Author Topic: Items in folders show double/duplicated/twice until refresh is pressed  (Read 84 times)


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When I change folders, and particularly when I go up one level using the 'Go Up' button, then the items in the target folder appear twice until I hit the refresh button. Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to fix this? My install has been like that for a long time now (6 months +) and I honestly couldn't say when it started. It's not a big issue.

Thanks for your help.


Mathias (Author)

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Yes. It is a issue that can happens on some setup. It is a timing issue and kind of impossible to recreate.
It happens when a rescan of the filesystem is triggered at the exact moment when other scan is just completed and is updating the cache.
There should be guards again that. But they are some gaps that I can't find and since I can't recreate it I'm tweaking that in the blind.

But a force refresh will fix it.

Just for some info. Is just some folders ? same drives ?  It is system very fast or slow ? Many multi cores CPU or less cores  ?
Are there something external that are doing lots of updates of the filesystem at the sametime ?
or any other info that might be of relavens ?

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