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Various feature requests
« on: February 24, 2021, 12:49:25 »
Various feature suggestions / requests:

Explorer Panel:
- Add auto-complete-as-you-type functionality to path-field
- Allow View-mode options to be added as separate buttons, allow switching between details, list and thumbnails with a single click
- Allow user defined commands/buttons to be added to the toolbar buttons
- Configure color of gridlines, separately for horizontal and vertical lines
- Listview: Allow columns to be resized individually; automatically resize each column to the widest filename/foldername in that column
- Listview: If the rightmost column in view is not entirely visible and you select a file/folder in that column, the entire listview automatically scrolls the column into view. However: it's often scrolled too far, leaving the mouse over the next column. This is a problem when double-clicking. The 2nd click lands on the wrong column. (See attachment). A solution for this problem would be great.