Author Topic: maybe do not include skipped files in speed/time remaing calculations  (Read 4928 times)


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Hello Mathias,
Sometimes, for whatever reason, I have to abort a big copy action somewhere in the middle.
At a later point I select the same data and perform a normal copy action. It encounters the same files and wants to overwrite, and I select "skip all".
It races over all the files already copied, and starts copying the remaining files.

However, it does count all the skipped files as being copied in this "session" and so the average transfer speed is very high, and the time remaining is underestimated.

I would suggest that not including skipped files in speed calculations/time estimations is more realistic.

I have no idea if this is an easy thing to change, of if it has far reaching consequences, in which case it would probably not be worth the effort for this minor improvement.

Thanks for all your work,

Mathias (Author)

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Re: maybe do not include skipped files in speed/time remaing calculations
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2014, 22:20:35 »
There are plans to redesign the entire file operations dialog. So changes are coming

However.. how skipped files should be handled are not always so clear.. Many "user" what skipped files to be counted as files that have been processed.
some do not. and if they are not.. then "done" do not reach the expected files to process, and so on.
There are also a lot of other corner cases where there are reasons for included files or not.
So it is not easy to say include in case X and not in case Y.
(btw Progress bar is based on size not number of files, and time remaining is based on bytes process and renaming until that time )