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Folder Size always on display
« on: December 16, 2020, 11:15:04 »
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(not possible to reply in the topic itself, don't know why; guess closed topic, but MANY times read) )

After unchecking that item, apply , save , and quit+reload MC, the folder size column is not showing values in the column !

I'm able to display that by following action :

1. Position mouse pointer into right panel

2. Ctrl+A            selects all items

3. Alt + Shift + Return   shows size of all files and subfolders

BUT HOW can this be achieved automatically ? Maybe for the whole disk/partition ?

That would make explore less fastidious for browsing.
For now I could not find a setting.

Thank you


Mathias (Author)

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Re: Folder Size always on display
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2020, 12:56:00 »
Thread Closed because it is old. it is from "January 09, 2017" :)

Instead of clicking in the correct panel, just press tab key if you need to change view.. select all is only needed if you run with Windows Explorer Styled setup. since it will auto set file in focus.
with commander style setup you do not need to selected all. since files are not auto selected

But, No There is no automatic constant folder sizing yet. Test with automatically constantly size all folders showed it affected the performance a lot.
However there are plans for some low prio background thread for this that will auto pause when other things need the performance. However that require quite a bit of work and will not be on by default

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