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Translations And Language Packs / Upload Language Packs Works again
« on: February 07, 2018, 22:15:30 »
The Webserver stopped accepting language pack that was being upload from within MultiCommander.

This is now fixed and upload works again.

Beta Releases / New Already Exists Dialog
« on: November 21, 2017, 13:28:48 »
From build 2390 MC have a new File Already Exists dialog

This is still work in progress

  + Show thumbnail for images for and icons for other files.
  + For .exe files it will also display the version information
  + Layout changes all Single files option are on the top row. The ALL files options on the bottom row
  + New Option  "Overwrite if size differs"
  + Commands have changed from Replace, Repalce All and such to Overwrite and Overwrite All.

 * Texts can be translated yet. Since they are not finialized.
 * Add "More" button with more option fo "All Items"  like Overwrite all smaller , Or larger . or other ?? YOu have any suggestion? let me know
 * Tool tips for the path row so entire path is shown if very long
 * If you have any idea of other improvments for the dialog. let me know ASAP.

Beta Releases / Multi Commander v7.6 BETA
« on: November 14, 2017, 19:21:28 »
Release v7.6 BETA RC

I'm been so very very very busy. So I had not had time to add everything I had planned.
But here are some fixed anyway

160+ Changes


 -- Build 2400 - (16-Dec-2017 )
  ADDED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - Overwrite Larger/Small options now works
  ADDED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - Minor UI Tweaks
  ADDED - Improved logging in some places
  ADDED - Unpack Zip/7Zip now support IfSizeDiffer, IsLarger,IsSmaller overwrite options
  FIXED - 2 Stability issue reported by crash report system

 -- Build 2398 - (5-Dec-2017 )
 ADDED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - now got a "More" button that allows for more options (Options do not work yet)
 ADDED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - Now shows a tooltip when hovering over filename
 FIXED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - Tweaked the arrow navigation in the dialog

 -- Build 2397 - (4-Dec-2017 )
 FIXED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - Will now show icon if no thumbnail
 FIXED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - Size/Date will be red/green if differs
 FIXED - New AlreadyExistsDialog - Works in move operations
 ADDED - New AlreadyExistsDialog -Tooltip show if path is to long to be shown
 FIXED - Overwrite if size differs now works for Zip/7Zip
 FIXED - Zip/7Zip now using the new dialog correctly
 ADDED - API to Add/Remove column to current view
 FIXED - 2 Stability issue reported by crash report system

-- Build 2391 - (15-Nov-2017 )
 FIXED - Fixed crash issue with range selection
 FIXED - Wrong thumbnail was shown for target file
 FIXED - Crash if dialog was shown for file inside archive.. No crash anymore. but info shown in empty for now

-- Build 2390 - (14-Nov-2017 )
 ADDED - NEW Conflict dialog when copy/move files and file already exists. The new window have support for thumbnails are more options (And more will be added to it)
 ADDED - Settings if FocusItem should be saved on exit or not
 ADDED - MultiDataFileViewer got more default setups (thanks to pncdaspropagandas )
 ADDED - Added workaround for issue that if network mounted device got unmounted and remounted it got the same name since Windows Cached it.
 FIXED - Issue with range selection in WinExplorer setup
 FIXED - Issue with tab stealing focus when MultiRename window closes
 FIXED - 3 Stability issue reported by crash report system

Documentation / Missing Documentation - Status
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:28:54 »
I know some parts of the documentation are not up-to-date and some parts are missing..
Writing documentation, Fixing screenshot and such take a lot more time that one might think, And my time been a bit limited.

The following features are missing from the documentation

  • TabSessions
  • Custom Context Menu configuration
  • Filters

Need Update
  • File Search (Current is for the old search)

Beta Releases / MultiCommander v7.4 BETA
« on: July 24, 2017, 17:03:53 »
Release v7.4 BETA

Major internal change that can have caused other issues. (Presentation issues of how files are shown and such)

85+ Changes

 -- Build 2379  - (11-Aug-2017 )
 ADDED - CommandLine parameter /Instance=NAME , Will load/save config/userdata/log under its own instance name so you can run Multiple instances with separate config
 ADDED - Wheelzoom to change Thumbnail size now support larger sizes
 FIXED - 1 stability issue reported by crash report system

 -- Build 2377 - (9-Aug-2017 )
 FIXED - Sometimes when clicking on a item in Multi Commander window when focus was another app and filesystem slow, the wrong item was set as focus
 FIXED - Sometimes when doing force refresh the file coloring did not reapply
 ADDED - Settings for Device Dropdown if it should remember last used path or not
 ADDED - Holding CTRL while confirming an option in the custom create folder popup (Ctrl+Shift+F7), It will now enter that folder after creating it

 -- Build 2374 - (3-Aug-2017 )
 ADDED - FolderTree can now also sort using language aware sorting, if that settings is on
 FIXED - Somehow columnset can get saved with cleared flags resulting in strange column behaviors, Flags will now be verified at load/save
 FIXED - 2 stability issue reported by crash report system

 -- Build 2372 - (2-Aug-2017 )
 FIXED - Some OneDrive Sync ondemand issues. (Only on Windows Insider edition) (Some still left)
 ADDED - MultiDataViewer will now toggle WordWrap with Ctrl+W
 ADDED - Checksum tool now support SHA256/512
 ADDED - FolderTree will now show folder with the same colors rules as the normal list view. (Can be turned off)
 ADDED - Fixed issue with MultiScript function "SetClipboardText" Can now set clipboard data that are larger
 ADDED - ToClipboard > FileContentAsText  menu option is now enabled and works

-- Build 2368 - (26-Jul-2017 )
 FIXED - MultiDataViewer will now format hyper links with https: as clickable links
 FIXED - FSFTP caused a crash if the server return incorrect information from a PASV/PORT call
 FIXED - Tweaked column autosizing when new tab is show the first time.
 ADDED - Language Aware sorting (Slower, but some language will get a more correct sorting)
 ADDED - Settings might be saved if external program closes MultiCommander while being minimized to tray

-- Build 2365 - ( 24-Jul-2017 )
 FIXED - Fixed rare crash issue with MultiRename
 FIXED - Fixed issues when Windows returned an invalid icon overlay ( Insider Preview Windows 10 (Fall Creator Update) )
 CHANGE- Major internal change to avoid conflict with new FileSystem changes in Insider Preview Windows 10 (Fall Creator Update)
 CHANGE- Other internal changes and code cleanup

Script / MOVED: Re: Go To Link Target
« on: July 18, 2017, 15:28:50 »

Documentation / Read Before Posting
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:50:52 »
The Online documentation this post is about is this :

Use this forum for reporting errors in the online documentation.
Or if something is missing that you would like there

There will also be posts here when new documentation sections are added.

Beta Releases / MultiCommander v7.3 BETA
« on: June 10, 2017, 15:07:03 »
Release v7.3 BETA

Been very busy lately with other things, So not been able to put much time into new features.
Most changes are fixes, improvment and minor features to complete existing functions

-- Build 2360 - ( 9-Jul-2017 ) - RELEASE
 FIXED - Entring subpaths in the CreateFolder dialog and pressing ctrl+Return. The browse did not go to the created folder.
 FIXED - Natural sorting fails if the numbers was 14digits or more
 FIXED - Horizontal scrolling issues with MultiRename

-- Build 2358 - ( 1-Jul-2017 ) Release Candidate
 ADDED - ContextMenu on DeviceToolbar can now save it setup from the context menu.
 ADDED - Device filtering settings now set the device filter for device toolbar and device dropdown
 FIXED - Toggle FolderTree On/Off will if you have AutoResizeColumns on trigger a resize of the columns.
 FIXED - Backup/Restore did not backup UserData content. (Like Saved MultiRename profiles, Search Profiles, FTP Bookmarks)
 FIXED - 2 stability issue reported by crash report system
 FIXED - Better error handling when doing flat filesystem scanning.
 SDK   - SDK and Samples Updated

-- Build 2354 ( 25-Jun-2017 )
 REMOVED- Verify delete. Did not work well. Windows and Network stack is caching result. And it is not possible to by pass it in a good way
 ADDED - Added options for Device Filtering for GlobalDeviceToolbar / ExplorerPanelDeviceToolbar / DeviceDropDown and FolderTree
 ADDED - MultiTag ${mcinstallroot} and ${mcinstalldevice}
 ADDED - When WM_COPYDATA windows message is recieved, It it logged to app log if debug loglevel is active
 FIXED - Crash happend sometimes when MultiRename windows was closed
 FIXED - MultiRename will now force column autosize.

--Build 2352 - ( 10-Jun-2017 )
 ADDED - Tab session can now be set to Autoload at startup
 ADDED - Can now remember last used tab session and autoload that on startup
 ADDED - DeviceToolbar inside explorer panel now shown a popup with device type to show. (Feature in progress. Not complete yet)
 ADDED - FS7Zip - When creating a 7zip archive, A retry dialog is now shown if the file it wants to pack is used from another program
 ADDED - Creating symlinks as normal user is now possible if running Win10 (1703) och if Developer mode in windows is enabled.
 ADDED - Makedir (Custom command and dialog) now support the date tags used when creating quick create folder commands
 ADDED - Delete can now do a special verify and check if delete actually happens. (Workaround for Samba on linux that can report that items was deleted when they was not)
 FIXED - Column sizing issue when the vertical scrollbar was visible
 FIXED - Sort was not always triggerd when doing inline rename
 FIXED - Advanced filter now support extended propery field "core.attrib"
 FIXED - Tabs was not always loaded into the correct order, If they was moved around
 FIXED - Various minor issues and code cleanup

Beta Releases / MultiCommander v7.1
« on: April 22, 2017, 13:42:24 »

  35+ Changes

Build 2347 - 13-May
 ADDED - Name generate for quick copy will now keep file extension intact and only change name part
 ADDED - Name shown in CopyTo dialog duing quick copy will now have the generated name part selected for easy changing
 FIXED - Switching between advanced and simple mode, The Simple part sometimes used the wrong text for the matching part.
ADDED - CustomCommand "MC.Explorer.Makedir" now support the quick create folder tags in the FOLDERNAME parameter

Build 2344 - 22-Apr
 ADDED - Added Command that can be assigned to hotkeys that will move active tab back/forward position in the same panel
 ADDED - The new Rename command are now added to the menu shown when right clicking on rename button on toolbar
 ADDED - MultiScript -= operator now works
 ADDED - MultiScript accessing array value as right part of an operator now works ( eg: @var $x = $a + $b[$idx]; )
 ADDED - MultiScript Adding array item with a value to the right now works  ( eg: @var $x = $b[$idx] + $val; )
 CHANGE- MultiScript Debugger window will now replace none breaking space with normal space (Can happen if you copy/paste script from some web browser)
 CHANGE- MultiScript Debugger window, The Tab size is now half. Looks better
 FIXED - Copy single file and selecting ".." in the CopyTo Dialog to pick folder will now keep the filename in the dialog
 FIXED - Volume specific ContextMenu item was not shown for virtual devices like REG:

Beta Releases / MultiCommander v7.0.0 (RC)
« on: February 26, 2017, 15:16:52 »

Release v7.0 Release Candidate 1 - Build 2338 (1-Apr-2017)
  ADDED - MultiScript function min/max/IsAllTrue/IsAnyTrue (also supports array support)
  ADDED - MultiScript function mod/FormatDateTime/GetTimeInfo/GetRandomValue
  CHANGE- MultiScript change, compare two string using == will now return a boolean, not a diff values.
  FIXED - MultiScript debugger sometimes caused a crash if closed before script was stopped
  ADDED - QuickLaunchBar now has a "Run as Admin" options.
  FIXED - Fixed an issue with the "Find and Replace" and when doing ignoring case on 32bit builds
  FIXED - "Replace all older" when moving on same volume works again
  FIXED - Some default settings was wrong on fresh install
  ADDED - Renaming read only files using MultiRename, the confirm dialog about that now have a "Do this for all read only files" checkbox
  FIXED - When resizing thumbnail size using mouse wheel, The scrollbar was not updated correct.
  FIXED - Recent history path was in some situation corrupted.
  ADDED - Hotkey for the start of MultiRename can now be customized
  ADDED - MultiRename is added to the CustomContextMenu as a default command.
  FIXED - Memory leak with CustomContextMenu was shown.
  FIXED - Fixed some text issue and minor layout issues in the CustomContextMenuEditor

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2333 (25-Mar-2017)
  ADDED - Added many more rename option to the Rename submenu in menubar
  CHANGE- Change the text for the rename options in the menu
  ADDED - Added more rename option to custom context menu in the default setup (Delete 'ContextMenu.xml' to see the new default)
  FIXED - CustomContextMenu was sometimes saved with wrong options.
  ADDED - Option to show the WindowsShellContext Menu as a submenu to the CustomContextMenu (Core Settings > FileSystem (Tab) )
  ADDED - Option to Disable the CustomContexMenu
  ADDED - Option to Disable the Windows Shell context menu and only show the CustomContextMenu
  FIXED - Store Edition did not show thumbnails
  FIXED - Store Edition did not launch MCAdmin helper process correct
  FIXED - 1 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2329 (18-Mar-2017)
  ADDED - Custom ContextMenu Editor is now using multilanguge system
  CHANGE- Change the list of what commands are shown in the default custom context menu. (Delete 'ContextMenu.xml' to see the new default)
  ADDED - Fixed issue in Custom ContextMenu editor that items was not always saved correct if items was rearrange.

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2325 (12-Mar-2017)
  ADDED - CustomContextMenu editor that allow user to edit and customize the custom popup menu (found under Menu > Configuration)
  CHANGE- internal changes on how the automatic UI binding system work. This may have affected how the UI in the TabSession Manager dialog works.

Release v6.9.9  - Build 2315 (26-Feb-2017)
  ADDED - When checking for new version, and no new version is found, it will check if new language pack is available.
  ADDED - Added so alternative LangPack can be downloaded and loaded.
  ADDED - Server work to make it possible to download and manage lang pack versioning
  ADDED - Custom Context Menu that show internal command as submenu to the Shell Context Menu.
  ADDED - Custom Context Menu can be customized (But no UI yet, manuel edit of file required for now) (generate default file with ":savecustomcontextmenu" )
  ADDED - MultiScript function GetFSLinkType(..), GetLinkTarget(..), GetShortcutTarget(..) o get info and path of Filesystem links
  ADDED - Minor change to allow MultiCommander SE to pass windows store certification
  CHANGE- Language version mismatch dialog is redesigned and it is now possible to remove all unpacked language files from it.
  CHANGE- Calculate folder size background thread will now run even if other background thread are running
  CHANGE- Background thread that extract extra data can now be aborted easier.
  CHANGE- Code cleanup and refactoring and preparation for new features
  FIXED - 3 stability issue reported by crash report system

* Custom Context Menu *
This will show a submenu into the shell context menu with option for command that are internal to MC.
It will be possible to customize this, But right now there is no UI for it.
To generate the default contextmenu file type ":savecustomcontextmenu" in the commandline field.
Then the default options is saved to a file and if this file exists on startup it will be read and the context menu is build from that.

* Update Language Pack *
When MC starts and it check for new version. it will also check if there are new updated language packs.
Only the language pack that the user have selected is checked for and downloaded if the user choose to update.

Beta Releases / MultiCommander SE v6.9.1 (BETA) (Store Edition)
« on: February 23, 2017, 09:02:29 »
MultiCommander SE v6.9.1 (BETA)

What is SE?
SE stands for Store Edition.
It is a version of MultiCommander that is available from Microsoft's AppStore on Windows 10
The SE edition is in BETA, It does not say so in the App (since the AppStore did not allow for that).
And it is really beta because the technology in Windows that allow for this to work also is beta.
You actually need to the Cumulative Update for Windows 10 1607 that was release in January 2017 install, or there will be issues when browsing the network.

The difference from the normal version of the SE is that there are a few limitations with the SE version
and, some advantages.

Limitation in SE edition
One guarantee Microsoft have for Desktop apps that are install from the app store is that when they are uninstalled,
Everything they have written to the registry and its apps folder and data is removed.
So, to be able to guarantee this all registry writes a program makes will be virtualized per app.
This also make it that registry changes one app makes is not seen by another app/program, AppStore app or normal.

This affect the Virtual FileSystem plugin FS-Reg in MultiCommander, this plugin allows you to handle the registry as a file system.
But since all writes that are done are not seen by any other program, it limits with FS-Reg can do.
There the FS-Reg plugin will in the SE edition be read-only. You will not be able to change the registry, since all the changes will only be visible for MultiCommander.
Not for another program.

Also Microsoft is virtualizing some path for the same reason. And that is the app data folder. ( C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\ )
Anything a app writes to that folders is removed at uninstall.
Right now, MultiCommander do not prevent you from changing files here.
But In the future, it might because the changes that MultiCommander is doing there is only seen by MultiCommander SE (Store Edition) and
will be removed when MultiCommander SE (Store Edition) is uninstalled

However, this can bug out a bit sometimes. Microsoft still got some bugs around this.
The UWP Bridge (the technology in Windows that makes Desktop app works in a Store context is still in beta )

So do not use MultiCommander SE (Store Edition) if you need to modify the registry from within MultiCommander
or if you are Removing/Adding files in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\


  Right now there is not many :)

 * You can download it from the store. So even if my own website goes down you can still get it , also better security since MS test the app for viruses and bad behavior
 * Automatic update from the store. And the Windows AppStore got more bandwidth and can deliver updates betters.
 * MultiCommander SE can in the future use feature in Windows to make its settings sync to the cloud so if you run it on multiple machines they sync settings.
 * MultiCommander SE can in the future use features Windows that now only the appstore app have access to.
 * Can in the future version use Action center, Notification, and such. But no real plan for that yet
 * Better security, if something bad should happen to MultiCommander (If I get hacked and they insert bad code into MC), Microsoft can then revoke the app and it is uninstall from everybody.

Why ?

  Well Why not. I wanted to see if it was possible and it only cost my very little time.
  (This was done in October 2016, but because of bugs in Windows with the UWP Bridge I decided not to publish it yet)
  There is not real code changes from the normal version, Mostly it is that the SE edition code some code disabled
  Like the Registry plugin is read-only, and Self Update is turned off, and configuration is saved in the correct path for StoreApps.

Get and Test it?
You need Windows 10 1607
then yo can go to
or just search for MultiCommander in the Windows AppStore

For issues that are unique to the Store Edition please send me a mail or post a in this forum.

There is a minor error in build 2303 that after you unpacked the language packs and restart, it say that the language pack are wrong version.

to fix this , edit the file

And change 2301 to 2303

Beta Releases / Multi Commander 6.5 BETA
« on: October 22, 2016, 15:13:30 »
Major new feature is TabSession. And also some minor new features and many fixes

MC is now in Release Candidate, No major changes or text changes will be added before release, Final will be released ASAP. When most langauge packs are updated
and if no major issues are found

185+ Changes

-- Build 2301 - 17-Dec-2016
  FIXED - Forward button on toolbar now works again
  FIXED - Create registry key from context menu now works again.
  FIXED - Some Multi Language issues
  FIXED - 2 stability issue reported by crash report system

-- Build 2299 - 11-Dec-2016
  FIXED - Creating a new TabSession and trying to access it directly caused a crash,

-- Build 2298 - 11-Dec-2016
  UPDATE- Updated the 3rd party audio library used when getting Audio Metadata. (More file formats should be supported in some places)
  ADDED - TabSessionManager now allows customization of slot id

-- Build 2296 - 10-Dec-2016
  ADDED - TabSession Dialogs and text are now using MultiLanguage texts
  ADDED - TabSession now have options for FileColoring, ButtonPanel, How to close existing tabs.
  CHANGE- Default hotkey for the double hotkey to switch tabsession is change to Ctrl+I,  So Ctrl+I and then Ctrl+1, to switch to first tab session
  ADDED - Double click on panel item in TabSessionManager dlg will now show the panel properties
  ADDED - Menu > File > Tab Session > Save , will now works. (Overwrite the current tab session with the current tab layout)
  ADDED - Loaded Tab session name is shown on title bar

-- Build 2294 - 6-Dec-2016
  ADDED - Beginning of support for double hotkeys (Eg  Ctrl+K followed by Ctrl+F )
  ADDED - Double Hotkey for to Switch TabSession Ctrl+O and then Ctrl+1 to switch to first TabSession, and Ctrl+O + Ctrl2 for second and so on, up to 0
  ADDED - Starting to internal support for TwoStep Hotkeys
  ADDED - TabSessionManager now starting to work
  ADDED - Added option to Explorer Panel so 'Remember of item on focus on path change' change be disabled
  FIXED - 7Zip password boxdo not show its entered password hidden ( as * )

-- Build 2290 - 26-Nov-2016
  ADDED - TabSessionManager where sessions can be inspected and modified
  ADDED - TabSessions can now be Saved and switch to from Menu > File > Session  (VERY ALPHA)
  ADDED - Custom Command "MC.ChangeTabSession" to change App Session from script
  FIXED - 1 stability issue reported by crash report system

-- Build 2282  - 30-Okt-2016
  ADDED - Creating SFV/MD5 from CheckSum Menu it can now remember the selected text encoding and will not ask again. (Force show the Ask dialog by Hold Ctrl when starting checksum)
  ADDED - Commandline field command ":doc" will take active explorer panel to the documents folders.
  ADDED - Search will no longer cache all scanned items, Making search use less memory
  ADDED - Garbage collection of objects not used anymore will now be processed faster
  ADDED - Simple FindFiles dialog can now save filter to a quickload slots using Ctrl + (F1 to F12)
  ADDED - Simple and Advanced FindFiles dialog can now load quick filters using F-Keys
  ADDED - Advanced FindFiles dialog can reassign quick load key for filters.
  ADDED - Settings for Favorites windows to show path instead of name
  ADDED - Popup in favorite window now got an option submenu where showpath option can be toggled
  CHANGE- FindFiles - Content matching option "Case Sensative" have change to "Ignore Case", This may break some saved filters
  CHANGE- Simple FindFiles dialog got some UI changes.
  FIXED - Resized Change DateTime/Attributes dialog so am/pm will fit in time fields.
  FIXED - 3 stability issue reported by crash report system

-- Build 2276  - 22-Okt-2016
  ADDED - New Language - Korean - Created by pCsOrI
  ADDED - ExplorerPanel settings for not saving none locked tabs on exit (Only keep locked tabs)
  ADDED - Popup menu on Tabs now have command to "Close all none locked tabs"
  ADDED - CustomCommand "MC.CloseAllTabs" now have the option "KEEPLOCKED", that will close all tabs except locked.
  ADDED - Tweak settings for ExplorerPanel : "Send file to commandline field also takes the input focus"
  ADDED - ExplorerPanel send current item to command line field (Ctrl+Return / Ctrl+Shift+Return)
          will now add trailing slash to folders and only quote characters if it have spaces
  ADDED - Change DateTime/Attribute dialog now got "*" buttons next to the Modified/LastAccess dates, Pressing this will sync the datetime with value in modified
  CHANGE- Change some default for new installation (Colors and some default options)
  FIXED - Sometimes when input focus was returned to MC an not needed refresh was done causing strange jump of item in focus
  FIXED - Fixed issue with unpacking rar created on linux
  FIXED - Fixed issue with unpacking zip archive created by google drive
  FIXED - 4 stability issue reported by crash report system

Beta Releases / Multi Commander 6.4.8 BETA
« on: September 04, 2016, 13:27:38 »
The biggest change is a internal one, And it is now it handles how the thread synchronization works for the background filesystem scanning.
Also some improvements and fixes for Flat Filesystem view

 31 Changes

-- Build 2264  - 10-Sep-2016
  FIXED - Find Files - Matching file content as UTF8 and with ignore of case difference, Failed for some languages.
  FIXED - Find Files - Forcing FileContent matching as Unicode could make MC lock up if the data was not unicode
  FIXED - FileSystem scan can in some very rare and weird situation cause a crash. This should now be fixed. ( I hope )

-- Build 2260 -  6-Sep-2016
  FIXED - Possible thread issue with filesystem scanning
  FIXED - Better error handling of file system scanning fails

-- Build 2259 -  4-Sep-2016

  FIXED - Flat FileSystem view is now a little bit faster
  FIXED - Flat FileSystem view now updates its view correctly if files are deleted
  FIXED - Rewrote how the background thread synchronization works for filesystem scanning.
  FIXED - 1 stability issue

Beta Releases / Multi Commander 6.4.7 BETA
« on: August 25, 2016, 18:26:25 »
22 Changes
-- Build 2253 - 26 Aug
  FIXED - GotoNextSiblingFolder/GotoPreviousSiblingFolder something changes the tab.
  FIXED - Possible crash issue if File system was refresh before UI was updated from previous scan.
  FIXED - Will now only redraw and revalidates file colors if a subfolder was modified. Was doing a full rescanning. Not needed

-- Build 2250 - 25 Aug
  FIXED - Some Internal cleanup and refactoring, and preparation for future features.
  FIXED - Explorer Panel lost focused item in some situations when refreshed
  FIXED - Copy progress dialog will now show estimated time to complete with hours and minutes if minutes to complete is more then 60
  FIXED - Issue when checking if path exists for a path to a FileSystem Plugin that was closed.
  FIXED - Fixed issue where it lost contact with portable device, So that a manual refresh was needed to. This is now done automatic (is most cases)
  FIXED - Explorer Panel was not always refreshed automatic if folder was created in virtual location. like REG:
  FIXED - 1 stability issue

Beta Releases / Multi Commander 6.4.6 BETA
« on: August 16, 2016, 12:35:05 »
New minor update with only fixed

 13 Changes

Release v6.4.6 (Build 2246) ( 16-Aug-2016 )
FIXED - Start with a ExplorerPanel showing the root of REG: now works again
FIXED - Items sometimes got selected when activating application.
FIXED - Focus was sometimes lost if focus was changed during filesystem scan
FIXED - Crash that could happen if item was removed after filesystem scan, But before UI had refreshed.
FIXED - 1 stability issue

FAQ / Save Column Layout
« on: August 13, 2016, 17:58:50 »
Save / Change Current column layout

FAQ / Single Click
« on: August 13, 2016, 17:58:12 »
Configure Multi Commander to use Single Click to enter folder and run program

FAQ / Show Hidden Files
« on: August 13, 2016, 17:57:21 »

Beta Releases / Multi Commander 6.4.5 BETA
« on: August 06, 2016, 12:04:04 »
Release v6.4.5 BETA

 33 Changes

-- Build 2241 ( 9-Aug-2016 )
FIXED - Tab with a LockPath, and the locked location was deleted by anohter program, resulted in new tabs opening up
FIXED - During startup if a tab had a lockpath to a location that did not exists anymore. The tab was still locked and behaved bad.
FIXED - Showing a folder and that folder was deleted, MC would fallback to closest path, but the removed folder would still be shown. (Since Windows told MC it still existed)

-- Build 2239 ( 8-Aug-2016 )
FIXED - Ctrl+Return in CreateFolder dialog now works again. (Goto created folder)
FIXED - New Folders now show up faster when creating new folders. (From Create folder dialog)
FIXED - 1 rare stability issue

- Build 2237 (6-Aug-2016 )
FIXED - Focus moved to ".." when current focus item was lost. Now it works as before and moves to next or previous item
FIXED - If tab was locked and option to open new tabs was not active. In some situation did not update.
FIXED - In some situation filesystem change monitoring was removed, even if there was more ExplorerPanels (other tabs) active for that path
FIXED - Possible buffer overrun in MCAudioTools extension
FIXED - 1 very rare stability issue

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