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Support and Feedback / Re: How to "type to search and jump" in Commander Style?
« Last post by AlanJB on January 26, 2021, 14:45:17 »
Menu > Configuration > Explorer Panel Settings... > Display [tab], set the Keyboard Handling settings as per the image below.
Support and Feedback / How to "type to search and jump" in Commander Style?
« Last post by commander on January 26, 2021, 14:25:52 »
In Windows File Explorer, we can type quickly a file name and jump to select the matched file name.
Is this possible in Commander Style?
Good that you found one that fitted your needs.
i found "double commander" is more friendly
Many of the think you list do work, it depends on what default layout you selected.
and you can reconfigure most commands,

1,4,7,9,13,14,19,20, and probably some more. since i just did a quick read.
and more if you configure it.

You can make some things works like TC,  but MC is not trying to be TC, MC is it own things.
Beta Releases / Re: v10.3 - BETA
« Last post by jjk on January 24, 2021, 21:31:29 »
Hi Mathias.

Just done a bit more testing and there is definitely a problem with

As soon as MC 10.3 is opened, the (4.5kb) is immediately converted to the 49 byte broken .xml file, as per my reply #1, above.

Are you able to reproduce this, Mathias?

I reproduce also.
Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: newbie came from Total Commander 20 years
« Last post by jjk on January 24, 2021, 18:13:56 »
1) working here
10) just ctrl+shift+b (experimental) or assign ctrl+b
15) places left for coded buttons as you will via button editor

Feature Requests and Suggestions / newbie came from Total Commander 20 years
« Last post by zlotowinfo on January 24, 2021, 14:32:31 »
its very, very hard to make MULTI to be looks like TOTAL

solved 22% (5/23): 1, 10, 11, 12, 16

options not working in equal to Total Commander:
1. alt+f1 & alt+f2 (change drive panel left/right)
2. ctrl+f open ftp panel
3. ctr+n open simple ftp panel
4. no explorer cursor full color, only frame colored
5. "*" marks all, total commander marks only files
6. when enter symlink folder on top isn't "[..]"
7. shift+f6 to rename working, but when i change it to f2, shift+f6 stopping working
8. when one tab opened should not be seen tabs line, total not seen
9. no options to disable confirmations on file operation with mouse
10. ctrl+b not works, list files from all folders
11. ctrl+m not works, multi file rename
12. sthift+f2 not works, compare folders
13. changed place: command line on top, not on bottom
14. changed place: tabs on bottom, not on top
15. strange: on bottom are some empty places, cant remove
16. not seen extension on long file name in short panel
17. angry confirmation on close multi file rename
18. esc not closing opened file search window
19. ctrl+f3, f4, f5 sort by name, by extension, by date
20. no force to reasign key, first must find & remove key in other option
21. when ctrl+b to use list all files from subdirectories, ctrl+r not refreshing panel & all files staying
22. on bottom no info about file under cursor
23. no ftp copying in background

ad. 1 not worked when disabled list pulldown list drives
ad. 10 function exist with assigned ctrl+shift+b reassinged to ctrl+b
ad. 11. function exist, reassigned to ctrl+m
Since most of the binary files do not have text-like extensions (*.txt, *.log etc.),  and MC has filters (with text file exteinsions filled in)... I'm just saying :) Of course, it's for user to decide wether filter be used or not. And which one.
Support and Feedback / Re: F6 - Move files
« Last post by bgroper on January 23, 2021, 05:04:13 »
Not by default since many of the options and feature for copy are set there.
But you can use UserDefinedCommand to create a new command that skip that.

Thanks, that might be very useful.
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