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Mathias (Author):

Release v7.0 Release Candidate 1 - Build 2338 (1-Apr-2017)
  ADDED - MultiScript function min/max/IsAllTrue/IsAnyTrue (also supports array support)
  ADDED - MultiScript function mod/FormatDateTime/GetTimeInfo/GetRandomValue
  CHANGE- MultiScript change, compare two string using == will now return a boolean, not a diff values.
  FIXED - MultiScript debugger sometimes caused a crash if closed before script was stopped
  ADDED - QuickLaunchBar now has a "Run as Admin" options.
  FIXED - Fixed an issue with the "Find and Replace" and when doing ignoring case on 32bit builds
  FIXED - "Replace all older" when moving on same volume works again
  FIXED - Some default settings was wrong on fresh install
  ADDED - Renaming read only files using MultiRename, the confirm dialog about that now have a "Do this for all read only files" checkbox
  FIXED - When resizing thumbnail size using mouse wheel, The scrollbar was not updated correct.
  FIXED - Recent history path was in some situation corrupted.
  ADDED - Hotkey for the start of MultiRename can now be customized
  ADDED - MultiRename is added to the CustomContextMenu as a default command.
  FIXED - Memory leak with CustomContextMenu was shown.
  FIXED - Fixed some text issue and minor layout issues in the CustomContextMenuEditor

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2333 (25-Mar-2017)
  ADDED - Added many more rename option to the Rename submenu in menubar
  CHANGE- Change the text for the rename options in the menu
  ADDED - Added more rename option to custom context menu in the default setup (Delete 'ContextMenu.xml' to see the new default)
  FIXED - CustomContextMenu was sometimes saved with wrong options.
  ADDED - Option to show the WindowsShellContext Menu as a submenu to the CustomContextMenu (Core Settings > FileSystem (Tab) )
  ADDED - Option to Disable the CustomContexMenu
  ADDED - Option to Disable the Windows Shell context menu and only show the CustomContextMenu
  FIXED - Store Edition did not show thumbnails
  FIXED - Store Edition did not launch MCAdmin helper process correct
  FIXED - 1 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2329 (18-Mar-2017)
  ADDED - Custom ContextMenu Editor is now using multilanguge system
  CHANGE- Change the list of what commands are shown in the default custom context menu. (Delete 'ContextMenu.xml' to see the new default)
  ADDED - Fixed issue in Custom ContextMenu editor that items was not always saved correct if items was rearrange.

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2325 (12-Mar-2017)
  ADDED - CustomContextMenu editor that allow user to edit and customize the custom popup menu (found under Menu > Configuration)
  CHANGE- internal changes on how the automatic UI binding system work. This may have affected how the UI in the TabSession Manager dialog works.

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2315 (26-Feb-2017)
  ADDED - When checking for new version, and no new version is found, it will check if new language pack is available.
  ADDED - Added so alternative LangPack can be downloaded and loaded.
  ADDED - Server work to make it possible to download and manage lang pack versioning
  ADDED - Custom Context Menu that show internal command as submenu to the Shell Context Menu.
  ADDED - Custom Context Menu can be customized (But no UI yet, manuel edit of file required for now) (generate default file with ":savecustomcontextmenu" )
  ADDED - MultiScript function GetFSLinkType(..), GetLinkTarget(..), GetShortcutTarget(..) o get info and path of Filesystem links
  ADDED - Minor change to allow MultiCommander SE to pass windows store certification
  CHANGE- Language version mismatch dialog is redesigned and it is now possible to remove all unpacked language files from it.
  CHANGE- Calculate folder size background thread will now run even if other background thread are running
  CHANGE- Background thread that extract extra data can now be aborted easier.
  CHANGE- Code cleanup and refactoring and preparation for new features
  FIXED - 3 stability issue reported by crash report system

* Custom Context Menu *
This will show a submenu into the shell context menu with option for command that are internal to MC.
It will be possible to customize this, But right now there is no UI for it.
To generate the default contextmenu file type ":savecustomcontextmenu" in the commandline field.
Then the default options is saved to a file and if this file exists on startup it will be read and the context menu is build from that.

* Update Language Pack *
When MC starts and it check for new version. it will also check if there are new updated language packs.
Only the language pack that the user have selected is checked for and downloaded if the user choose to update.

Hi Mathias,
  ":savecustomcontextmenu" does not seem to do anything (no new files under the Config folder in the portable version)...

Mathias (Author):
a file called ContextMenu.xml is created..

Works for me..  not sure why it does not work for you,   Hmm do not include the " character  :) maybe

Thanks, my friend.  It's even worse - I was checking in my live installation instead of my test environment ::)

Only just catching up to these new features.... ::) ;)

I am pleased to see more new MS functions for me to mess with :)
Not yet in the docs?

Context menu - I was recently thinking about possibilities if I was to edit that, so I am looking forward to using it.   8)
Your current MC context menu has the essentials, have you made any lists of the operations etc ID numbers available already?
eg - <MenuItem Command="core.1360" Options="0"/>    =  copy
(Perhaps for Internal Commands from the cmd line?)

& Am I correct to think you could call the Unique ID of a button (& thus a script function) in this way?

I noticed some of my USB drives behave better with this build.  Before they might be much slower when initiating things like 'copy'.

Thanks Mathias, you don't disappoint ;)


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