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Support and Feedback / Re: Search duplicates by content
« on: Yesterday at 09:26:02 »
Not search. but it can compare the files the two panels. and identical files are then selected

File > Edit > Compare Folders.. Advanced..
Then selected the profile "Identical (by content)"

if you need the filtering to capture spaces, you write " around the search filter  eg "ram file"  (To match "program files")

Support and Feedback / Re: To Clipboard - length
« on: July 06, 2020, 13:22:00 »
Extended columns are not support yet for copy to clipboard with internal command.
It is on the todo list.
But until then, you have to write a script for that.

This can happens sometimes. in very rare situations if the filesystem is triggered to be rescanned when it just have finished a scan and is updating the internal cache.
So it gets updated twice instead of once.

Doing a refresh by pressing F2/F5 should fix it.

Since it is very very hard for me to reproduce it,it is not easy to just fix. But the issue is under investigation.

Support and Feedback / Re: Small icons in Win10 Pro
« on: July 02, 2020, 07:26:09 »
Attached specs.
RE: Icons' size setting - You mean in the MC?
Eh? I don't know what you expect me to get from the pictures about your issue ?

In Windows if you change Deskop scaling then MC will also scale.
But you can change icon size in MC too in settings. for the list view in Exporer Panel. for UI parts like toolbars in Core settings.

Support and Feedback / Re: Default Column Width | How to?
« on: July 01, 2020, 13:36:58 »
If you enabled auto size on column then you cant really save a default. since auto process will take over

Support and Feedback / Re: Small icons in Win10 Pro
« on: July 01, 2020, 07:26:53 »
Icon Size depend on what you DPI scaling you have in Windows and what icon size settings you specify,
And when the settings for that is change you need to restart MC

Support and Feedback / Re: Default Column Width | How to?
« on: June 30, 2020, 09:58:54 »
If you want to set a new "default" column order and size.  Then resize the column and right click in the header and select "Save current layout as default"

Support and Feedback / Re: Auto Rotate photos problem
« on: June 30, 2020, 09:57:25 »
It is using the EXIF meta data in the file that say in what rotation the picture was taken.
Are you sure that information is available and is correct in the files that failed to rotate ?
You can enable the column name "Picture (EXIF) - Orientation" to see what the orientation EXIF tag is

Have you enabled to use a custome background color ?

You must first enable that to be able to customize it.
Like check use file specified background colors  (and the one for folders)

(Normally for command styled setup that is already checked, Check out look and feel setup and try command style setup, it will change many settings to get that )

sound very strange. Something is very unique about you situation.
What I cant tell because the information on what you do is very limited.
Data is buffered on C drive first. Ehh no, normal copy does not do that. it can even read from one disk while it is writing on the other. if it is two different drives.
Or are you unpacking from some archive and writing into another  ?
Also there are many ways to start a copy. some of the way are compatibility way with external system.

If you describe what you are doing I might be able to help.

Support and Feedback / Re: Certain action when working w/ files
« on: June 17, 2020, 07:19:02 »
Where is the setting for changing the action that occurs when right-clicking on a file
I want the file name to go red (text color) when right-clicking on it.
You mean togger selection?,
If you had selected Commander styled default setup you would have got that.
You can turn all of the mouse configuration to commander style in Quick look and feel setup, by selecting customize and select commander style for mouse.

or do it manually just for the settings you want to change in
Menu > Configuration > ExplorerPanel > Mouse (Tab), and select "right click" to Toggle Selection. and recommended then is to put Context Menu on right click double click or right click and hold..

Same question for how to have top and bottom borders when clicking on a file (regular click not right)
Eh ? I don't understand this

Also something is blocking the write to the registry because the settings for last windows layout is stored there.


Also something is blocking the write to the registry because the settings to last windows layout is stored there.


That is strange if you go into settings change something and press apply the settings will be saved.
if you press Ctrl+L you might see more error information..  But something must block it from being written

Support and Feedback / Re: Browse Filesystem Timeout
« on: June 10, 2020, 13:36:37 »
How long before MC wait for the filesystem scan to complete before it shows the message.. "waiting for filesystem scan to complete.."
To low value and you see this message flash by all the time..

Portable or Installed version.

Sounds like something is blocking MC from saving the configuration file. Might be you security software.
or if you used portable version. if you put it in a folder that MC do not have write permission to.

for installed version they are located at

You can look there and se if any files are changed and check if they are writable.

Normally it should be no issue. With the limited information you provide it is hard to say why it is happening for you.
Sometimes windows cache remote filesystem if it is that. but for local drives it should show up directly.
Windows will actually tell MC when a folder that is viewed is changed. and MC will auto refresh it.
and if you force a refresh the filesytem will be scanned.

If new files do not show up even after a force refresh then something is blocking MC from seeing it. Like some security software can do that.
Also if the file/folder has hidden attribute on and if you have not enabled to show hidden/system files it will not be visible.

It is very different with a bank or shop where you provide credits card or other sensitive info and a website where you download a pice of free software.
This is not a busniess. I do not sell anything. I don't have customers. I got some users that use the program I have developed for my own needs.

But HTTPS is coming in the future when I get the time to move everything. But thinking that HTTPS will make everything safe is just to lie to your self. All HTTPS with free cert do is to make it harder for government and ISPs to spy on you. It just encrypt the traffic,  It is not stopping Man In the Middle attacks since they can also get the same free cert and use that, The free Cert do not have any verification that checks that you are who you say you are. They are low security..  They are just for encryption and to make to harder to do big scale spaying on all. like Goverments and ISP can do.. Targetet spying will do a man in the middle attack and they will use the free low security cert.

Btw login/passwd for the forum is not sent in plain text. it is encrypted before sent.

ctrl+Pgup / PgDn  will go to next/previous siblings path..   It is the same as going back to parent folder. then move up or down on step.. and then enter that folder.

Also that you see CTRL+NUM9 is becuse when Windows controller does backwords translation. It assumes that, becuse you also got PgUp on NumKey 9

Support and Feedback / Re: Unknown Error (0:80)
« on: June 04, 2020, 08:19:05 »
Error 80 comes from windows and is  "Error, File Exists"
Not sure from what stage that can come from. All normal error situations are handled during the file operation. So this happen in a very unique uncommon situation.

When it happens again. press Ctrl+L and look in the file operation log. 
There might be more information there..

If not. then increse loglevel in core settings > logs.. to debug.

Problem is that many devices to not implement the full API that is used when talking to the phone.
So many devices do not do the delete when move command is sent (maybe because of security reason. or maybe the just implement the pure minium they need to)

MC should verify that and do a request for delete if still there, But I had not had time to add that yet.  It is on my list.

Support and Feedback / Re: Trailing text in files after crash
« on: June 04, 2020, 08:08:35 »
It only appends data to files if that was selected when file already exists dialog is shown.

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