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Multi Commander 4.4 Release Candidate
« on: July 05, 2014, 17:51:49 »
Change since v4.3.1

Over 74+ Changes. Some of them are...

-- Build 1720 - 2014-0713
  ADDED - FileSystem Plugin allowing the browsing of favorites in the filesystem (FAV:) (Experimental, might NOT be included in final release)
  FIXED - Browsing NET: works again.
  FIXED - Better UTF8 support for FTP
  FIXED - Customizing of the keys for ShowFavorites, Back, Forward, Show History is now kept between restarts
  FIXED - 1 crash issues reported by Crash report system

-- Build 1716 - 2014-07-08
  ADDED - Quick Create folder menu can now be customized and are using MultiLanguage system
  ADDED - Quick Create folder item can now use date/time/filename tags
  FIXED - When launching multiple items using shell, it will now verify if the shell really allows the item to be launched
  FIXED - 1 crash issues reported by Crash report system

-- Build 1712 - 2014-07-05
  FIXED - Strange rounding that only happened on some file sizes when showing selected file size as GB
  FIXED - Drop popup menu 'extract' will now unpack to the correct path where the drop happened.
  FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile with a target folder that does not exists will now update the views better.
  FIXED - FreeSpace field was not using the correct font. Was using FileList font
  FIXED - Fixed some scrollbar issues with the MultiDataViewer
  ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Explorer.ChangeSettings that can change some Explorer Panel settings in active panel only (Changes lost on restart)
  ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept Shift+F9 to insert date at caret position or replacing selected text
  ADDED - Installer reworked. Can now upgrade current installation and support installation of both 32bit and 64bit
  ADDED - Remote Desktop client shares \\TSClient now support. "TSClient" is added to NET: when Remote computer is connected
  ADDED - Create Folder button added to toolbar. Right click on it to show a list of some preset date folders to create (Will be customizable in the future.)

The Installer have been reworked.
You can now upgrade using the installer. And 32bit and 64bit can now both be installed.
Installer v4.4 Build 1720 (32bit)
Installer v4.4 Build 1720 (64bit)
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Re: Multi Commander 4.3.5 Beta
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2014, 18:01:07 »
The new CustomCommand MC.Explorer.ChangeSetting can change a settings for the ExplorerPanel, But only for the active panel.
Since this is change for active panel this changes are not saved.  They are used if you temporary want to change some settings for one panel only.

MC.Explorer.ChangeSetting NAME=<SettingsName> VALUE="<New Value>" TOGGLE
NAME is the name of a settings you want to change
VALUE is the new value for that settings often it is 1 or 0 for on or off.
TOGGLE can be used instead of value and will toggle the value. If it is 1 then it will be set to 0.

Code: [Select]
MC.Explorer.ChangeSetting NAME="GridLinesH" VALUE="1"
Code: [Select]
MC.Explorer.ChangeSetting NAME="GridLinesV" TOGGLE
Supported settings to change is
  • GridLinesV
  • GridLinesH
  • CheckBoxes
  • SelectionRectangle
  • SelectOnNavigate
  • UnselectOnSingleSelect
  • DbgSelection
  • AdjustLongNames
  • AutoSizeColumns
  • AnyKeySearch
  • SearchBox
  • SortNatural
  • SortFilesFolderSeparate
  • ReSortAfterRename
  • ResetViewFilterOnPathChange
  • RestoreViewFilterForPath
  • RemeberSelectedOnPathChange
  • TagFolders
  • FolderTagInSizeColumn
  • ShowLinkTarget
  • ForwardKeys
  • UnselectWhenStartingFileOperation
  • ShowHidden
  • ShowSystem

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Re: Multi Commander 4.3.5 Beta
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2014, 18:50:34 »
When adding/change the Create Folder templates there are 3 type of tags that can be used  date / time and filename


You can have multiple tags.

Code: [Select]
:{Dyyyy-MM-dd} :{THH:mm}
:{Dyyyy-MM-dd} :{FFocusFileName}
:{Dyyyy-MM-dd} :{FFocusFileNameNoExt}
My Folder (:{Dyyyy-MM-dd} - :{THH:mm})
For date and time formatting is using the same formatting that are used in regional settings..

See this for how they are formatted

Default date folders names are generated from regional settings. And illegal characters are stripped/replaced.
An ISO date formated item (yyyy-MM-DD) is always added even if you do not have that date format in your language settings since that format is
often used in file/folders since that format it will automatically be sorted correct when sorted alphabetically

Also the QuickCreate popup Menu is shown when right clicking on the CreateFolder toolbar icon or if you press the hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+F7