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Yes it does not auto reload when changed. restart MC after a change and they will be loaded.. will be fixed in update coming soon
Support and Feedback / Re: V 12.0 File Coloring Rules can't be changed from Default
« Last post by jiee on August 17, 2022, 12:47:35 »
You will find that changes getting applied after reboot MC...

Seems like something wrong with the color rule.
This was a hint to include this option by default as the main file browser in Windows is still Windows Explorer I often need to switch from it to MC.

After some research, I understood that this is not an easy task. The best what I can do is to use "FileMenu Tools" that can start the MC in the current folder but only if MC has not been started yet. If it is started it just opens where it was.

This option is common for FastStone Image Viewer or Far Manager.
Yes via registry key. Make a Google search and you will find a lot of guides to solve your question.
Good day!

I want to start MC in the current folder while browsing the files using the standard Windows Explorer. Is that possible?
Support and Feedback / V12 - Archive extracting counter wrong
« Last post by User_99 on August 12, 2022, 17:32:04 »
Small glitch: When archive extracting is finished, counter is wrong.
Translations And Language Packs / Re: German language pack - latest MC version
« Last post by User_99 on August 12, 2022, 15:52:54 »
Hi Mathias,

miss one last string for translation in that menu: Multi Commander on facebook
Fixed in 12.0
Any change to default coloring rules doesn't get applied or saved.

Some changes made to color rules in previous versions are applied in 12.0.
But new rules added in previous versions are shown but not applied in 12.0

For example, I changed the color for Archives and turned off the color for executables in version 11.6. Those changes are applied in version 12.0 but cannot be changed.

However I added new color rules for folder junctions and symlinks in version 11.6. Those rules are shown in the File Coloring Rules Editor in v 12.0 but are not being applied.

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * RC *
« Last post by Pawel on August 10, 2022, 16:14:05 »
Thank you for your point of view.

I will check your idea with script. Sounds interesting!
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