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Beta Releases / v14.2 BETA
« on: July 04, 2024, 22:41:48 »

Build 3019 - 6-Jul-2024

 ADDED - Tab-area will now show a folder icon if tabs in tabarea is full, When clicking on icon a popup list is shown with all tabs
 ADDED - The dialog shown when closing lock tabs, now has a "Yes to all" option
 ADDED - MC.LoadTabs custom command now has a "DoNotAsk" option to suppress the dialog that is shown when tabs are locked
 FIXED - Focus rect in FolderTree almost not visibile in DarkMode

Build 3018 - 4-Jul-2024

 ADDED - Now possible to change the auto error handing settings from the progress dialog
 ADDED - DataPreview templates now support to change the font.
 FIXED - DataPreview that show file content will now respect the font size specified in the template
 FIXED - DataPreview Panel how shown correct in none dark mode

Beta Releases / v14.0 BETA
« on: April 02, 2024, 13:24:58 »
Biggest change is that the error handling around Fileoperations (Copy/Move/Delete) have been rewritten.

  185+ Changes

  ** Release Candidate **
 Please report any issue around the new thing likes
 Auto error handling, Scriptable Columns, Play Audio, ...

-- Build 3015 - 2024-06-11
 FIXED -  Missing updated Language packs

-- Build 3014 - 2024-06-11
 FIXED - Missing translatable text items.
 FIXED - In Overwrite dialog SKIP was in some situation handled as Skip All.
 FIXED - Code cleanup and minor fixes.

-- Build 3013 - 2024-06-06

 FIXED - Layout and language texts issue with delete dialog
 ADDED - Zip archive will now store LastAccess and Created time for each item when creating zip archive.
 FIXED - Selecting an 'OverWrite IF' option when overwriting for a Zip file, The first file was not removed from the zip. Making it show the error again.
 FIXED - Copying files from RAR sometimes did not copy ALL of the selected files.

-- Build 3012 - 2024-06-04

 FIXED - Unpacking will now show that in the title bar of progress dialog
 FIXED - Progress bar is now shown correct when transfering to/from portable device
 FIXED - If a file was skipped during a file operation, it was not always show in error report.
 FIXED - AutoOverwrite options "If" (Eg IfSizeDiffers, IfNewer,...) did not always work
 FIXED - 3 Stability fixes

-- Build 3011 - 2024-05-31

 FIXED - Issue when opening .bz2/tar.bz2 files.
 FIXED - SDK Cleanup and removed depricated functions
 FIXED - Overwrite opten Appen/Resume/Rename now works again.
 FIXED - Creating Zip that are password protected works again.
 FIXED - Issue when typing path in commandline field.
 ADDED - Support for Onedrive for Business  accounts that are connected in the local computer.

-- Build 3010 - 2024-05-24
 ADDED - Popupmenu shown when dragging file with Alt, ow got a new option if files are dropped on an exe. Run exe with drogged files as parameters
 FIXED - Entering full path with filename in commandline files, It will now go to path and set file as focus. Was broken. Now works again.
 FIXED - Option that control if link target should be shown for Symlink/Junction now works for file.
 ADDED - Option to show error report for only Skipped and Failed files. If error was handled so it was copied/moved. it will not be shown in the error report.
 ADDED - Added so all new text support the language system and can be translated.
 FIXED - Change the layout of the CopyTo Dialog. all option in the two columns have swap places.

-- Build 3009 - 2024-05-17

 ADDED - Added Column showing onedrive status for files (Experimental. not 100% yet)
 FIXED - Replace files in zip archive sometimes failed
 FIXED - Test Zip archive sometimes now works again
 FIXED - Opening rar with encrypted filenames now works again
 FIXED -  2 Stability issues

-- Build 3008 - 2024-05-14

 FIXED -  Skip All option in overwrite dialog now works again
 ADDED - 'AllowAsFileProp' Option for MultiScript. And Only script with this option can be connected in the Scriptable columns dialog.
 FIXED -  2 Stability issues
 FIXED -  SDK API Cleanup

-- Build 3007 - 2024-05-06

 FIXED - Icon Option to get associated icon or not. Had no effect. Now it works.
 FIXED - Zip handing and new error handling system
 FIXED - Delete from zip now update progress bar better
 FIXED - Delete from zip can now be aborted.
 FIXED - Error Result view now works better.
 FIXED - Issue when deleting files with protected files attributes.

-- Build 3005 - 2024-05-01

 ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+O in CopyTo Dialog moves focus to Overwrite options
 ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+R in CopyTo Dialog moves focus to Protected files options
 FIXED - Tab focus fixed in CopyTo Dialog
 FIXED - Extension interfaces cleanups
 FIXED - RAR unpack and error handling been rewritten
 FIXED - 7Zip using new error handling system

-- Build 3002 - 2024-04-23
 FIXED - Issue when unpacking Rar/7z/other that uses old error handing system

-- Build 3001 - 2024-04-22
 FIXED - 4 Stability issues

-- Build 3000 - 2024-04-22
 FIXED - Will not fetch exe icon from exe of file is in onedrive, and file is not synced to local.
 ADDED - Zip pack/unpack will use the new Auto Error handling system.
 ADDED - Dialog for 'Compare Folders Advanced' will now remember last used settings

-- Build 2999 - 2024-04-08
 ADDED - Experimental support for adding scriptable columns, Let a MultiScript fetch what should be shown in a column in the file list
 ADDED - MultiScript function "VariableDefined(<str>)" that returns 1 if text provided exists as a variable.
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- Build 2997 - 2024-04-02

 CHANGE- Major rewrite of error handing of Copy/Move/Delete operations.
 ADDED - MultiDataViewer is now language aware when doing find. (Can be turned off in option for faster search)
 ADDED - Opening Zip archive with large number of files is now faster
 ADDED - Copy/Move/Delete options for auto handling errors
 ADDED - Copy/Move options for auto handle overwrite options.
 ADDED - Copy/Move/Delete options for showing error report after operation is done
 ADDED - Options for Copy/Move/Delete for System/Hidden/ReadOnly options joined to be 1 options for "Protected Files" (instead of 3)
 ADDED - Support for 64px size thumbnails
 ADDED - DataPreview templates can be updated if they are not customized.
 ADDED - Playing audio file are now shown in status bar
 ADDED - Play Audio Sample command to menu (Will jump 25% into audio file and play for 15s then stop)
 ADDED - Play audio will now try to play "mp3,wav,mp4,m4a,avi,mkv,acc,wma,wmv,asf,flac" (some are movies but it will play the audio if possible)
 ADDED - Play/Stop Audio file icon button to toolbar
 ADDED - Improvements how playing audio files works and are shown.
 ADDED - Preview template for audio files can now select to play the audio file
 FIXED - Unpacking Zip with had a space in the filename just before the ".zip" part.
         Failed to unpack since it tried to unpack into a folder of the name, and space at the end is not allowed on Windows.
 FIXED - Issue when moving tab to other side and the new active tab in the "from" panel was delayed loaded.
 FIXED - 4 Stability issues

A new Experimental feature that probably only I myself have used for is ** Scriptable Columns. **

You can now create a MultiScript that will be used to get what should be shown in a column in the file list.
Add configure Scriptable filepropertys go to Column Customization (Right click on column header)
then at the side of the available columns. there is a script button.
Use this button to create a new file property (column) and connect it with a MultiScript.

Right now there is NO RESTRICTION on what the MultiScript can do when it runs for getting Column text.
But the script will be run for EACH folder and files in the file list where the column is shown.
So, if you have a MultiScript that execute an external program. this program will be executed for all items.
And that is probably not a good idea.. So be careful what script you connect.

When connect a Column with a MultiScript you select what input and output variables in the script it should use.
The Input variable in the variable that will be added with the value of the full path to the file.
Output variable it the variable that the result will be stored in.

To be able to create and debug the script easier.
You check now check if a variable exists, and if not it can be added.
This way. You can easy test the script in ther MultiScript Debugger.

Example of script that will just show the file extension in a column.

Code: [Select]
if(IsVariableDefined("$_FILEPROP_FILEPATH") == 0)
  @var $_FILEPROP_FILEPATH = GetTargetFocusPath();

@var $ext = PathGetFileExtPart($_FILEPROP_FILEPATH);


So to test this.
 * Create new MultiScript and paste in the code above. And save it
 * Go to Customize columns (right click on column header)
 * Click on Script button to add/edit Scritable columns
 * Click New. and then select the script you created, set Name and save.. then close.
 * The new column should now be shown in the list. You can filter on Scriptible and you find it easier.
 * Add the new column to current layout
 Save and close Window

Major Changes
  • New Error Handing system for file operations (Copy/Move/Delete) (Auto handle errors and show error result after operation)
  • Scriptable Columns
  • Play Audio files

File Operation Error Handing

File operations error handing have been totally changed.. You can now configure how File Already exists error should be handle.. (Overwrite options)
and you can also configure how Protected Files should be handle.. (Files with Hidden / System or ReadOnly file attributes.)
Other errors are not auto handled. but you can enable to skip error. then it will skip when other errors happened.
And if Show Result is enabled you get a dialog showing what errors happened and how they was handle..

The thing is that MC support many different types of FileOperation.. File normal device to normal device, To virtual device, To network, To FTP and so on.
So many different situation and I'm not sure all of them work with the auto handle and auto skip on error.

So please report any issue you see. 

Beta Releases / v13.4 Beta
« on: December 15, 2023, 13:25:16 »
v13.4 Beta Release

+32 Changes
-- 2974 ( 22-Dec-2023 )
 FIXED - Restored Tab are now opening in the correct tab location

-- 2973 ( 22-Dec-2023 )
 ADDED - Support for restoring closed tab. Right click on Tab area to get popup list
 CHANGE- Code clean up and code restructre, (prepare for future new features)
 FIXED - 2 Stability issue

-- 2971 ( 15-Dec-2023 )
 CHANGE- LogView (Ctrl+L) will now be in unicode so Chinese, Japanese characters are show correctly
 CHANGE- Logfile will now write in unicode so Chinese, Japanese are written correctly
 CHANGE- Upgrade of 3rd party frameworks used
 CHANGE- Lot of code cleanup
 FIXED - View file from password protected zip now works again
 FIXED - 7 Stability issues


Beta Releases / v13.3 Beta
« on: November 13, 2023, 11:41:10 »
+40 Changes

-- 2964 ( 27-Nov-2023)
 ADDED - Can now add favorites folders and favorites from the Favorites popup menu
 FIXED - Quick search issue
 FIXED - When clicking on commandline field, All texts is now selected
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2962 ( 13-Nov-2023)

 ADDED - CustomCommand MC.BackupConfig / MC.RestoreConfig
 ADDED - Quick search should support special language characters better
 FIXED - Prevent foldertree from adding virtual link items if they already exists
 FIXED - Drag and Drop will now always deelect when copy/move operation starts
 FIXED - Drag and drop will remeber the selection it had, so they can be retrieved with NumKey+*
 FIXED - Crash if MultiScript Debug window, If it was closed before script was done
 FIXED - 3 Stability issues

-- 2959  ( 2-Okt-2023 )

 FIXED - Fav: no longer shows a strange size folders
 FIXED - Draw issue in FolderTree
 FIXED - Ctrl+A/Ctrl+D works in find fields in text viewer
 FIXED - WindowsPreviewHandler (pdf,xls)  works better in HoverDataPreview and PanelDataPreview
 ADDED - Keep Alive handing, Prevent system from going to sleep during file operarations
 ADDED - Foldertree now shows virtual folders on root level like Download,MyDocuments and so on.
 FIXED - Better handling of 7Zip that require password to be opened/unpacked
 UPDATE- Updated to Unrar Src 6.2.10
 CHANGE- Change some configuration to be loaded on demand instead of during startup
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

Announcements and News / MultiCommander v13.0
« on: July 20, 2023, 13:13:45 »

After a long delay v13 is finally released.

There is not a massive amount of fixes.. The delay is because I have not had so much time to spend on MultiCommander.
It is because I have moved to a new home. And then I needed to renovate and fix that places. And to save money I been doing most of the renovating my self. So most of my free time have gone to that.
But that is soon over, And then I will have more time to spend on MultiCommander again.

Beta Releases / v13.0 **BETA**
« on: March 29, 2023, 12:00:48 »
Not many new things. (I been very busy and have not had much time to spend on MC)
But there is some new features, The big one is the Data Preview Panel. It is like the Hover Data Preview but instead of showing data preview in a hover window, it will be shown in a panel.
Also you can now drag and drop files on a tab header to make that tab go to that location and if dropped in empty tab area a new tab is opened.

+ 45 Changes

-- Build 2950 - 2023-06-02
 ADDED - Dialog warning about not enougth free space when starting a copy operation will ow show how mush is needed and how much additional free space is needed
 ADDED - Device that are marked as offline will now be skipped on a couple of situations.
 FIXED - 1 Stability issue

-- Build 2948 - 2023-05-22
 FIXED -  When renaming and file is open by other process, MC will now have an action to retry in the error dialog.
 ADDED -  Will try to ask Windows if a Remote device is availible. Sometimes Windows will report as availible even if it is not.
          But when it does report it as disconnected. MC will not hang waiting for a timeout at startup

-- Build 2946
 FIXED - Publish system, 64bit version in now package into correct update files.

-- Build 2945
 ADDED - When Previewing images in panel the image will now be fetch using WIC ( Windows Imaging component )
         instead of Windows thumbnail system since the thumbnail system always returned a squered image.
 ADDED - Data Preview in panel can now take focus. Allowing for wheelzoom when preview is showing text
 ADDED - Better dark mode support for Data Preview
 CHANGE- PASV is now default for new FTP connections
 ADDED - Foldertree can now customize font size
 ADDED - Middle click on folder in tree will open folder on other panel
 ADDED - Foldertree expand/collapse icon changed
 FIXED - Issue when canceling FTP quick connect dialog
 FIXED - Editing large QWORD Regvalue in REG:
 FIXED - 2 Stability issue

-- Build 2943 - 2023-03-31
 FIXED - Language pack submit now works again
 FIXED - Packing 7z archive, The progress bar will now work better.
            However it will not show current file being packed since the newer 7z used packs files in parallel
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- Build 2942 - 2023-03-28
 ADDED - DataPreview can now also be shown inside a Panel
 ADDED - Dropping file/folder on tab header that tab will go to that folder and file
 ADDED - Dropping file/folder on empty tab area and a new tab will be opened for that folder and file
 FIXED - 3 Stability issues

Documentation / Documentation - GitHub
« on: February 23, 2023, 18:30:43 »
If you want to contribute to the documentation it is available on GitHub at

Announcements and News / New WebPage (But still the same)
« on: February 23, 2023, 11:56:16 »
The Webpage is now rebuilt. , It should look almost the same.

Before it was running using a CMS system called Drupal,  But using a CMS system like that was overkill for a simple page like that.
so now it is way simpler. And also easier for me to maintain and update and it also support HTTPS now.

I tried to keep the same layout and style. But there are some changes.
If you find any issues please report it.

The documentation page of the website is now moved to static pages so they will go up on GitHub ( so it will be easier to update and to accept contributions to the documentation, Some parts of the documentation is missing and some parts are not 100% correct anymore :) I my time is limited.

Beta Releases / v12.8 **BETA**
« on: December 11, 2022, 15:53:03 »

15+ Changes.

-- Build 2926 - 11-Dec-2022
 ADDED - Relative/Absolute path conversion for StartFolder / IconPath in QuickLaunch dialog
 ADDED - MultiScript function StrSplitAnyOf , will now split on any of the delimiters specified
 CHANGE- More Code Cleanup and restructing of code.
 FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile now uses the target name of the file if set and is different that source name.
 FIXED - Rare crash issue that could happen during shutdown of program
 FIXED - Crash Issue if Renaming many selected item and one of them is deleted before it gets to than item
 FIXED - Rare crash issue with opening RAR archives
 FIXED - 4 Stability Issues

Beta Releases / Version 12 * RC *
« on: May 26, 2022, 16:41:21 »
Beta - Release Candidate

V 12.0  (Build 2899) (31-Jul-2022 )

 335+ Yes lots of changes.

-- 2899 - ( 31-Jul-2022 )
  FIXED - Better handling when accessing network resources and need to ask for login.
  FIXED - Crash issue with turkish translation
  FIXED - When unpacking a single file from a zip archive. The date of the file was not set correct.

-- 2898 - ( 30-Jul-2022 )
  FIXED - Some fixes for "MC.FileSystem.Delete" was not merged into release of previous version
  FIXED - MultiLanguage text string fixes
  FIXED - Changing Hotkey was not saved if changed from the User defined command dialog
-- 2897 - ( 29-Jul-2022 )
  ADDED - Custom command "MC.FileSystem.Delete" now works again
  FIXED - Data Previews templates loaded / saved correct parameters for thumbnails.
  FIXED - Backup / Restore dialog now works again
  FIXED - Major code cleanup
  FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2894 - ( 22-Jul-2022 )
  ADDED - Preview customization can now restore to default.
  CHANGE- Default DataPreviewTemplates.xml is not called DataPreviewTemplates_tpl.xml but without _tpl when save to users own config location.
  FIXED - Progress dialog will no longer show +1 item when done.
  FIXED - Progress dialog elapsed calculation is now done correct
  ADDED - FSZip will by default use UTF8 encoding of filenames
  ADDED - FSZip profile can now configure encoding (Like UTF8 or other)
  ADDED - Fixed DPI Aware issue with error dialog in file operations.
  ADDED - What Preview profiles to use by default is now configurable
  FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2888 -  ( 7-Jul-2022 )
  ADDED - Start with Preview Customization dialog. (Not working yet)
  FIXED - Size formatter will now always show TB with 1 decimal.
  FIXED - Issue when pressing cancel in 7z password dialog
  FIXED - Issue when viewing embedded file inside 7z archive
  FIXED - Crash issue when pressing abort in copy/move dialog just when file operation finish.
  FIXED - Better detection if CPU support various special instructions.
  FIXED - 3 Stability issues

-- 2885 -  ( 2-Jul-2022 )
  ADDED - Device dropdown can now show free space on device.
  ADDED - Option for Device Dropdown if it should show free space and if free space should be update when shown or not.
  ADDED - When executing file from within a archive. User now get ask if all files in archive should be unpack or just the selected file
  ADDED - Added some logging to app log if some uncommon error happens
  FIXED - Fixed option "Only auto close on short processes" for Copy/Move file operations
  FIXED - FileProperties (Columns) that should be fetched in the background was not always fetched in the background.
  FIXED - Fixed some text that was not using MultiLanguge system
  FIXED - Hover Preview did not use SqureImage option. it always used the standard thumbnail option for this not what was specified in template.

-- 2882 -  ( 23-Jun-2022 )
  ADDED - Zip now support LZMA/LZMA2 compression method for zip and unzip
  ADDED - Autodetect if AVX2 CPU instruction are available. if not zip/unzip is configured not to use AVX2 instructions.
  FIXED - Thread memory leak. Changed the parallel startup to use anohter thread method.
  FIXED - UTC date issue for extended date columns
  CHANGE- Default hotkey for Hover Preview change to Alt+Q

-- 2880 -  ( 17-Jun-2022 )
  ADDED - Default DataPreviewTemplates have been tweaked a bit
  ADDED - Data Preview templates can now define a default margin for columns or rows
  CHANGE- UI rendering of Data Preview that showing folder content changed
  FIXED - Improved error logging if WindowsPreview handler fails to show anything.
  FIXED - "NOPROGRESS" parameter for MultiScript function CopyFile/MoveFile now works again
  FIXED - Some places did not just multi langauge texts.
  FIXED - MultiText for a text for FSZip extension used duplicated text id

-- 2879 -  ( 10-Jun-2022 )
  UPDATE-  Hover Data Preview templates tweaked a bit
  ADDED -  Added Extended FileProp for Documents (ms office docs) using the Windows Property Service
  ADDED -  HoverDataPreview can now show horizontal line and program icon.
  FIXED -  Some extended date columns did not convert UTF date to local
  FIXED -  Unpacking multiple files from zip the filedate was not set correctly

-- 2877 -  ( 6-Jun-2022 )
  Added  - HoverDataPreview now support WindowsPreviewHandler so now PDF, docx, xlsx can be reviewed (office files require office installed)
  Fixed  - Overwrite option issue when unpacking multiple zip files.
  Fixed  - In some rare situation the default icons was not loaded during startup.
  Fixed  - Moving files via Symlink on other volume that points back to source volume
  Fixed  - If custom tab color is used but inactive color is not set. It will now used the same color for both active / inactive
  Fixed  - Various stability fixes

-- 2875 -  ( 26-Mar-2022 )
  Update - Zlib 3rd party library
  Update - Zip source updated and rewrites in MC Zip extension because of major zip api changes.
  Update - 7-Zip code to v21.07
  Update - Updated unrar source to v6.10.3
  Update - Updated 3rd party xml code library
  Added  - Hover data preview (beta) that can be toggled on/off with Ctrl+H or click on Talk-Bubble button on toolbar
  Added  - Menubar now support darkmode.
  Added  - Added support for creating zip archive with encryption PKCrypt or AES-256
  Added  - Added support for AES-256 encryption for zip
  Added  - Custom tab color can now be configured with a color for when the tab is both active and inactive.
  Fixed  - CopyUnpack copy pluging now detects first rar volume of RAR5 files correct.
  Fixed  - Filter button below filelist sometimes lost dark mode style
  Change - Massive code restructuring of core parts.

Hover Data Preview (Beta)
This is the new major feature to MultiCommander in this release.

This is a new type over hover tips (tooltip) when hovering over files. This hover tooltip can show lots more information.
But it can also be annoying if you do not need it. But when you need it you do not want to dig down in settings to enable it.
So Hover Data Preview tips are enabled/disabled using Ctrl+H, or press the new talk-bubble icon on the toolbar
(the talk bubble icon will turn green when enabled).

When enabled and when you hover over files you will get more information.
If you hover over an images and videos it will show the thumbnail. For text files it will show the first couple of line in the file.
For .exe file it will show version and other information. and so on.

Any file property that MultiCommander support can be shown in the Hover Data Preview tips.

What the Hover Data Preview tips are showing are customizable. However right now there is no UI for it.
But if you are brave you can try to edit the DataPreviewsTemplates.xml in config (copy it to your user config folder first) else you loose your changes when multicommander is updated.

Features missing from Hover Data Preview tips that are planned are
* Able to Zoom thumbnail that are show with mouse wheel ( probably need to hold shift and scroll to zoom )
* Able to show zip information for zip files. And what some of the zip inside the zip is
* When hovering over folder show the first folders/files in the folders
* Show Windows Preview in the Hover Data Preview tip. This will hook into the Preview Handler in Windows 10/11 and depending on what you have installed, you get more information on special files.

In the future some more extended features for the Hover Data preview is planed.

Please let me know if you fell that some information is missing from the Hover data preview tips.
Like when hovering for file type X it should show Y.

Beta Releases / Version 11.5
« on: November 20, 2021, 17:08:22 »
This is the beta release of the next version. It has not been fully tested.
If any of the function listed below have issue please report them
If you find issues that about things not in the list below. Then post a normal bug report in "Support and feedback" section.

Release v11.5 (Build 2342) ( 4-Jan-2021 )

46+ Changes

  ADDED - MultiScript function for MultiRename to start a MultiRename with list of files and a profile without showing UI
  ADDED - Fixed Name conflict issue when items from different path but had same name was being renamed
  ADDED - MultiRename window can now be started from MultiScript with a list of files/folders and what profile to autoload
  ADDED - New MultiRename Tag 'U' upper case, 'L' Lower case 'n' Normal case
  ADDED - RestartAndRecovery now save recovery data when application is forced down by restart because of Windows update
  ADDED - When option to show Close button on TabPanel is on, the close button now supports dark mode
  ADDED - Support for Application Restart and Recovery, Restarts MC on Crash / Reboot becuse of Windows Update, Remembering most things as as it was.
  CHANGE- Rename, Replace text part in name does now ignore case for find part
  CHANGE- Rename, Replace text part in name does now keep dialog open until close is pressed
  CHANGE- How Inline rename works. When pressing left/right arrow key (and also Ctrl+Arrow)
  CHANGE- Changed how MultiRename profiles created/saved/removed
  FIXED - High dpi issue with MultiRename window
  FIXED - Issue where Crash dumps was not created, Workaround added because of bug in Google Drive ShellExtension
  FIXED - Issue when copying files to extra long path
  FIXED - Issue with MultiScript CopyFile(..) , Progress dialog was not able to be shown.
  FIXED - Issue when open path from locked tab, Some configuration option resulted in 2 new tabs opening instead of 1
  FIXED - Never hide ".." folder even if file attribute say so (Win11 sometimes have .. folder as hidden)
  FIXED - 14 Stability Issues
  REMOVE- Lots of unused code that was not used anymore since it was rewritten.

MultiRename window can now be started from MultiScript

Code: [Select]

# Send all files from E:\Rename to the MultiRename window.
@var $items = FindFiles( 'E:\Rename\*.*', 0, 1);

# Autoload "profile 1" if it exists
MultiRenameShow("Profile 1", $items);

Beta Releases / version 11.3 RC (Last updated 27-Sep-21)
« on: August 28, 2021, 15:07:47 »
This is the beta release of the next version. It has not been fully tested.
If any of the function listed below have issue please report them
If you find issues that about things not in the list below. Then post a normal bug report in "Support and feedback" section.

** 27-Sep - Release Candidate - If you find any issue report ASAP **

-- 2818 -  27-Sep-21
  FIXED - Code cleanup
  FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2817 -  26-Sep-21
  FIXED - Changed in what order some things are initialized during the parallel startup.
  FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2816 - 25-Sep-21
  ADDED - CustomConfigPath now support environment tags like %USERNAME%, %APPDATA% and so on
  CHANGE- Core cleanup
  FIXED - Startup fixes, More things is run in parallel during startup, Faster startup.

-- 2812 - 16-Sep-21
  ADDED  - Added support for AdditionalScriptFolders in the CustomConfigPath.xml when redirecting config files
  ADDED  - FileType setup now support the Windows verb 'Enqueue'
  FIXED  - Tab Colors are now read correct again
  FIXED  - 3 Stability issues
  CHANGE - More code cleanup

-- 2810 - 10-Sep-21
  FIXED - Hang during startup on some systems

-- 2809 - 10-Sep-21
  ADDED - Support for Changing Config/Log/Userdata path
  ADDED - Support for redirecting some config files to locations.
  ADDED - Path sent as parameter to multicommander now support  "." for current folder
  ADDED - Some part of startup process is now run in parallel.
  CHANGE - Mode code cleanup

Build 2803 - 29-Aug-21
  CHANGE- Code cleanup and removed unused code, and refactored how core settings are read
  ADDED - Updated language pack. Was missing in 2802

Build 2802 - 28-Aug-21
  CHANGE - Copy/Move Progress dialog changed. Can now show Read/Write speed separately and some other changed.
  ADDED - Option to prevent Windows from autoscaling in MultiMontor setup with different monitor scaling.
  ADDED - Option to tweak how fast a refresh of the filesystem should happen when filesystem is changed
  ADDED - Setting for gridline line type.
  ADDED - Mouse command 'Go to parent folder' for Mouse configuration
  FIXED - Changing Attributes/Datetime on items in RESx: virtual device now works.
  FIXED - Improved navigation when filelist is in ListView mode.
  FIXED - Home/End keys issue in some edit fields.
  FIXED - Overwrite Readonly files issue when upacking zip archive
  FIXED - 4 Stability issues

** Copy/Move Progress Dialog **
This is the biggest UI change. There is no more detailed information there when doing copy/move also some information have moved around to other places.
It now shown the read/write speed separately , Is any other information missing ? is it too much ? maybe an option is need to disable some of it. ?

**** A lot of how config files are read have change and also how the program is initializing things during startup. let me know if you have any issue that can be caused by that ****

Documentation for the CustomConfigPath thing.. (Yes I wrote some documentation, wow )

Announcements and News / PDG documentation updated (April 2021)
« on: April 10, 2021, 15:32:24 »
I was finally able to get the script running again that generate the PDF documentation from the webpage. 
So the PDF documentation is now updated again and I will now be able to keep it up to date.
(However some part of the documentation is obsolete. and need rewriting. I have not yet had the time for that)

Beta Releases / v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
« on: March 28, 2021, 14:51:38 »
This beta have a new settings for the Explorer Panel, "Delay Update". In the Beta version this will be ENABLED by default. In release it might be disabled by default.
When enabled the Explorer Panels will not update the UI and not do a FileSystem scan until the tab is shown.. You will see a "!" in front of some tab names. This indicator is that the tab is NOT update yet.

50+ Changes

 -- Build 2788 ( 5 Apr-2021 )

  ADDED - MultiScript function StrRFind now support offset parameter, this parameter is at what position the reverse scan should start
  FIXED - Right click on Show/Hide Hidden files icon now works again
  ADDED - Can now configure different gridlines colors for horizontal and vertical gridlines
  FIXED - Get Filename of folder with dots sometimes cut of the last dot part, Like it was a file extension
  ADDED - New language Bulgarian, create by Lyuben Penchev
  ADDED - Added new command to open folder in new tab or in other panel
  ADDED - MultiCommander part in shell menu now show a command for "Open in New Tab" / "New Tab Other Panel"
  FIXED - Copy fileitems with date to clipboard the date was UTC and not local time
  FIXED - WPD: (Portable device) - Now works better when getting disconnected. Will to a refresh and clear view better

 -- Build 2782 ( 5 Apr-2021 )
  ADDED - If ExplorerPanel config is corrupt when starting a messagebox is now sown asking if it should reset that file.

-- Build 2781 ( 1-Apr-2021 )
  FIXED - ExplorerPanel corrupted config file and show dialog behind splash screen at startup halting startup
  FIXED - Saving config and tabs not updated because of delay update it lost their tab name.

-- Build 2780  ( 28-Mar-2021 )   
    ADDED - During startup MC verify extensions. This process is now done in parallel to improve startup speed.
    ADDED - So tabs can be have delayed update. So they are not updated during startup. This can be Disabled in settings. (In Release this settings might be OFF by default)
    ADDED - Add Warning and user settings to warn if multiple files are selected when doing edit operation.
    FIXED - Top margin for main toolbar is correct
    CHANGE- Did lots of code cleanup in reading the settings.
    ADDED - Holder for the FreeSpace Field and the icons after it are rebuilt. A ExplorerPanel tab UI will now be created faster. Look should be identical with before.

Beta Releases / v11.0 - Release Candidate (Updated 18-Feb)
« on: January 07, 2021, 17:21:30 »
Current UserDefinedCommand will be auto converted to a new format.
The old UDC file was UserDefinedCommands.xml and it will be rename to UserDefinedCommands.xml.bak-Migrated
So if you revert back to old version. You need to rename that file to get back your commands

The new version store UDC Scripts in Config/Scripts/ Script can be seperate *.udc file or bundled together as a zip.
They can also be organized in folders. Script/Examples/ contains examples script.
If modifed then do not keep them inside the zip. since this zip will be update on new versions.

** 26-Jan **
In build 2756  there is a change in what icons sizes is used. Before there was 4 icons sizes  16,24,32,48 . This is still true.
So when scaling to 125% it picked the icon closest in size and used that. for 125% it was 24px. but 24px is actually a 150% scaling of the 16px, it should have been 20px.  But because of reasons there was no support for scaling the icons during drawing. But that has now been fixed. So if you run at high scaling you MIGHT see the icons have shrunk in size. This is because now their are drawn in the correct size. If you want then bigger change the icon size settings in Core and Explorer Panel settings. Small, Medium , Large, xLarge can be selected. and the icon will then be scaled depending on Windows Scaling settings-

As you can see in this table. You see the actually icon size depending on scaling and icon size selected
         100%  125%  150%  175%  200%  225% 250%
Small     16    20    24    28    32    36   40
Medium    24    30    36    42    48    54   60
Large     32    40    48    56    64    72   80
X-Large   48    60    72    84    96   108  120


Release v11.0
-- 2768 - 18-Feb-2021
   FIXED - Backup/Restore now also include the new Script files
   FIXED - MultiUpdate update log is now more detailed
   FIXED - MultiUpdate will show crashreport dialog if crashed
   ADDED - MC.Explorer.Goto support ItemFocus= parameter to set focus after scan
   ADDED - Will show a message at startup if there are problem loading extension/modules (Failed to be upgraded?)

-- 2765  - 13-Feb-2021
   FIXED - Various DPI Scaling issue in FolderTree, CheckSum extension, MultiRename
   FIXED - FindFiles dialog now closes on Escape key again.
   FIXED - WindowsExplorer styled setup will now map F3 to search again.
   FIXED - 1 Stability Issues
-- 2761 - 5-Feb-2021
   ADDED - :SysInfo command now includes Monitor information and Windows 10 Release ID
   ADDED - MultiTags  ${pid}, ${mctemp} , ${sourcefocusext}, ${targetfocusext}
   ADDED - Example script with all multitags
   FIXED - UserDefinedCommand Dialog fixes
   FIXED - Scaling issue with the width of items shown on statusbar
   FIXED - Toolbar still visible if all toolbars disabled in config

-- Build 2759 - 30-Jan-2021
   ADDED - Drag and drop of script in UserDefinedCommands-Dialog to move to subfolder
   ADDED - Heigh of Freespace field is now calculated better
   FIXED - 1 Stability Issues

- Build 2756 - 26-Jan-2021

   ADDED - MultiScript with external ref can now be views or converted from MutliScript editor.
   ADDED - Added more Examples script
   FIXED - *.UDC script files with multilist comment/desc can now be loaded
   FIXED - Fixed issue with wrong icons sizes used in 125% / 175% scaling, Will now be drawn in correct sizes and scaled if needed
   FIXED - Copy 1 folder, and it is empty. Datetime is now kept is option for that is enabled.
   FIXED - Portable mode overwrite as a empty xml
   FIXED - 1 Stability Issues and many icon scaling issues at 125%/175% scaling

 - Build 2751 - 7-Jan-2021

   ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /OPEN now support more paramters  /PANEL=Left|Right|Active|Source|Target and /NONEWTAB is added
   ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /QUIT to exit current running instance
   FIXED - CommandLine field will now try to do auto complete on paths when starting to type.
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - HyperLink in text that was formatted was not always clickable
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text Formatting that formated text to end on line. did not block formatting that was inside.
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text with multiple formatting sometimes lost formatting when parts was selected
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Sometimes crashed if selection was done over part with multiple formats
   ADDED - Minor Redisgned to UserDefinedCommands dialog (TreeView and Icons and DarkMode Support)
   ADDED - Example script is included in release
   ADDED - Old UserDefinedCommand scripts will be migrated to scripts/*.udc script files
   ADDED - UserDefinedCommands can now be loaded from zip
   ADDED - UserDefinedCommands file format changed.
   FIXED - Tweaked detection if file is binary during content search and file viewer
   FIXED - Minor tweak and code cleanup
   FIXED - 3 Stability Issues

Script / Look for script
« on: December 06, 2020, 13:39:57 »
I know many of you are write scripts.

I'm look for nice generic script that you think should be included in a standard installation of MultiCommander.
Both as fully functional and as examples..

Tips of scripts and/or full script are wanted.

Release v10 (Build 2740) is finally released.

This release have lots of fixes and lots of UI changes. (100+)
To be able to support dark mode some standard UI controllers/Element needed to be release with own custom controllers. (Toolbar, Combobox, CheckBox and more)

Dark Mode / Dark Theme
The big new feature is support for Dark Mode/Dark Theme in most places on Windows 10.
However MultiCommander has over 100 dialogs windows and each of them need to be updated manually to support dark mode and this is too much work.
So the Main UI supports dark mode and most common dialogs.. More dialogs windows will get dark theme in the future.

To be able to enabled dark theme you must run Windows 10 1904+ and you also need to enable dark theme in Windows 10 color settings
Then you enable the in Menu > Configuration > Dark color theme setup...

XP Support
From version 10 of MultiCommander, Windows XP is no longer support. This version will not work on Windows XP.
There are still some users that are using MultiCommander on XP.. But there will be a new edition of named MultiCommander XP that will work on Windows XP.
This version will only get some of the bug files and minor changes that the standard version gets. It will not get any new major features.
There is a version 9.8 out that is the MultiCommander XP edition. If you update MultiCommander 9.7 on XP you should get this version automatically
You can also download the XP Edition here

Store Edition
Store edition of MultiCommander is finally updated. It had some things that needed to be change to be able to publish MultiCommander again on the Windows Store and I finally fixed them. So now MultiCommander SE (Store Edition) should available soon at the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.
However there are some minor restriction in Desktop apps in the store.
Store apps that read/write to some system folder of the OS, Windows will virtualize that. The Changes will only be seen for that app.
So do not use the Store Edition if you plan to Edit/Copy/Delete/Rename files inside the Windows folder

Beta Releases / MOVED: Quick search
« on: October 22, 2020, 09:37:43 »

Beta Releases / v10.0 RC 2733
« on: September 22, 2020, 17:22:25 »
Lots of internal UI change.
Support for Dark Theme and other fixes

Release v10.0.x

-- Build 2733 ( Release Candidate - 24-Okt-2020 )
   FIXED - Fixed some high DPI issue in many places,
   FIXED - Freespace field will now auto scale font according to DPI settings.
   FIXED - DarkMode works again in Windows 10 10H2 release
   CHANGE- Change some default values
   ADDED - In FindFiles dialogs, You can now set search path to selected folders in source/target panel
   FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2731 ( Beta - 11-Okt-2020 )
   ADDED - CopyTo Dialog now have buttonfor easy adding path from other open tabs , favorites and recent vistied locations.
   CHANGE- Minor redesign of CopyTo dialog
   FIXED - Fixed problem that tab open from locked tab did not receive input focus
   FIXED - Search dialog will not start search if return is pressed when input focus is in text box.
   FIXED - Issue when dragging from search result RESx: devices
   FIXED - Right click on rename icon on toolbar now have same items in popup as rename submenu in menu has.
   FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2728 (Beta - 22-Sep-2020 )
   FIXED - Tab Tooltip wrong if a tab was moved inside the same panel
   FIXED - All toolbars can now be hidden again
   FIXED - Dialog size of Filter Editor is now correct
   ADDED - When dark mode is enabled, it will now try to force enable it
   ADDED - Option to now activate tab when dragging over a tab when dragging files

-- 2726 (Beta - 19-Sep-2020)
   FIXED - EntireRow QuickLaunch bar now works again
   ADDED - MultiScript SaveStringToFile can now append to file

-- 2725 (Beta)
   ADDED - Enable/Disable Dark Theme settings that also can change some customized colors if wanted
   ADDED - New Toolbar that support dark mode and resizing better (and other improvments in the toolbar)
   FIXED - DeviceCombo is now updated correctly when devices are added/removed
   FIXED - Lots of minor fixes and changes to support dark theme
   FIXED - ComboBox Popup fixes with High DPI mode
   FIXED - High DPI Issues with Checkboxes
   ADDED - ComboBox now support dynamic width with the popup
   ADDED - Makesure Alt+Arrow Down and Alt+Up withs in Combobox to show/close popup
   FIXED - Sometimes device combo was not updated.
   ADDED - DarkMode support on Windows 10 in MOST places.. MC have over 100 dialog so only the most common are changed
           Using Undocumented Windows 10 API. so might stop work on new version of Windows.
           See Forum for more info,8.0.html
   ADDED - FindFiles option to do content search in binary files.
   ADDED - FindFiles will no longer by default search binary files when doing content search.
   ADDED - Custom ComboBox (Dropdown) controller that support darkmode
   ADDED - Command field command to set position and size of MC.  ":setpos x y""

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