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Support and Feedback / Re: picture tools
« Last post by wynford on October 04, 2022, 15:03:56 »
ok, thanks for the info
Hi Gentlemen,

Thanks very much for your answers. I tried the find files and added the word I was looking for and it came back in about a second....brilliant!

You change that in

Menu > Configuration > Explorer Panel Settings > Mouse Configuration (Tab)
Support and Feedback / Context Menu only with double click available?
« Last post by Matthias515566 on October 04, 2022, 10:58:37 »
I dont like the double click for context menu. The keyboard have a context menu button. This is enough. Sometimes the context menu come with one click. maybe my mouse is defect? But it will be nice when the double click for the context meny can be disabled. But the Keyboard Key should always working.
Support and Feedback / Re: Context menu "new" Windows 11 22H2 22621.521
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on October 04, 2022, 08:13:12 »
Hard to say why they do not show up for you. I get them to show up on all my machines.
All 'new items' for the shell context menu are parsed from the registry (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT) depending on if they have a ShellNew/ entry.. eg   


There is also one other way Apps add a ShellNew item bu adding a reference to default item and then have ShellNew under that..

Support and Feedback / Re: picture tools
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on October 04, 2022, 07:57:29 »
MC is using a 3rd party library that handles the exif stuff. Not many of the field are supported to be edited.
Also the GeoLocation is also not just one field. It is many fields with values, that build up that information, 4-8 fields depending on how detailed it should be.
So creating something that is user friendly is messy so probably why not many apps supporting editing that

M3U files are normal text files so do a file search and enter the text for what you are looking for in the "File content" part
If the files are not encrypted works this with the Extension "Find Files" Use just the Field "Match File Content (can be slow)".
Hi, I have found the text tool Find & Replace but I only want the Find part...... how can I make this happen?

I have a Windows PC subdirectory with about 800 M3U playlists in it.

I want to scan all the files and Find any with a particular word or text string inside. I am then quite happy to perform any ongoing actions.

I expect the answer to be under 10, but I am not prepared to spend endless hours opening 800 playlists individually with Worpad for example to get the answers!!

Can MC perform this function?

Support and Feedback / picture tools
« Last post by wynford on October 02, 2022, 13:48:05 »
Under tools - picture tools... there is strip exif, export and adjust date/time... is it possible to have... add or edit photo metadata... I've tried a few different apps and I can't seem to get them to work properly especially the location?

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