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At least that is what i see here. Have to select a new RES for the search. :(

Support and Feedback / found a way around long waits
« on: June 02, 2023, 11:38:51 »
I've complained before about long waiting times when copying a file, sometimes over a minute.
I found that if this starts (windows present a wait cursor)  i can start explorer and browse to the the destination folder, the moment i hit that folder, mc commences to copy and the wait is over.

Support and Feedback / internal error?
« on: February 26, 2023, 18:33:33 »
Mathias i have some troubles.
A file copy takes some 16 seconds before the overwrite confirmation dialog appears, log:

Code: [Select]
2023-02-26 18:27:34.133 Unable to open target file : C:\Pd\pd.ini.bak ( Error code : 10, Internal Error Code : 80)
2023-02-26 18:27:34.133 Handle file Operations error : 10 (80) - File/Folder already exists
2023-02-26 18:27:40.090 Copied : "D:\in\pd.ini.bak" => "C:\Pd\pd.ini.bak" - 14933 bytes in 1ms 0ms Total : 0ms - Average Speed : 14933000 bytes/sec (14.2 MB/sec), Read data time 1ms (14.2 MB/sec), Write data time 1ms (14.2 MB/sec)

Also i have slow startups because of unavailable network drives (sometimes also virtual cd drive):

Code: [Select]
2023-02-26 18:31:21.323 [Device Manager] - Get Drive Information of : M:
2023-02-26 18:31:41.062 [Device Manager] - Get Drive Information of : Z:

Support and Feedback / FTP broken [solved]
« on: November 17, 2022, 07:59:14 »
First it does Scanning Filesystem which takes very long. Then it presents an empty panel. Then after some time it shows only the public_html map with a size of 0 bytes and it can't be clicked or expanded.
Other ftp software like WinScp work fine.

I've had trouble with MC - ftp before while winscp was working and i can't help the idea it's something with how mc handles ftp.

Script / MC.Explorer.Goto and ftp
« on: September 21, 2022, 15:06:13 »
I now have this little user command
Code: [Select]
MC.Explorer.Goto PATH=ftp:\

And it is set to Ctrl-0 so every time i need to update something on the server i can just use the keypress.

However on each successful connect it also adds another ftp icon on the top of the window, and after a while it sometimes won't even connect anymore.
Is there a way i can keep or re-use the first successful connection with the same script / keypress?

This is driving me crazy. The toolbar gets filled with ftp icons and when you click on them i just get an error beep because they are old and disconnected.
I disabled the error window because it's so small to click on the X to close it and it doesn't help the issue.
I'd like an easy reliable way to connect a panel to the ftp server with a keystroke. I'm must be missing something.

Script / syntax for MC.Explorer.Goto ?
« on: August 03, 2022, 21:07:10 »
I've been having some trouble with ftp lately, the hoster made some changes and it's better now but it seems i have to revise some scripts because they don't work as expected anymore.

what exactly is the syntax for MC.Explorer.Goto please? It doesn't work as expected.

Strange things happening, and after 'Server request denied' i don't see a panel, but it does NOOP so it's still connected.

2022-08-03 21:27:47 = Connection to site: on port 21
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 220 ProFTPD Server ready.
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > USER [xxxxx]
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 331 Password required for [xxxxx]
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > PASS (hidden)
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 230 User [xxxxx] logged in
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > SYST
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 215 UNIX Type: L8
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > FEAT
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 211-Features:
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  AUTH TLS
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  CCC
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  CLNT
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  EPRT
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  EPSV
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  HOST
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  LANG ja-JP;zh-CN;bg-BG;en-US;ru-RU;it-IT;es-ES;ko-KR;fr-FR;zh-TW
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  MDTM
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  MFF modify;;UNIX.mode;
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  MFMT
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  MLST modify*;perm*;size*;type*;unique*;*;UNIX.groupname*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.owner*;UNIX.ownername*;
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  PBSZ
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  PROT
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  RANG STREAM
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  REST STREAM
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  SIZE
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  SSCN
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  TVFS
2022-08-03 21:27:47 <  UTF8
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 211 End
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > CLNT MultiCommander
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 200 OK
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > OPTS UTF8 ON
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 200 UTF8 set to on
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > TYPE A
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 200 Type set to A
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > MODE S
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 200 Mode set to S
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > STRU F
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 200 Structure set to F
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > CWD /domains/
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 550 /domains/ No such file or directory
2022-08-03 21:27:47 = Server request denied
2022-08-03 21:27:47 > CWD /domains/
2022-08-03 21:27:47 < 550 /domains/ No such file or directory
2022-08-03 21:27:47 = Server request denied

Support and Feedback / Ftp stopped working :(
« on: July 29, 2022, 14:20:13 »
I think this *might* be related to a windows update a few days ago.
Ftp stopped working on mc (and on the notepad++ ftp plugin), so i'm pretty [censored].
Mc gives me timed out errors. Firewall is off (i hope, i've read someone saying an update changed ftp rules).
It still works on winscp and on filezilla.
Please help :)

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Split / Combine files
« on: July 23, 2022, 13:17:16 »
I sometimes use this feature and have to use another filemanager for it. Would appreciate it if it's in MC.

What could cause mc to generate extra c:\ tabs? Always on the right pane at the end, just now i counted 19! Or maybe it does it when i'm working with it and i just don't see it..
I have mc always running, never close it down.

Support and Feedback / what a great software this is
« on: August 23, 2021, 16:50:38 »
Just my appreciation, thank you.

Support and Feedback / can't find "Open in New Tab"
« on: July 04, 2021, 15:01:58 »
Excuse for being dumb but i can't find it. Where is it?

Support and Feedback / multirename and iso / utf issues
« on: November 09, 2020, 15:55:28 »
I downloaded a bunch of youtube movies and i'm having trouble with iso encoding in filenames.
I was hoping multirename would help but if i for instance try to rename Dvorák to Dvorak it does not rename those files.
I have lots of these files so i'm really hoping for an automated solution, i tried some tools but had little succes.

Support and Feedback / dragging a file over the tabs area.
« on: September 15, 2020, 19:57:46 »
I do this often, drag a file from somewhere into another program, browser etc.
When the drag crosses the tabs area, the tab changes to where to mouse crosses there.  Now i have to aim my drag so it crosses the current tab.  If i don't do that, another tab gets focus which is not what i want. I hope you can understand.

Support and Feedback / when a share is closed, mc becomes unresponsive
« on: September 15, 2020, 19:53:54 »
For instance i have a network share to my laptop form the deskop. If i turn off the laptop then on the deskop Mc becomes unresponsive. It was minimized so i tried to maximize it but i got a blank screen and i had to wait a minute or so. There are also variations when it just says 'not responding', but always with either a network share or an ftp tab that has lost connection.
I'd love to see this fixed and have my fav filemanager become more stable.

I have a lot of favourite folders, i'd love a long list to pick from. Thanks.

Well i did this, skipped a file from the cue.
Then the lower progress said the files were moved 100% while the above progress bar happily continued to move files.  ;D (fortunately)

tabs for some paths with persistant color, for instance always color d:\in red.
So that when you make a new tab and browse to d:\in (or subfolder) it will get red. I have a few paths i would love to define that way, not dependant on the tab property but in some setting window like the favourites paths. Or maybe let me assign a tab color to one of those.

Support and Feedback / search files
« on: April 12, 2020, 13:31:21 »
Hi folks,
What am i doing wrong, i'm trying to search a map for filenames with the word 'on', but it shows me wrong results. Explorer shows the files are there.

1. I just noticed that after a restart mc looses it's tab colors, is there a way to remember/reapply them?
2. On the multi-rename window, please give the Start and Close button both a keyboard shortcut. I would like more keyboard shortcuts in that dialog, after all, when renaming you mostly use the keyboard.

ps i donated and was expecting something like contributor status, it's not important, only i didn't see it.

Script / send selected files to a program in the 'send to' list
« on: March 08, 2020, 12:13:03 »
Back at multicommander after a trial of directory opus. Glad to be back, i prefer MC, not only money wise.

Is it possible to send selected files to a program in the 'send to' list by a script?
Another solution for me would be the ability to assign a key to that specific program in the 'send to' list.
The whole idea is that i'd like to send selected files to a utility with just one keystroke.

And possibly make Start the default button when you press Enter, or give it a shortcut key.
And please also some means of closing the multirename window by keyboard. So that when i'm working with it don't have to switch to the mouse.

Support and Feedback / ftp trice
« on: November 02, 2019, 09:03:23 »
I often see names in a ftp window twice, this is the first time i see them trice. :)

Edit: just now i saw them four times :)

Support and Feedback / Folder Tree - Folder not shown
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:06:00 »
see, first pic, on the right there's a map Pd, but not on the left. Now when i double click that pd map, it appears in the tree.

Beta Releases / beta 2548
« on: August 31, 2019, 17:50:24 »
- when going back to an ftp window after some time and trying to do something Mc becomes unresponsive, also when doing escape or trying to close the window.
- an ftp window often has all files/folder listed twice.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Make text in tabs smaller
« on: August 02, 2019, 07:14:47 »
Thanks for 9.0.
As we can ask for new features i'd like to repeat the request of a font size setting for the text on the tabs so i can set it smaller. I like to have a lot of tabs open (25+) and the tabs tend to become unidentifiable because the texts are cut off. This won't happen if i can set the text size for them.

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