the SDK please sent me a message at