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Thanks Mathias, although useful, that's not quite what I am after.

The reason I quite often pop over to the This PC view is to check: Disk size, Free space, and Percent full, for all my disks, at a glance. This is useful info for a number of reasons/uses. There seems to be no way to get at this info in Multi Commander.

The different is that MC is built to show you the file system as it actually is. It is not built from the virtual Windows Shell view concecpt as Windows Explorer.

But the device Dropdown (Alt+F1/F2) is like that virtual view and will show all devices.
The size of the treefolder panel is saved when you close MC and restored when it should return to the same size when you restart the program

No, one tree for the entire app is not planed since it does not currently fit into the architecture, each panel (tab) is its own extension.
Support and Feedback / Re: Folder Tree Horizontal Scroll Bar
« Last post by michaelbeijer on Today at 12:23:18 »
Or to lock it (perhaps), as per my recent request over @,2094.0.html

Both Windows’ File Explorer and Directory Opus have this useful view called "This PC" (on Windows 10). See attached screenshots.

Is there something similar in Multi Commander? I hope so, as I use it all the time.


Is there any way to lock the position of the slider between the Tree and the Explorer Panel? Every time I open or switch to a new tab or location, the tree to the left seems to be a different size, which is kind of annoying. I wish I could make it so the tree remained the exact same size at all times.

While we're at it, it would be great if I could use only one tree for two Explore Panels. Is this possible, or, if not, planned?


PS: on my endless quest for the ultimate, perfect file Explorer, I recently stumbled across Multi Commander, and am very impressed so far. I actually own licences for both XYplorer and Directory Opus, but am not 100% convinced by either.
Script / Re: Get the source/target path based on the active panel
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Yesterday at 19:35:54 »
Focus is the item that the "cursor" is on. normally the item in focus is also selected but you can have multiple items as selected.
By default a small "frame" is drawn around the focus item.. (If you press up or down arrow key it is from this item it will go from)

1. Depending on script. but you can get focus item and source (active) path with MultiTags..
2. ${sourcepath} or GetSourcePath(..) ( )
The active panel is the Source panel. Target panel is the active tab on the other panel side

3. GetSelectedXXXXX (many different function depending on if you want full path or just filename and so on, both for source and target location )
Yes focus item get included if no items are selected.

No MC do not have any external dependencies..  If it has MC would not even start

I don't know why the settings are reseting for you.. You can always save the settings you want then then set the file as readonly
Support and Feedback / Re: MultiDataViewer color theme change not saving
« Last post by Ulfhednar on Yesterday at 14:33:33 »
Hi Mathias
I loaded it into an editor with no errors shown
I tried a browser & it said no style info
I used  & it said no errors.

Still will not fully load on start...
Strips (Stripes) &/or Lines are the only settings I can get to persist when altering the default.  This implies it is being read & actioned but no color change loaded ???
Are there any dependencies which I might not yet have installed since the clean OS install?  (I've done all the C++ & .Net varieties).
Script / Re: Get the source/target path based on the active panel
« Last post by feranti on Yesterday at 13:37:20 »
Ok, after some better researchs, I got some clues:
Concerning the point 2, sourcepath is always the active panel path and target is the inactive panel.
Concerning the point 3, it seems that there are no way to have no files focused in MC. GetSourceSelectedFileNames() always returns selected files or focused files if no selection. Am I wrong there?
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