Author Topic: Quick Filter - how to make MC to add asterisks automatically to a search word  (Read 3469 times)


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Is there any option to make the Quick Filter default behavior mode like this:
keyword = *keyword*

That is to avoid the need to add the two asterisks manually and to make MC to presume, that any single keyword in Quick Filter field is only a part of the filename providing that the other is not stated explicitly.
I use quick filter option quite often, but I can't remember a single occasion, when I needed to use another mode, that is to search by the full filename.

Furthermore, it would be nice to add asterisk automatically between multiple keywords too. That is when I enter in Quick Filter field several words separated by spaces, MC should treat them as independent parts of filename:
quick fox brown = *quick*fox*brown* = *quick*brown*fox*

Thanks in advance!


Mathias (Author)

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ViewFilters are already doing that

If you do not write a * it will do substring matching.  so if you enter "fox" it would be like you wrote "*fox*"

Use only * if you want to do exact matching like matching beginning/end of files. Eg for matching extensions. *.jpg