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Support and Feedback / Re: keyboard shortcuts
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Today at 16:33:18 »
That are not user config files.. that are the settings template files that are used depending on what quick settings you select.

Type ":goconfig" in the command line field and it will take you to the user config folder (or Help > Go To > Config Folder)
Support and Feedback / Re: keyboard shortcuts
« Last post by mrkaplan on Today at 15:37:29 »
there are two xml files actually :
WindowsExplorer-Keyboard-CustomKeymappings   last modified jan 2016
CommanderStyle-Keyboard-CustomKeymappings    last modified feb 2021
so none of them really updates  (I save keymapping daily) 

Perhaps I forgot to set 'windows explorer style' at installation. Is there a way to do it now ?
Support and Feedback / Re: keyboard shortcuts
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Today at 13:47:55 »
What should work..  If you select Windows Explorer styled seup at first startup it should have configured that for you

Is the CustomKeymappings.xml file in config updated when you save keys ?
Support and Feedback / keyboard shortcuts
« Last post by mrkaplan on Today at 11:19:23 »
multi commander keeps forgetting my shortcuts : f2 for rename,  F5 for refresh directory .   
i have to go to config/keyboard every time i restart to save them again
any idea why ?
thank you
Feature Requests and Suggestions / fonts size 0
« Last post by ncnnnn on Today at 10:24:26 »
at Explorer panel setting, change fonts size. and apply. it works and ok.

then import choose "colors and style -explorer",
font size is 0?  seem too small...

thank you!
by the way

forum ' news show:

MultiCommander v11 is released!

update it?
Feature Requests and Suggestions / address bar click select all path
« Last post by ncnnnn on Today at 10:06:02 »
on Explorer ,when click addressbar,it default select all text .
multi commander need double click on blank(empty) area

path field setting only "goto path", I think like a url  .

can  edit mode and select all text when click on blank(empty) area?

thank you!
 :D thank you! Smart design!
Right click on the ".." folder and you get the context menu for the current location

or you can enable in Explorer Panel settings. under "Mouse Configuration" tab there is a "mouse action option" for showing context menu.
There you can enable that the context menu for parent (current location)  should be shown if click was on blank(empty) area of the row.. (like righthclick was outside of the filename text)
Some space needs to be left in the Presentation Area  . The file list is too full, so there is no place to directly right-click the menu

I have a directory with many git folders. I can't git clone a new one. I can only see the pull,
Because the mouse can only click on the folder


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