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Support and Feedback / Re: [BUG REPORT] MC GUI SIZE ERROR
« on: February 01, 2021, 08:01:29 »
Should be fixed in in Beta release of 10.3 build 2759

Good that you found one that fitted your needs.

Many of the think you list do work, it depends on what default layout you selected.
and you can reconfigure most commands,

1,4,7,9,13,14,19,20, and probably some more. since i just did a quick read.
and more if you configure it.

You can make some things works like TC,  but MC is not trying to be TC, MC is it own things.

"Explorer Panel Settings > Colors (Tab)",  means the Explorer Panel Settings that is opened up there are many settings tab.. in the Colors Tab.. you find the settings.
But looks like you found it since you check the "Use X specified background colors"
Well after you checked them you can now configure what background colors you want to use. and if you change the colors for the focus item there you can also change the background.

But if you go to Menu > Configuration > Quick Look'n'Feel Setup.  and select customize. then you can select just colors in the boxes below it.and for colors there are a couple of different sets. some of them might be a better base to start at if you find customize the colors your self to complex.

So you want a text for all icons on some of the toolbar / quick launch bar.. that is currently not possible since the text would take up so much space.
It is on the drive bar because it is only 1 character,

The colors are customize in Explorer Panel Settings > Colors (Tab)

To overload the background make sure to check "Use file specified background colors" and for folders too.

Im not sure what you mean . Quick Launch buttons are the icons after the command line field. But I suspect you mean the buttons in the button panel ?
So you want the tooptip to show all the button variants ?

Support and Feedback / Re: manual file sorting
« on: January 21, 2021, 11:52:41 »
So a "No sorting" option and the ability to manually move files up and down in the list
No that is currently not possible.

2. MC.Explorer.Makedir goes via the ExplorerPanel (UI) (and the UI dialog is bases on current path..)
and MC.Filesystem.Makedir goes directly to the FileSystem.
You can combine MultiScript and CustomCommand but since you are only creating folders you can do MultiScript all the way

Code: [Select]
@var $path = GetSourcePath();
$path = $path ^ "Soundtrack";

5. Yes the item in focus have a totally different background (and text color)  (see pic)

7. I think the height is connected to the height of the font used for the tab. You change change the font for the tab in Core Settings.
Having a direct settings for just ever things that can be sized would be a even more settings hell. specially when scaling is changed between restarts and multi screens
Also it depend on what Windows Scaling settings that is used.

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with context menu
« on: January 21, 2021, 09:17:28 »
I cannot say why that is happening.  I never seen that happening.
MC actually do not build all the shell menu there it self. It actually ask Windows for them. Since the items look to be there but the text does not
I suspect it is some kind of MultiLanguage error. But MC do not have any control over how 3rd party shellextension adds items to the shell menu.

That would require lots of work very for very little gain. And since my time is limited this is not something I can spend time one.
However the API/SDK for creating file system plugins are open. So if anyone what to do it. fell free.

But is there not ext2/3/4 drivers for windows so you get direct support reading them via Windows ? I remember using something like that long ago.

Support and Feedback / Re: Find open files
« on: January 21, 2021, 08:58:26 »
1. Yes that picture is probably very old. FindFiles have changed since then

2. Hard to say without more context. But if another program has a file open without sharing it. MC can not copy or delete it.

1. Ctrl+M toggle menu bar. Yes it is not currently possible to have a dark menu bar since MC is using the standard Windows Menu bar and have not own control of the drawing of it. and Microsoft have not added darkmode support for that in Windows yet.
You can also press the alt key when it is hidden to show it temporary.
Showing menu as popup from UserDefinedCommand hmm Maybe. I add it to my investigate list. And will check if that is possible without to much hassle.

2. Strange.
If I do
Code: [Select]
MC.Filesystem.Makedir PATH="C:\MyFolder" I do not get the dialog to popup,  How to you command looks like ?

3. Some more tags will be added, it is on my list.  However if you want more control do MultiScript there you have full control of all text and can manipulate them how ever you want. But that type of script is a bit more complex

4.  3 panels shown at the same time. No. MC is build around the source panel / target panel concept.

5. You can change so focused items have a totally different color.  ExplorerPanel Settings > Colors

6. I don't think there are any 3rd party extensions that are public. But lots of features in MC is extensions and you can from there disable and customize some of them there

Beta Releases / Re: v10.3 - BETA
« on: January 21, 2021, 08:32:35 »
Hi Mathias.

Just done a bit more testing and there is definitely a problem with

As soon as MC 10.3 is opened, the (4.5kb) is immediately converted to the 49 byte broken .xml file, as per my reply #1, above.

Are you able to reproduce this, Mathias?
Not yet. But I have not had so much time to look at this yet. I plan to look at it this weekend. Is problably an issue with portable mode

Support and Feedback / Re: F6 - Move files
« on: January 21, 2021, 08:30:13 »
Not by default since many of the options and feature for copy are set there.
But you can use UserDefinedCommand to create a new command that skip that.

Confirmed. I will take a look at this

That is a NTFS special field that is not exposed by windows by normal APIs.
There is probably a reason why Microsoft do not expose them via the normal file API. problem not support on version of NTFS or something

Not sure how what language you are looking for.

If you want to create a translation and do the translation there are description here on how to do that,129.0.html

There are only 3 timestamps on files/folders.
"change time" and "modified time" is the same.  only different name

Beta Releases / Re: v10.3 - BETA
« on: January 11, 2021, 12:31:53 »
Ehh YES.  Here is an example of the first .udc in the zip:
Code: [Select]
#Name:Refresh Tab
#Desc:Refresh Current Explorer Tab

#file:Refresh Tab.mcs

As I said I, exported all my MultiScript sources to .mcs files in the Scripts directory.

Should I replace the files references in the last line of the .udc (as above) with the actual MultiScript sources?

Maybe the migration code should remove the .mcs file and convert it to a .udc, Then there would not be 2 files. But not so sure about that..

Beta Releases / Re: v10.3 - BETA
« on: January 11, 2021, 12:27:19 »
The need for File ref to have sepearate files are not needed anymore. and almost nobody used it so the support to create it from inside MC is removed.
It also create more confusion since you now have 2 files for 1 command.
However the support to load then still exists for compatibility reasons.

Beta Releases / Re: v10.3 - BETA
« on: January 10, 2021, 23:25:11 »
eh that is should not be xml.
OK - I see why I thought that MultiScripts could not be edited:  The .UDC files store only a reference to the (external) files my scripts are exported to.

Ehh No ? Your entire script was exported to .udc, But if you was running with external scripts. then the script was a ref to a external file. then it is what you get.
It is however not possible to create it like that anymore. But if you have it. it will still load them.

Beta Releases / Re: v10.3 - BETA
« on: January 10, 2021, 17:23:00 »
It was a bad format. you could not edit script in another editor. it was harder to share script since by default they was all saved in the same xml.
You can now also buddle you script up in a zip. And you are able to have them organized in folders. So admin can for example push out common script for users. without touching personal script files.

Beta Releases / Re: v10.3 - BETA
« on: January 10, 2021, 01:34:24 »
eh that is should not be xml.
the example file is a zip with couple of script included . so not sure how it can be 49 bytes and xml..
the current script will be converted into seperate files in the script folder.. they will still be possible to edit them. From inside MC there should be no differnce.
only the way they are saved to disk are changed.

Support and Feedback / Re: Close app with select code in viewer
« on: January 07, 2021, 17:29:46 »
This should work as of the v10.3beta

Beta Releases / v11.0 - Release Candidate (Updated 18-Feb)
« on: January 07, 2021, 17:21:30 »
Current UserDefinedCommand will be auto converted to a new format.
The old UDC file was UserDefinedCommands.xml and it will be rename to UserDefinedCommands.xml.bak-Migrated
So if you revert back to old version. You need to rename that file to get back your commands

The new version store UDC Scripts in Config/Scripts/ Script can be seperate *.udc file or bundled together as a zip.
They can also be organized in folders. Script/Examples/ contains examples script.
If modifed then do not keep them inside the zip. since this zip will be update on new versions.

** 26-Jan **
In build 2756  there is a change in what icons sizes is used. Before there was 4 icons sizes  16,24,32,48 . This is still true.
So when scaling to 125% it picked the icon closest in size and used that. for 125% it was 24px. but 24px is actually a 150% scaling of the 16px, it should have been 20px.  But because of reasons there was no support for scaling the icons during drawing. But that has now been fixed. So if you run at high scaling you MIGHT see the icons have shrunk in size. This is because now their are drawn in the correct size. If you want then bigger change the icon size settings in Core and Explorer Panel settings. Small, Medium , Large, xLarge can be selected. and the icon will then be scaled depending on Windows Scaling settings-

As you can see in this table. You see the actually icon size depending on scaling and icon size selected
         100%  125%  150%  175%  200%  225% 250%
Small     16    20    24    28    32    36   40
Medium    24    30    36    42    48    54   60
Large     32    40    48    56    64    72   80
X-Large   48    60    72    84    96   108  120


Release v11.0
-- 2768 - 18-Feb-2021
   FIXED - Backup/Restore now also include the new Script files
   FIXED - MultiUpdate update log is now more detailed
   FIXED - MultiUpdate will show crashreport dialog if crashed
   ADDED - MC.Explorer.Goto support ItemFocus= parameter to set focus after scan
   ADDED - Will show a message at startup if there are problem loading extension/modules (Failed to be upgraded?)

-- 2765  - 13-Feb-2021
   FIXED - Various DPI Scaling issue in FolderTree, CheckSum extension, MultiRename
   FIXED - FindFiles dialog now closes on Escape key again.
   FIXED - WindowsExplorer styled setup will now map F3 to search again.
   FIXED - 1 Stability Issues
-- 2761 - 5-Feb-2021
   ADDED - :SysInfo command now includes Monitor information and Windows 10 Release ID
   ADDED - MultiTags  ${pid}, ${mctemp} , ${sourcefocusext}, ${targetfocusext}
   ADDED - Example script with all multitags
   FIXED - UserDefinedCommand Dialog fixes
   FIXED - Scaling issue with the width of items shown on statusbar
   FIXED - Toolbar still visible if all toolbars disabled in config

-- Build 2759 - 30-Jan-2021
   ADDED - Drag and drop of script in UserDefinedCommands-Dialog to move to subfolder
   ADDED - Heigh of Freespace field is now calculated better
   FIXED - 1 Stability Issues

- Build 2756 - 26-Jan-2021

   ADDED - MultiScript with external ref can now be views or converted from MutliScript editor.
   ADDED - Added more Examples script
   FIXED - *.UDC script files with multilist comment/desc can now be loaded
   FIXED - Fixed issue with wrong icons sizes used in 125% / 175% scaling, Will now be drawn in correct sizes and scaled if needed
   FIXED - Copy 1 folder, and it is empty. Datetime is now kept is option for that is enabled.
   FIXED - Portable mode overwrite as a empty xml
   FIXED - 1 Stability Issues and many icon scaling issues at 125%/175% scaling

 - Build 2751 - 7-Jan-2021

   ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /OPEN now support more paramters  /PANEL=Left|Right|Active|Source|Target and /NONEWTAB is added
   ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /QUIT to exit current running instance
   FIXED - CommandLine field will now try to do auto complete on paths when starting to type.
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - HyperLink in text that was formatted was not always clickable
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text Formatting that formated text to end on line. did not block formatting that was inside.
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text with multiple formatting sometimes lost formatting when parts was selected
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Sometimes crashed if selection was done over part with multiple formats
   ADDED - Minor Redisgned to UserDefinedCommands dialog (TreeView and Icons and DarkMode Support)
   ADDED - Example script is included in release
   ADDED - Old UserDefinedCommand scripts will be migrated to scripts/*.udc script files
   ADDED - UserDefinedCommands can now be loaded from zip
   ADDED - UserDefinedCommands file format changed.
   FIXED - Tweaked detection if file is binary during content search and file viewer
   FIXED - Minor tweak and code cleanup
   FIXED - 3 Stability Issues

That is already fixed in the coming version. MC almost did it already, also there will be more option to send so you can control what panel and more

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