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v14.2 BETA
« on: July 04, 2024, 22:41:48 »

Build 3019 - 6-Jul-2024

 ADDED - Tab-area will now show a folder icon if tabs in tabarea is full, When clicking on icon a popup list is shown with all tabs
 ADDED - The dialog shown when closing lock tabs, now has a "Yes to all" option
 ADDED - MC.LoadTabs custom command now has a "DoNotAsk" option to suppress the dialog that is shown when tabs are locked
 FIXED - Focus rect in FolderTree almost not visibile in DarkMode

Build 3018 - 4-Jul-2024

 ADDED - Now possible to change the auto error handing settings from the progress dialog
 ADDED - DataPreview templates now support to change the font.
 FIXED - DataPreview that show file content will now respect the font size specified in the template
 FIXED - DataPreview Panel how shown correct in none dark mode

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