Author Topic: executing just the focused item on a double-click action  (Read 6016 times)


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I have a question/feature request regarded to the execution of the files / folders.
When I select several files and I double-click another one, I see that all of them are transferred to the associated program and executed in one command, but if the program doesn't support opening multiple files on a single command (most of them), I will see just the first selected file opened in that program.
I would like to be able to open just the focused item on a double-click (or when I press the Enter key).
I've made a multiscript and associated it to the mouse double-click action, but it doesn't work with the defined associations in MultiCommander nor when I press the Enter key, which I can't redefine:
@var $file = GetSourceFocusPath();
if (IsFolder($file))
   MC.Explorer.Goto SOURCE={$file}
   MC.Run CMD={$file} SHELL

Is this the desired behavior and can this be made configurable?
Thank you!