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Support and Feedback / Re: Saving column layout bug
« on: February 19, 2019, 17:34:39 »
okay, i used :goconfig and found the file: attaching.
I had the idea of copying everything from iXaarii to the section with default, but that just broke things, options disappeared and it changes i make also only go to the left panel. This is incredibly user unfriendly.
I would've expected that
a) any setting i have is saved at the very least on closing MC
b) if i set "use column layout iXaarii" it's applied to both
c) the right panel only gets it if i then do the extra step of "save current layout as default"
d) this is all for nothing because it did not actually saves anything as default and the next time I restart MC i'm back to doing steps a, b, c all over again.

Thank you for your help! I hope these bugs will be fixed. I think i remember having similar problems years ago until i gave up with something close enough but not quite i wanted, and with settings being occasionally lost on my main computer. Now i've just bought recently two new laptops and i'm determined to at least these times finally get it figured out so hopefully i won't be back to bugging you about this one in a couple of years again... either that or i give up again :(

pS: trying to attach the xml gave some error and froze the framework so i couldn't type anymore, I guess i'll copy paste it as text:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <columnset name="Pictures">
    <column id="" name="Name" options="0" width="295" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="4608"/>
    <column id="0.ext" name="Ext" options="0" width="30" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="16896"/>
    <column id="0.size" name="Size" options="0" width="80" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="2" flags="2048"/>
    <column id="" name="Date" options="0" width="110" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="2" flags="2048"/>
    <column id="00AD745A5DFD49749ED4720590318BBF.img_dimensions" name="Dimensions" options="196864" width="80" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="1" flags="0"/>
      <path recursive="1">C:\Users\Void\Pictures\</path>
      <path recursive="1">C:\Users\Public\Pictures\</path>
  <columnset name="Music">
    <column id="" name="Name" options="0" width="295" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="4608"/>
    <column id="0.ext" name="Ext" options="0" width="30" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="16896"/>
    <column id="0.size" name="Size" options="0" width="80" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="2" flags="2048"/>
    <column id="" name="Date" options="0" width="110" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="2" flags="2048"/>
    <column id="D8C9BF26B1B74B5D91D0FC4258061466.genre" name="Genre" options="196864" width="65" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="0"/>
    <column id="D8C9BF26B1B74B5D91D0FC4258061466.length" name="Length" options="459264" width="65" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="0"/>
      <path recursive="1">C:\wrk\</path>
      <path recursive="1">C:\Users\Public\Music\</path>
  <columnset name="Void">
    <column id="" name="Name" options="0" width="860" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="4608"/>
    <column id="0.ext" name="Ext" options="0" width="85" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="2" flags="16896"/>
      <path recursive="1">c:\</path>
  <columnset name="iXaarii">
    <column id="" name="Name" options="0" width="450" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="4608"/>
    <column id="0.ext" name="Ext" options="0" width="600" paddingleft="1" paddingright="10" align="2" flags="16896"/>
      <path recursive="1">*\</path>
      <path recursive="1">c:\</path>
  <columnset name="Default" default="1" extid="0">
    <column id="" name="Name" options="0" width="345" paddingleft="0" paddingright="0" align="0" flags="4608"/>
    <column id="0.ext" name="Ext" options="0" width="600" paddingleft="1" paddingright="10" align="2" flags="16896"/>

Support and Feedback / Re: Saving column layout bug
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:23:29 »
I have searched in where I guessesd you might mean C:\Program Files\MultiCommander (x64)\Config\ and i can't find a ColumnSets.xml
(attaching screenshot, also with version number)
That is weird because obviously the settings exist (second screenshot attached)
And as I was saying I have managed to get my iXaarii profile have what i want, I can even set it as default which seems to apply it to both side... it just doesn't remember it on restart.

Support and Feedback / Re: Saving column layout bug
« on: February 12, 2019, 15:10:31 »
as I was saying, I have done all that and it still loses all settings after restarting MC and reverts to states like in the screenshots attached.
ColumnSets.xml i have never personally touched so it shouldn't have wrong permissions. But if so, where do i find it and how should I set the permissions?

Support and Feedback / Saving column layout bug
« on: February 12, 2019, 13:17:55 »
Hi. First thank you for all your great work! MC is just amazing and I use it every day (humble thank donation sent yesterday)
I've been using MC for a long time and I think i had this problem before in the past too but i somehow got it liveable, yet now reinstalling on new pc i'm facing it hard again: i can't seem to save the column layout. All i want is that i have 2-3 columns with files (i'm not sure but years ago i might've even proposed this feature and it was implemented). I just can't seem to make MC remember my settings. I've tried everything I could think of:
a) right cllicking and unchecking ext, genrre, date, length fields. They dissapear, but i close and restart and they're back
b) customize columns and removing them from there, didn't work either
c) save a profile with them gone, i seemed to have partial success but only partial, I have created first the profile Void and then another one called iXaarii and they are indeed saved, which does help in restoring faster, but I still have to do it manually as the defaults seem to be lost on each closing and reopenning of MC.
d) Funnily enough one side did sort-of remember the settings so i can right click there and say "save current as default" which makes the right side also go to that state, but this sate too is imperfect and still has the EXT column when i'd like to have them without any columns at all
e) i've tried from customize settings everything i could think of, different settings, saving as new, making micro changes and then clicking update for each name & ext and then save changes... still lost on restart
f) then i noticed autoset for these paths so i tried with c:\ and with * and neither seemed to work.
g) I've tried configuration->Explorer panel settings - > autosize columns on and off as well as others there and no results

Attaching screenshots for what I mean. Would love to have these settings saved so i don't have to manually restore them on each restart of MC. Obviously i managed to get SOME progress by randomly repeating tens of times any and all of the above steps in all orders I could think of, but didn't manage to do it as I wanted, and I couldn't figure out what actually got it to save.

What I want in short is: for ALL paths, on all drives, set so as i can see 2-3 columns of files.

PS: could this be a bug somehow linked to quick paths which i use a lot? Settings even when i manage to have them changed/applied seem to reset for my most crucial folder: c:\wrk to which i'm constantly travelling to by pressing ctrl+3 via quickpath favorites (aaaamazing feature, btw). This can't be the whole of it as even without this I do lose the settings when I restart MC but I thought i should mention it in case it's part of the bug. (Named attachment screenshots with explanations)

Thank you for your patience and in advance for your help and of course again and again for all the work you put into MC all over the years and making it such a wonderful productivity tool! thank you!!!

Support and Feedback / Re: Condensed view settings - confused
« on: November 13, 2012, 10:42:12 »
Thanks! I changed the default set (or would it have been enough to set my custom set that I had set as default? but didn't wanna take a chance). Initially I had the snapping back to one column problem because I had removed the Ext (knowing there's an option where the ext is included in the file name field), but then I added ext and now it seems to work fine. Thank you very much for your help!

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Better Time Estimations
« on: November 13, 2012, 10:37:30 »
I understand and respect the reasoning! Thanks! Hope it's okay that I asked though.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Better Time Estimations
« on: November 12, 2012, 18:00:37 »
My question would be if the program learns as it's copying about the system it's working on so as to improve the estimation. So in your example if the program started copying those 3.500.000 small files you mentioned, after 2 million of them each taking a huge amount of overheard, shouldn't the program start to figure out by now that the next million of similarly small sized files might take also a long time, as opposed to sticking to it's optimistic initial estimate of 25 minutes ago? More than one time this for me this was tens of minutes when every estimated second took minutes to pass, yet I could see no improvement in the quality of the estimation of the final time. Wouldn't it be cool if the program learned a bit/reacted to what it was copying as it was copying it? MC could be a pioneer in the field where most annoying explorer interfaces & installers are legendarily funny for spending another half the time between 99% and 100% marks of a process :))

Support and Feedback / Re: Condensed view settings - confused
« on: November 12, 2012, 17:52:18 »
Okay. I think i get it now. What was happening is that as soon as I managed to have multi columns in a tab I would proceed to right click on the top bar and uncheck to me useless fields fields such as Ext, Size, Date and Attrib to clear out the visual clutter, but as soon as I got rid of them MC cut out columns, first in a fixable way, but after only "name" remained in an unfixable way (the columns would snap back to just one after a drag, at the moment of the mouse release).

As for the new tabs, that is quite annoying that it resets to the (to me ugly mess) view every time I create a tab, something I do often. It seems to do that even after I do a "set current layout as default". Shouldn't by definition a new tab be based on the default (in my case a list multiple columns with just filename)? And if not, wouldn't it at least make more sense that any new tab is a duplicate of the current one? These things to me seem quite natural and important, and if otherwise it would negate the usefulness of the quick use of tabs due to the time lost in always reconfiguring. Is there any way one could have that kind of behavior? I believe any new tab should be either an instance of a default tab (which should be configurable by the user), or if one wants a more user reactive interface as a duplicate of the cutomizing the user has already done on the current tab.

On another topic, is it normal that after unchecking Date, Size & Attrib, they reappear as soon as I do "set as default layout" exactly with the purpose of not having to set them off again, and the same thing after every restart?

Thank you so much for all your patience & help! With every month MC is becoming more and more powerful!

Support and Feedback / Re: Condensed view settings - confused
« on: November 12, 2012, 12:14:50 »
Yes, I don't want it just temporarily, but as a constant permanent setting. I have edited in customize columns all the combinations I could think of but I have not yet been able to find one which allows me to see the multiple columns.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Quick Search Exit
« on: November 12, 2012, 11:41:45 »
Sorry for not answering earlier, I had forgotten about it as it works now. Probably it got fixed in one of the updates and I didn't remember the problem anymore. Thank you! Esc works now!

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Better Time Estimations
« on: November 12, 2012, 11:35:15 »
I'm assuming before the copy a list is compiled of the fieles to be copied (maybe including their file sizes?), couldn't this somewho be used to create an average file size+time of copy average so that if one copies say 10 big files and 10000 small files of the same physical size at the end the last files wouldn't be estimated to take just as much as the first half?

Support and Feedback / Condensed view settings - confused
« on: November 12, 2012, 11:30:49 »
Okay, i'm finally caving in and asking: i just can't figure out how the display settings work in MC. I've tried and tried, spent many many minutes across many instalations in the last months, but I just can't figure it out and with every install I do eventually find a solution that sort-of works, but always only after a lot of frustration, so I have to ask! Basically all i want to do is see just the filename+extension, in multi column, and without any visual clutter like date/size and attrib. I seem to remember in some past times I got this solved by removing (via right click) columns... or no, i think that didn't work, and then I went into customize columns... but then there were always problems such as say only seeing "JP"out of a "JPG"extension or such things.

Also I always kept making changes and used them only to find out that after a restart I lost them. Or today for example I had somehow managed to make them and then found out that when creating a new tab suddenly they were all lost and then I had to recreate them... and now that I did recreate them I can't see the multi column view (which btw was such a FANTASTIC surprise)... so, I'm throwing in the towel: pleeeease, somebody tell me how to do this right once and for all :P I would very much appreciate your help. I've been struggling with this one a lot and didn't wanna ask if I could fix it myself, but I just can't seem to get to the bottom of it. I want that always and at all times to see only name.ext columns of files (eg. not just a long list as I'm seeing now... i know the feature is somewhere in there because if I manually drag a column width for a few seconds I can see multiple columns beautifully form... now if only there was a way to at some point just release the mouse and for it to stay that way, with that configured width... oh, how wonderful it would be!)

Thank you very much in advance for your help, and big thanks to the MC creators for providing us with such a great program!

PS: to clarify, where I'm currenntly stuck is I have managed to create a single column "name" which includes the extension, and I am in List mode, but I can't seem to be able to make multi columns stay longer than when I'm holding down the mouse dragging the bar at the top right of the file viewer, and as soon as I let go they go back to just one column

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Better Time Estimations
« on: November 06, 2012, 13:06:19 »
Just wanted to mention that it would be really great if the time estimations could be improved. They're bad enough in normal everyday use, leading to many a time of family waiting upset for me to get out as I only wait for a copy to finish and it lasts many minutes past the estimated time even after 50% progress, but now I'm actually doing a big hdd move and i've seen quite a couple of time seconds that last for many minutes. For example in the last 5 or more minutes my estimation just changed from "25seconds remaining" to "21 seconds remaining". If you could do something about this it would be really cool.

I'm guessing the problem might come from estimating just sizes, and maybe smaller file sizes mess up the estimation. Isn't there some way that could be compensated. Or even better (possibly simpler?) somehow to readjust the estimation of time based on the success of the previous estimation/how much time has passed by percentage of copy? I mean when a copy/move that was estimated as at a few seconds lasts more than 10 minutes for n files, maybe one could assume that also the next n files will take another 10 minutes?

Of course all of this I'm asking very humbly and thankfully. I and my wife are so very thankful for the great work you've put into MC and for giving it out for free. It has taken up a major part in our daily computer use. Thank you!

Blog post comments / Re: [Blog Post] - An Early Look - List Mode
« on: August 01, 2012, 16:43:32 »
Looking forward to this one! More files in the same screen space is highly welcome!

Support and Feedback / Re: Search listing/box in same Panel?
« on: August 01, 2012, 16:40:58 »
hmmm, I had misssed this one, and then was afraid as it seemed a bit complex, but in the end tried it and am very happy with it! Thank you for the solution!

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Quick Search Exit
« on: August 01, 2012, 16:32:24 »
Hey! I haven't been around lately but that's not because of lack of interest, but exactly because MC has been working so very awesomely! Thank you so much for that! I do have one thing that has been bugging me for a couple of weeks that I wanted to ask you if it was possible to fix:
I use quick search all the time to jump to files, and that's just fantastic, thank you so much for adding that feature. My only problem is that I often search for something and then want to search for something else but the Esc key doesn't seem to cancel out the search mode. This can be quite annoying as the only way I have found out of it is a couple of enters. What happens is that the quick search finds something, but sometimes not what I wanted and then not even the arrow keys work any longer, and by hitting enter I am entering whatever folder happens to be selected, and then I have to reexit it to get back where I was.
Thank you so much for everything! You've really enriched our lives with your software. Thank you so much!

Support and Feedback / Re: Stuck in update mode
« on: May 31, 2012, 08:21:16 »
Thank you for answering so fast. I did that, download seems to work fine, but on start it crashes the same way.

Support and Feedback / Stuck in update mode
« on: May 30, 2012, 20:38:05 »
hi. Is there something I could do to reset MC? Just moved to a new place, bad temporary internet through phone and it crashed during an update. Now whenever I want to start it I just get some error windows (attached). The only thing I can do is click okay. Is there any way to reset the process, either get back to the old version or even better restart the upgrade without it instantly crashing? If I download a new version what can I do so I don't lose my customized colors and bookmarks? Thank you!

Blog post comments / Re: [Blog Post] - An Early Look - List Mode
« on: April 28, 2012, 16:33:25 »
oh boy oh boooy oh boooy!!! awesooomeee! and finally the left-right arrows will also make sense in navigation! Awesooome!! when when wheeen? :D :D :D Thank you summer santa!!!

Support and Feedback / Re: Search listing/box in same Panel?
« on: April 28, 2012, 12:51:00 »
Yes, indeed. I always start it with alt-f7. Thank you so much!

Support and Feedback / Re: filecount with shift-PGDN select
« on: April 28, 2012, 11:57:58 »
very cool! thanks so much!

Support and Feedback / Search listing/box in same Panel?
« on: April 27, 2012, 18:16:52 »
Is there any way I could make the search box/listing appear in the same panel as I'm currently in? For all operations the active panel is the one I'm working with, and that stays consistent, so over decades of working with dual panel navigators my brain has gotten used to having a purpose for the left panel and one for the right panel, and managing them separately and saving one for one purpose so to me it's very confusing each time I want to search for some files that suddenly I'm not only jumped from the right to the left one, but also suddenly some important data that i wanted to keep visible on the left panel is hidden from view under an new surprise tab. I find this quite annoying. Is there any way I could disable/control this? Thank you very much!

Support and Feedback / filecount with shift-PGDN select
« on: April 27, 2012, 18:12:56 »
The file count isn't updating when you shift select with page down. It works fine when you insert select files one by one, but if you're working with folders with hundreds of files that's a bit slow so it would be nice if the file count in the status bar would update when shift-PGDN selecting.
Thank you so very much for all your great work and frequent updates!
PS: is multi column listing by any chance on the horizon? :D

Cool! thanks! everything is getting better every month! you're doing fantastic work!
About the toolbar, funny story: you know the first time i started up MC i was sure i can just drag it off, it looked like that kind of toolbar that can be moved/slided away, so i kept trying, and trying... some part of me still thinks that if i just grab the right place i can just rip it off with the mouse :))

It would be nice to be able to hide it. I see no purpose to it in my daily use (all the options in there are in shortcuts or menus) and I would like to disable it. I thought this is what happened in today's update but I now realize that the drive toolbar turning off is something else (can't figure out what though).
It's a small thing, but it would earn some screen space, and 3x2 more files/folders visible on the screen could be nice.
Thank you!

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