Author Topic: Mutli commander does not update when commands are actioned via system  (Read 73 times)


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I have a bit of a weird issue in that I have noticed that Multi Commander does not update correctly when folders are deleted via the system context e.g. Right Mouse Click on a folder and then delete from the context menu.  The folder name still displays even though it has been deleted.  Validated by opening Windows explorer. This works correctly if I use the internal F8.  I suspect that there is an issue with a file listener for the application.  I am running with Multi Commander (x64) v11.2 (build 2795).

Is there a setting that I can configure to resolve this?

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Strange. I cannot reproduce that.

If doing delete via the popup the delete is done by Windows..  But Windows should notify MC that the folder was removed and it should then refresh the view.
Not sure why it does not work for you.

It is the same no matter where the deleted folder are? or do it only happen on some devices or folders ? I know some network shares on some devices do not send notifications back to windows correctly all the time.