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I tried foobar.. I got the same issue. classic Winamp and other players I have, have no issue. only foobar.

Foobar is doing something different with their association in registry compare to all other apps I have that support this.
Normally you want to open all on the "open" command. but they do not do that.
They have the correct settings in the registry but they disabled them by adding a "LegacyDisable" key

So I got it working by removing or rename the "LegacyDisable" key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\foobar2000.MP3\shell\open\
And for FLAC I guess it is under foobar2000.FLAC  so you need to do this for all extensions

Ehh Nothing ? That is not correct.
It should always print out the result code in the log like
"<DATE> <TIME> ShellExecute Error 0"

Did you remove the custom filetype setup you did?

But I don't really know what this will give you. It will probably give you an error code that is sent from Windows that is nonsens.
There must be something with how foobar is registered that is wrong/missing if for now it queue files if multiple files are launched

As I said before. You need to enable loglevel "debug" for it to show the error sent from Windows.
MC is not launching foobar2000. MC tell windows to open these file with whatever you have configured with file associations.
MC is forwarding all to Windows. It should be the same as Windows Explorer does. It does the same thing.
I works for me for winamp and other program. FooBar2000 I never tested on that. And I currently do not have the ability to do that

Please note that logging was already enabled...
In fact, just in case, tried each of the four Debug settings (Eval, Trace, Result, Begin/End).
In all cases, upon selecting files and hitting Enter, nothing shows up on the debug tab(s).

That is  "Filesystem Log" (Log for Filesystem scanning and such) If you look at the top you see "Application Log"set the loglevel for this to "Debug"
The log for filesystem log you can disable again. It is very verbose and you do not need that.


Besides the (already existing) Windows associations, forced association of some audio files like this:

Then, selected a number of such files and, with mouse still over the selection, hit Enter - nothing happened (no new lines in Application Log either).
You can probably not do that if you want the program to queue all files instead of opening X numbers of instance of foobar.

I Now for winamp you needed to do "Winamp.exe /add <filename>"  to make it do the queue. for foobar I have no idea.

Also If I remeber it correct the fileextension need to be *.mp3 *.flac and so on as you see in the default item for viewers/editors.

Sure, sent the other log because the Application Log contains nothing related either to multi-file or single file events.
It's just like this:

Code: [Select]
2020-07-28 09:43:27.061 Initializing extension : File Utils
2020-07-28 09:43:27.064 Initializing extension : Multi Rename
2020-07-28 09:43:27.065 Initializing extension : File Viewer
2020-07-28 09:43:27.068 Initializing extension : Picture Tools
2020-07-28 09:43:27.069 Initializing Complate
2020-07-28 09:43:27.540 Application Ready!
2020-07-28 09:43:27.541 Start background thread to check if new version exists.
2020-07-28 09:43:28.273 No new version found

Note that I duly understand what you repeated in the previous replies to my issue.
What is not clear to me is
- why is CM able to launch foobar2000 as expected when I try to open a single file
- but does nothing at all if I try to open more than one simultaneously.
Shouldn't it emulate the usual File Explore behavior?

As I said before. You need to enable loglevel "debug" for it to show the error sent from Windows.
MC is not launching foobar2000. MC tell windows to open these file with whatever you have configured with file associations.
MC is forwarding all to Windows. It should be the same as Windows Explorer does. It does the same thing.
I works for me for winamp and other program. FooBar2000 I never tested on that. And I currently do not have the ability to do that

No that is not the application log. That is the filesystem log that do logging and for troubleshoot with issue when scanning the filesystem
All you want is the error code is shown as I wrote before.

MC do not start all instances and do all that. MC is calling Windows and Windows do all the finding of associations and starting instances.
So if windows have any issue it should return an error code that is shown there.

No not if you are using the Windows associations. (they are mostly for when you install MC on portable device)

Ahh you need to turn on more logging for the error to be shown in the logview
In Core settings > Logging
Set "Log level" for application log to "Debug"

When if you "run" multiple files at once.. they are all sent to Windows and windows will try to start them.
But the targeting application also need to support getting multiple inputs.

Same issue if you only try to start 1 file ?

Right click on empty area in the "Path field" And you get a popup with all the favorites folders.

The range select do not activate passive scrolling.  There was some issue with it if I recall, But it was long ago. I can make a note about it and investigate if that can be added now. Lots of things have changed since then

Unless you configure in MC that some program should open it that filetype with program X, MC will then send the file to execute to Windows and Windows will check it list of associated program and start that.

If Windows fails to do that you can check the log and see what error windows returns.

If you press Ctrl+L you will see a log entry that it executed a file and if ShellExecute (The function in Windows that launches programs)  returned an error.
2020-07-27 00:00:00.000 Execute file item : <File to execute>
2020-07-27 00:00:00.000 ShellExecute error xxxx

Support and Feedback / Re: Regex backreference in MultiRename?
« on: July 23, 2020, 19:32:55 »
It does not currently support regex replace.
The "search and replace" part in MultiRename is using regex for "Find" part. So you find a match using regex. Then in the "replace with" part enter the thing you want to replace with

With MultiScript you have StrRegExpReplace that support RegEx find and replace. but then you need to use script.

1. You can move that close button to the tab itself. But there need to be some button to close. Or someone will complain about that.

2. Currently it is not possible to micro manage that. Try clicking the last icon when you got a virtual device there. like after a search result.
The icon might not be the best. And is something I want to change. But have not found anything that fits.
Disconnect also do safe removal av removal devices (USB memory sticks) (Flushes all writes off the device)

3. That is not possible. Think like everything in the tab. (Everything under the Tab Label.) is like its own view. like a tab in a webpage.

4. There are some change planed for this. But not sure it will bu customize.. but some highlighting of active column is planned.

5. Status bar shows progress of background copy/move/delete process.. Show if admin helper is active.. show some other progresses for other background tasks..
and also shows some status info.

6. I tried to change it but looks even worse then. It looks different in v10 in darkmode. there it works if it is flat.

It is not possible to have settings to turn on/off every minor things. MC also have a settings hell, With way to many settings. and the more settings you add for something the possibility for bugs that happens because some weird combination of settings are in conflict.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: New File
« on: July 15, 2020, 14:36:37 »
You can also type "cf <name>" in the command line field to create an empty 0byte file with that name.

Beta Releases / Re: Refresh
« on: July 15, 2020, 14:35:37 »
I run v10.0 Build 2716  I know, this have a alpha status :) But i will not make a downgrade. i can work with it.
Hm v10.  Okey v10 is very very ALPHA and as it say in the "beta forum" it has lots of changes around the UI and dropdown/ComboBoxes the this sound like a UI issue.. also issue for v10 alpha/betas should be reported in that section to avoid confusen ;)

(thread moved to beta section)

MC is using Windows to get the thumbnails. so if windows has a problem with them , MC will also have an issue..

You can hover in Core Settings . in the FileSystem tab. at the bottom. you find a settings section called "Thumbnail system"
You can force it to use "Internal" system for thumbnails. (however this settings will might be removed in the future since it is a workaround for WinXP. )

Support and Feedback / Re: Problems with saving menu buttons
« on: July 15, 2020, 14:29:08 »
You can also try to go to Explorer Panel settings > Layout tab. and  under the "Main window Toolbar" there and you can activate some groups

Beta Releases / Re: Refresh
« on: July 08, 2020, 22:28:08 »
What version are you running 9.7 or older ?

Beta Releases / Re: Refresh
« on: July 08, 2020, 07:15:14 »
I'm not able to recreate that.. Are you doing something special to get that

Support and Feedback / Re: Search duplicates by content
« on: July 07, 2020, 09:26:02 »
Not search. but it can compare the files the two panels. and identical files are then selected

File > Edit > Compare Folders.. Advanced..
Then selected the profile "Identical (by content)"

if you need the filtering to capture spaces, you write " around the search filter  eg "ram file"  (To match "program files")

Support and Feedback / Re: To Clipboard - length
« on: July 06, 2020, 13:22:00 »
Extended columns are not support yet for copy to clipboard with internal command.
It is on the todo list.
But until then, you have to write a script for that.

This can happens sometimes. in very rare situations if the filesystem is triggered to be rescanned when it just have finished a scan and is updating the internal cache.
So it gets updated twice instead of once.

Doing a refresh by pressing F2/F5 should fix it.

Since it is very very hard for me to reproduce it,it is not easy to just fix. But the issue is under investigation.

Support and Feedback / Re: Small icons in Win10 Pro
« on: July 02, 2020, 07:26:09 »
Attached specs.
RE: Icons' size setting - You mean in the MC?
Eh? I don't know what you expect me to get from the pictures about your issue ?

In Windows if you change Deskop scaling then MC will also scale.
But you can change icon size in MC too in settings. for the list view in Exporer Panel. for UI parts like toolbars in Core settings.

Support and Feedback / Re: Default Column Width | How to?
« on: July 01, 2020, 13:36:58 »
If you enabled auto size on column then you cant really save a default. since auto process will take over

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