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Thank you for the information. What functions are Ctrl+Pgup/dn currently hard-coded to? Because I can't find reference to them in the official documentation, nor the hotkey configuration window (filter/search for settings would be great), I'm speculating that they're tied to something infrequently accessed. Is there an engineering concern that forced you to hard-code them? Despite them being somewhat redundant, as you've pointed out, these key combinations are quite common for switching tabs. Unless they're used ubiquitously for something else in software-at-large that I'm not aware of, it seems like an oversight to permanently bind them to another function. Hopefully the custom keyboard shortcuts gain more flexibility in the future.

For now, feedback from the interface is a concern. In this case, the keyboard customization window simultaneously reporting two different stored key-bindings for a highlighted function in the input field and the list-column is problematic. It should be made obvious what key combinations are hard-coded and off-limits to the user.

Generally, I really like the software. With some small improvements it will replace my current file-manager that I've depended on for years. Multi Commander is half the size and twice as responsive. Thanks for your work and thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Mathias no need to clutter the ui, i wouldn't mind some ini file like

Code: [Select]


etc or something like that.
Support and Feedback / Re: v 9.0 (build 2532)BUG: non-closable copy dialog
« Last post by veds on May 30, 2020, 10:35:56 »
MC v9.7 x64 build 2590

I had the same problem.
I started multiple copy processes and one of them ended with "100% completed - copying files" in the title of the dialog (in the progressbar the text "100%", "File copy/move is completed" is visible) but the buttons "Skip", "Pause" and "Abort" are still visible.  The queue is empty but when i try to close the dialog I get the message "abort file copying ?"  Clicking on "Yes" or "No" makes no difference, the dialog doesn't close.

I will try to find a way to reproduce it.
Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab does that. (same as in chrome)

Cltr+Pgup/Dn are connected to another function and can't currently be customized.
It would be very useful to assign "CTRL + PGUP" and "CTRL + PGDN" to "Previous Tab" and "Next Tab," because this is the same hotkey used to switch tabs in web browsers, like Firefox. Unfortunately, there is a mysterious force preventing this assignment from taking hold. The keyboard customization window returns gives no error when assigning these keystrokes to the custom commands (MC.SetActiveTab PANEL=ACTIVE TAB=NEXT, MC.SetActiveTab PANEL=ACTIVE TAB=PREV). The custom command works perfectly when assigned to Left / Right and other hotkeys. When keying in the keystroke, "CTRL+PGUP," the entry field instead reports "CTRL + NUM 9" - fair enough, I guess, that's also used to switch tabs in browsers - but the column in the upper window reports the keystroke only as "CTRL +", and neither Ctrl+PGUP nor Ctrl+Num9 trigger the command. Upon exiting and re-entering the keyboard customization window, and clicking on the command in the list, it is still reported as "CTRL+NUM 9" in the lower entry field, and still reported as only "Ctrl +" in the upper column display. I have banged my head against the wall repeatedly to no avail.

Considering this is the default keyboard shortcut for navigating tabs within browsers, it would be nice for this to work. I have mapped gamepads that are used interchangeably for both web browsing and in other tabbed file-navigation tools. Hopefully this can be fixed (unless I'm an idiot and have missed something obvious).
1. HTTP is because of server reasons.
HTTPS does not protect you against "main in the middle" attack, the attacker can also get a cert from letsencrypt so you will not notice.
HTTPS with letsencrypt protect you from somebody listning in.  but you do not send any personal info when visit the webpage,
However there is plans to change it when I can move the site, but that is a money issue.

2. App Cert is somethings on my list I want to do.. BUT it is a money issue.. it cost around 150-350$ a year for a code sign certificate.


The Multi Commander is really a great tool. But unfortunately it's exposed severely for security vulnerabilities
1. Its web page uses still HTTP but not HTTPS. So no user has a chance to prove it by checking the certificate. Man-in-the-middle and many other attacks can not be detected.
2. The application is not digitally signed. A modification of the application by a malicious app cannot be detected.
Neither authentity nor authority can be proven.

Question: Are you really willing to jeopardise your great work by such silly security omissions?
That would be really a bummer.

So please fix that. offers certificates free of charge.


Kind regards,

Support and Feedback / Re: 500 'STOR' not understood?
« Last post by Dyajster on May 23, 2020, 10:54:27 »
Hi Mathias

Yes it works with normal or basic characters but with Latin 1 (i think) it doesn't

example characters below that's giving me 500 STOR

à    á    â    ã    ä    å    æ    ç    è    é    ê    ë    ì    í    î    ï
ð    ñ    ò    ó    ô    õ    ö    ÷    ø    ù    ú    û    ü    ý    þ    ÿ
I have a new CyberPowerPC that with Win10 x64 Home. It has been fully updated before installing any other software (except Kaspersky). I downloaded and installed v9.7 build 2590 x64. As soon as the installation was complete, I found the Path Fields for both Explorer Panes too small to read. Can someone help me fix this configuration. I have attached a screen shot of this problem.
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