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These may be of interest:

Thank you for those links ! They are already helpful :-) There is hope now :-)

Yeah - keyboards make great (if unwitting) forensic tools!  I now know exactly what my grandson eats most of when he's at my PC ;)

LOL  -  maybe also a incentive for me to swap keyboards - even if the better ones with extra functionality are expensive - a bit faster instead of keeping hacking at it for this many years, unknowingly what monster might be growing in there :-)

These may be of interest:

Yeah - keyboards make great (if unwitting) forensic tools!  I now know exactly what my grandson eats most of when he's at my PC ;)
Something I can try (and will), but I won't get my hopes up, since it already happens with vanilla out of the box settings after installation.. only settings I changed were logging settings and that was only after I started noticing the issue.

I'm pretty sure by now it has to do with my Logitech G19 or it's drivers.. a plain old (and disgusting looking) cherry keyboard hooked up with driver disabled and logitech disconnected and I didn't experience the issue once.

Being a heavy keyboard shortcut user I really grew attached to the extra 12 macro keys tho.. so there is no good solution.

Then again.. its not like I'm dying either.. it's a nuisance I'd like to see resolved at some point, so I downloaded 4GB worth of archived drivers from a logitech ftp.
I'll be trying different versions this weekend and see if I can hit the sweet spot :-)  Crappy boring job, but worth it in this particular case.

A big positive is all the pieces of food I keep finding when I turn this cherry keyboard upside down.. it's hella gross.. man.. was I a pig back in the days :P

Have you tried installing MC portable into a new folder, make no other changes whatever and checking if you see the same results?

If you see the same results, you have (IMHO) to suspect the keyboard drivers.  If you do not see the behaviour, it has to be something in the way you have configured MC (probably).

Just my 2 cents...
Shame I can't plus both your efforts / answers to show appreciation. Consider both of you appreciated for thinking along what might be cause/solution. :-)
I disabled that behaviour (so there should be no invisible window/process blocking my particular setup). I think this is different in that way, since I can put focus on the command bar and use keys in there.. just not the rest of the program. In your stated case this is probably not possible if I remember working of security popup and claiming focus correctly, I think.
I'll investigate if there is maybe something in Windows 10 LIKE this security functionality that may cause this. I cannot rule it out that there is, since I mostly focussed on processes dealing with Multi Commander itself and the working thereof.

I used group policies (gpedit.msc) in Windows to disable blocking because of security warnings for internet downloaded content and other security messages like it, and double checked correct working via authoring rules. It is correctly disabled for me, according to Windows.

@ 1) Mathias : it MIGHT be something in Logitech's software - I cannot reproduce the behaviour (and I used it for hours and hours to test last 2 days) with another keyboard and the latest Logitech Gaming Software unloaded. It just didn't happen up til now, where I can easily reproduce it with the Logitech keyboard and drivers loaded. So it seems to be either hardware-related (keyboard itself) or logitech's software (driver).
I will download several older versions of the software to check if this behaviour still happens. Worth the little investigation since it's taking me hours already ;-)

2) I already assumed you didn't hook into the key-events and just let windows handle the keypresses for the program/window in focus. It didn't hurt to ask to be sure tho, since some programs hook into it and have their own handling routine. Investigating thru process hacker + sysinternal tools already showed me this would prolly not be the case :-) now i know for sure.
1. I told that it is similar behaviour. But personally I think that both cases have the same root.

2. Open Windows Explorer window and launch such exe (in my case it is GoogleChrome portable from Security warning will be shown. Now try go back to Explorer window. It is impossible because warning dialog is modal.

Now launch that exe in MC. Warning dialog is not modal for some reason.
It is Windows that shows that dialog.

Here the keys are stopped without anything being launched
OK. I launch something that is not visible but acts like that process/window. Is it the same now?

P.S. BTW when I launch the same exe in other file manager, that security dialog is shown modal.
it is not the same because then you have a process that is launch that is awaiting input, and since MC is waiting for Windows to continue and start the process or cancel it,the Main Ui is blocked, until you tell windows what you want

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