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Support and Feedback / FTP - editing file
« on: October 30, 2016, 14:59:41 »

I have problem with using FTP. I try to edit file, file is opened in text editor then i make changes and click save. But nothing happend becouse file is saved only in temp location in local drive. File on ftp server is saved only when i close the editor with file and ask me about to save to file on server.
Is it possible to send file to server at the moment when i click save in file's editor?

And other question. Is it possible to use SFTP protocol? SSL/TLS isn't the same like SFTP


Support and Feedback / Bookmark to network share
« on: October 30, 2016, 14:40:34 »
Hi All.
I have question about bookmarks to network shares.
I have laptop and use it in my company. When i work i have saved (blocked) bookmark to few shares. Everythig is fine when I works when i'm in company, I can restart my computer and everything is saved.
Situation stays complicatated when I back to home and I open MC. My paths from company change path to local "C" and MC opens very long (i think that's why he is looking for this unavaiable path). I know that workaround for this could be:
- save bookmarks to file and reopen it when i need
- add bookmark (path) to favourite.

Is it any other way (maybe change something in configuration in MC) to save status of bookmark with network path even if is unavaiable to not to save bookmark to file or add to favourite?


SDK / Music Bee on PlayOnLinux
« on: February 09, 2016, 11:41:22 »
Hello. Mathias maybe you can help me with this. Below is manaul how to run Music Bee on PlayOnLinux.

Maybe you know what kind of librabraries whe have to add for Multicommander. Music Bee wants dotnet4, wmpcodecs and others....

at start i wan't to thank you for great job with this program, it's better than others file managers. But i have one problem with MC.

I can't connect to other computer to hidden share for example '\\\c$' , (nothing happend). First i have to connect by windows start->run and than i have a window to write user and password and i have access to this drive C. After this i put '\\\c$' in MC and i have access to C also in commander.

The same situation with custom net share '\\\my_share'. I have to log in by start->Run and than i have access to this share but if i want to connect once again by MC to C$ it's fails again. Something like MC remember last authentication (to my_share) and don't want to show again window to log on when i try connect to C$.

Could someone respond me if I do something wrong or this is normally situtaion in this programme. I know that other commanders have the same problem, for sure this problem doesn't exist in Free Commander and Unreal Commander but i don't like them :)

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