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Support and Feedback / Re: [WTA] How to use Correct Folder Date/Time tool?
« Last post by akrogun on June 02, 2021, 04:50:46 »
Sorry for late reply....

I'm working on the folder that contains my family documentation images. It contains folders based on datetime family's holiday or events.

Yes. It happen always. Refresh didnot fix it. I'm not sure it happens only in that folder, because I work only on that folder and that parent's folder. And, yes, everytime I add a new subfolder (in that my family folder and/or subfolders), the sorting become error.

FYI, the sorting error only happens on EXIF datetime taken sort only, Standart Date sorting works fine.
I made  Batch-File to start 9 MC-Instances at the same time. Wenn all instances completely loaded are always some of them not visible. Not on the Taskbar and the Windows are completely invisible. I use then the Process Explorer to make the failed Windows visible. A Solution for this Problem will be nice.

With the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker can such multiple Windows in 1 Taskbar Group be sorted by dragging the taskbar Symbol down. Therefore i have then when all Instances loaded also a nice List where the instances sorted in Alphabetical order. This is a nice environment.
The issue crops up when the "Minimize to tray instead of closing" option is set in the Core settings.  One would do that so that MC is in the background and starts quickly.  The only way then to close the app is via File -> Exit.  Pressing the close window X only minimizes MC.  If you select File -> Exit you then get the following message in a message box

Sure you want to exit Multi Commander?

There is no way to suppress that message! It would be nice not to have to answer Yes every single time I want to actually exit MC given the core setting above

The "Correct Folder Date/Time tool"  does exactly what it say.. It changes the date/time of FOLDERS. It does not change the date/time of files. and the folder will get the datetime of the latest folder/files in that folder.

The sorting error can't be related to the datetime for the sorting.
I'm not able to recreate that sorting error.. Does it happen always ?  If you do a refresh does it fix it self ?  Is it everywhere or only on some locations ?

Support and Feedback / [WTA] How to use Correct Folder Date/Time tool?
« Last post by akrogun on May 31, 2021, 11:45:52 »
Could anybody here help me how to use that tool properly?
In first screenshot, there are bunch of image files, and MC sort those properly. FYI, I sort those files by EXIF date taken.
In second screenshot, when I add new subfolder01, MC still can sort those files properly.
My problem is when I add a new subfolder02, as shown screenshot number 3, MC can't sort those files properly.
Please see the screenshot below.
How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry for my bad english.
that will now show a warning
Sorry, i have never seen this warning. Maybe i dont know what you and the threadstarter talking about. I thought the thread starter want such a warning..... But maybe there is a warning and the threadstarter dont want this warning. But in my config is no warning......
Support and Feedback / Re: Font sizes
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on May 28, 2021, 08:32:37 »
The scale is already at 125%. I made an attempt at 150%, but many parts of the screen were not visible.
The drop-down font is readable, but as you say they are cut off at part of the text, as their width is not adapted.
This is the problem that would appear on the whole system with 150% -and some applications would not even have any place on the screen.
In fact there are only two parts that are still written too little : the menus, and the tips window at opening.
It is quite possible that the solution would be to go back to Windows XP, that did not arise all those problems.

If some parts are too big when doing 150% that is probably because you changed some sizes before, because all this sizes are scaled +150% too.
A Friend with bad eyesight uses large monitor and 200% scaling. and he does almost no other settings changes in Windows.. some minor font tweaks in some programs. like changing font from 9pt to 12pt.. so minor changes..since all this changes are affected by the scaling too... a font that is 9pt will be drawn as 18pt with 200% scaling active.

Standard menubar is nothing that the program it self can change. It is controlled by windows.
It would be nice to have a Configuration option to bypass the "are you sure you want to exit" dialog when selecting file -> exit

It is especially useful in the scenario where one has opted to minimize rather than close MC

File > Exit will do a real exit even if minimize to tray is active, so that you CAN do a real exit.

Why not just click the X button instead of digging into a menu or (Alt+F4)  that will now show a warning. (unless a file operation is running in the background)
Hi Matthias, I would have way too many windows open by the end of the day to adopt that strategy.  It is also not the best in terms of memory usage.  The obvious reason not to close MC on minimize is speed of launching.  But there are also genuine reasons for wanting to close MC altogether as well.  Having an extra dialog to say "are you sure" is just an annoyance.

I was hoping that this could be a replacement for GPS Directory Opus which I have used for many years but now want to move away from.  MC has a lot of potential!


Alt+Space is used by Microsoft PowerToys which I use i.e. cannot use Alt + Space + N
You can use some Keyboard Shortcuts for minimizing Windows:
Mimimize all Windows: Win+D or Win+M
Minimize only the active Window: Alt+Space+N

BTW, i never minimizing windows, i let them always open and change between them with Alt+Tab, Alt+Shift+Tab (Tab can be pressed more than one time to jump to the next Window in this Last used priototy List), The Taskbar and a Special Function of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.
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