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Hi @Mathias,

Thank you for MultiCommander. I'm used to Total Commander and I'm using MultiCommander for 1 month, it allow customize and create script, debug script...I love it. Now I'm using MC replace Win Explorer and totalcmd.

I have one suggestion for Viewer (MultiData and MC Picture). I'm using Universal Viewer(UVViewer) with its plugins (to be used with totalcmd) so I plan replace MultiDataViewer(MDViewer) and MC Picture Viewer(MPViewer), I know they are good but MDViewer and MPViewer does not support some formats. I like to use MultiCommander as Portable and can view almost format so I set it as default in "File Type Setup" but when I set UVViewer then I cannot use MDViewer or MPViewer.

So Please add MDViewer and MPViewer as internal command.

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