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It depends on word format and it also depends and what format MC thinks the file is(text,utf8, unicode, binary), and it also depends on how the text in the word doc is formated. Modern Word files are actually zip files. and with them you will not find anything since there is no chance the text exists as plain text.

That you find it before is pure luck.

But if you force it to do a binary check it might find the text as long as the text only have A-Z , 0-9 and no special characters.
and that the text document is not encoded with newer word versions.

Support and Feedback / Re: MC doesn't find phrases and sentences any more
« Last post by Skinman on Yesterday at 17:53:16 »
MC do not and have never decoded doc files.  doc files are binaries files with the own special format.

Both wrong. There is lots of plain text in doc files and it used to work perfectly with earlier versions, as I wrote. Still does with some files, as I wrote.
Support and Feedback / Re: Rename locked file
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Yesterday at 16:36:25 »
Interesting but there is a problem,
if you are returned back into inline renaming of the file, and then you switch to Word to close it. MC loses input focus while you are doing that and MC can't be in inline rename mode anymore.

Support and Feedback / Re: Disk to disk slow transfer rate
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Yesterday at 16:30:16 »
450 vs 15 is extreme.. And that makes me think that it is some external factors and not just how MC read/writes data.
Normally you get 450 vs 250, and the different is because of real write to the disk and writes that are written to the disk cache
Support and Feedback / Re: Disk to disk slow transfer rate
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Yesterday at 16:17:00 »
It is hard to say you get slow speed, Normally there should not be any reason for that. I got full speed myself when coping between my two ssds.
But reasons for slow down can be so incredible many and so much is affecting the speed.

It can also depends on what settings you tweaked.
For example some drives that have a very large cache, then make sure drive cache is enabled for write.
Also some OS version works better with some buffer size settings then others.

I assume that you start the copy so that MC is doing the copy and not Windows ?
(The MC copy progress dialog is shown and not the one that Windows Explorer shows ? )

In the file operation log you can see if it is the read or if the write that is slow or if it is both.( since each time/speed is logged there separately.)
When you know what part that slows it does then you have a bit more to go on.
Support and Feedback / Re: Disk to disk slow transfer rate
« Last post by Tolis on Yesterday at 15:41:34 »
my files are 10G and you can tell that MC is slow from the time needed to copy
Support and Feedback / Re: Disk to disk slow transfer rate
« Last post by Tolis on Yesterday at 15:40:02 »
I unchecked "Automatically detect read/write stratergy for file copy"

and tweak both Normal profiles (same and different disks) however performance not affected at all

did I miss something?
Support and Feedback / Re: Disk to disk slow transfer rate
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Yesterday at 15:08:24 »
MC is optimized for speed but if some hardware does not support it Windows is using workaround to make it work anyway but the speed suffers..
Also note that the speed Windows Explorer say is often not the "real" speed. But it depends on how large the data is and memory.
Maybe times it is only the speed for the data when it was written to the cache, not the disk.. But it depends.

However all settings that Windows allows to be change for read/write of data can tweaked in settings with Read/Write Settings in Menu > Config > FileOperations Settings > Read/Write Strategy settings
Or just turn it off it Core Settings > FileSystem (tab)
and under the section "Default file operations options" uncheck "Automatically detect read/write stratergy for file copy"
It will then use the settings for the normal read/write profile that is the settings recommended to be the one that work okey for all kind of devices.

(If you tweaking the settings you can see more exact info about the speed (if it is the read or the write that is slow) in the file operations log (Ctrl+L) )

Support and Feedback / Disk to disk slow transfer rate
« Last post by Tolis on Yesterday at 14:57:58 »

When using explorer to transfer large files between my ssd disk the transfer rate is maximum 450Mb/s but with MC I only get 15Mb/sec. I use the portable version which I run as administrator on Windows 10.

Support and Feedback / Rename locked file
« Last post by halifax80 on January 21, 2017, 12:44:32 »
MC has a frustrating behavior I have noticed more than one time when I tried to rename locked files. Here is how to reproduce the problem:
  • Take a file, for example a Word document, and open it in Word so it becomes locked.
  • Try to rename the file in MC.
  • You get a popup window which gives you 3 options: "Do you want to search for processes that are using the file/folder?" Yes, No, Cancel.
  • No matter which one you click, you lose the new name of the file you've just entered because MC exits the rename mode.
This is especially frustrating when the new file name is long or it was hard to enter for some reason.

Would it be possible that at least when I select "Cancel" then MC simply returns to rename mode (where I was before) and lets me close the file in Word manually and retry the rename by simply pressing Enter and not having to enter the new name again?
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