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Tips and Tricks / Correct Folder date
« on: July 26, 2012, 14:27:37 »
This is another of the lesser know feature of Multi Commander.

One thing that is a bit annoying with how the file system works in Windows is how the file system changes the date of a folder if a file in that folder is removed/added. If you add (or remove) a file in a folder, then the date of the folder that this files was added to is also changed.

And Sometimes you do not want. Because you are for example sorting the folders by date. and now the sorting is messed up.

For example

Say you got folders with pictures you have taken on different vacations you been on and the date of the folder are matching the date of the files inside the folder. The picture files inside the folders have the date and time of when the picture was taken so the folder have the date and time of the latest picture.
(Btw, The tool 'Adjust EXIF date information' can also set the file date to match the date of the EXIF date from the picture )

So when sorting the picture folder by date you will get the folder in the correct order.

Folder          Date
Sidney        2011-04-16
New York      2010-11-12
Pairs         2009-12-12

But then you remove some of your bad picture from the Paris folder. The problem is that the date of the Paris folder will now change.

Folder          Date
Pairs         2012-07-26
Sidney        2011-04-16
New York      2010-11-12

To correct it you can modify the date you self. But if you have many folders with incorrect date that is a pain.

It is now the "Correct Folder Date/Time" tool that you find under the tools menu in Multi Commander come to use.

This tool will scan the files inside the folder and its subfolder and then change the date/time of the folder and subfolders to the time of the latest date/time of a file inside that folder.
So the folder will now receive the date and time of the latest file in that folder.

You will have the option to exclude files from the scan. For example if you added a text file to you pictures with description and other information about the picture you might not what the scan to include the date of that file into the scan, You then enter "*.txt" in the Ignore field.
Or you could also add *.jpg in the Include Only field.

Blog post comments / Multi Commander 2.6 BETA - Build 1142
« on: July 25, 2012, 16:06:02 »
Multi Commander v2.6 [BETA] Build 1142

Comments for the blog post should be posted here in the forum topic

Tips and Tricks / Go to Sibling Folder Faster
« on: July 24, 2012, 11:50:55 »
For example say that you got the following folders at a location.


You enter FolderB, And then you want to go to FolderC, Now you first need to go up to the parent folder and then select FolderC and enter it.
But with the Go to sibling folder commands you can go the the previous or next sibling folder directly.

So when you are in FolderB and if you instead choose to press Ctrl+PageDown it will take you directly to FolderC.
If you have pressed Ctrl+PageUp it would have taken you to FolderA

Tips and Tricks / Pasting clipboard data into Multi Commander
« on: July 21, 2012, 14:01:44 »
One of the lesser known features of Multi Commander is the extra handling of clipboard data when pasting it into Multi Commander.

Multi Commander can save text and image data from the clipboard to a file.

If the data in your clipboard is text that you copied from another program and you press Ctrl+V (Or Menu > Edit > Paste ) while the
focus in Multi Commander is in a Explorer Panel. Then you will be shown a windows where you can save the text content from the clipboard to a file.

The same will happen if the clipboard data is a image. (For example if you pressed print screen to take a screenshot)
And for images you will have the option to select what image format you want to save it as. jpg, png or bmp

Their is also some special handling done for text data. If the text data in your clipboard look like file path.
Then instead of just asking you to saving the text to a file it will change the current location to that path you have in your clipboard data.
If the path in the clipboard has a file specified then that file will also be set to focus.

Beta Releases / 2.6 Beta - Change Log
« on: July 17, 2012, 11:42:08 »
Changes since v2.5.1 : 55+ Changes

Build 1125
ADDED - Option for mouse configuration to go to parent folder if double clicking on empty area.
ADDED - Main layout can now be change to show the layout as Top/Down, instead of Left/Right
ADDED - Quick zoom option to picture viewer.
ADDED - Device dropdown can now be disabled
ADDED - Can now show used space instead of free space.
ADDED - Free space field can now be disabled
ADDED - Selection status field can now show the size in other sizes then KB.
ADDED - Buttons that are shown after the free space field can now be disabled.
ADDED - Added option to disable the active frame highlightning.
ADDED - Language editor can now restore an language export package.
ADDED - Possible to show hidden/system files and folders with special color.
ADDED - Support for new language : Polish - Created by Lukasz Seweryn
CHANGE- The 7-Zip support is updated to a newer version.
FIXED - Problem with minimized to tray.
FIXED - Header in Explorer panel is now using the same font as the list part.
FIXED - Fixed problem after restart when 'lock tab but allow path change' was on.
FIXED - Fixed some drag and drop issue when dragging from some application.
FIXED - Fixed problem when trying to copying a file that are already opened.
FIXED - 10 rare crashes that was reported by the crash report system.

This is a list of all the request for future improvements I got.  A lot more then I though I would get.

This list contains only user request that I got from here in the forum, mail or from the send feedback function inside the program.

Some of this request was already on my own list, and I got a lot on my own list that is not included here.
But I do not want to reveal everything I have planned for the future. Have to have some surprises.

This list is not sorted in any particular order. Even if a feature is on this list, That does not mean that it will be added, This is just a list of request. some might be added and might not be.

To add a feature or not, is based on a lot of things. Some of them are if it is even possible to add it? Will it affect other parts of the program?
Will it make the user experience better or worse? Will the feature be useful for many or just a few user? How much time will it require to add it?
If a feature is only useful for very few user but will take very little time to add it, then I might be added anyway.

After the list of requests there are some comments on some of the major requests.

(I rephrased and summarized some of the request below.)

  • Favorites/Bookmarking system
  • Synchronize Folders
  • Support for larger icons on the toolbar both 32 and also 24 and 48
  • Search in registry
  • Thumbnail view in Explorer Panel, Show all files with a larger image that is a Thumbnail of the file if the file is a picture file.
      (Thumbnails in both list and detail mode have been requested,
      in detail mode there would be possible to show more picture info in multiple lines next to the image)
  • Show a Preview pane in the opposite panel
  • Password support for Zip and 7-Zip
  • Printing support from the built in file viewer.
  • Tool for creating file lists. Should work like Multi-Rename where you can set [N] Like tags where on a line you want filename and so on.
  • Customize the right click menu. Add commands to it.
  • Option to turn off full row selection. So for an item to be set to focus the user has to click on the actual file name.
  • Option to go to parent folder when double clicking on empty area (Should be combined with option to turn off full row selection )
  • Option to turn off Drive Dropdown list
  • Able to Custom colors for file and folder based on name, date, attributes and state (selected, focus, normal)
  • Show System/Hidden files with a special or lighter color.
  • Flat view Showing all files and folders and subfolders together
  • Column header should follow the font size of the Explorer Panel.
  • Browse the recycle bin
  • Create new empty files easily with a build in command.
  • Create new file based on template. So when user select create new file the user get a list of different templates.
  • Dynamic column in the Explorer Panel when in List Mode
  • Option to instead of showing free space show used space. Instead of "800G of 2000G free ( 40% free )" then show "1200G of 2000G used ( 60% used ) "
  • Customized number of button rows to show in the button panel from within the program. Now you need to manually modify the file
  • Tool for splitting and joining files
  • Option to split view main GUI as Top / Bottom instead of Left/Right
  • Able to throttle/limit the speed for copy/move operation
  • Modify the copy queue. Rearrange and remove items from the queue
  • Save a copy queue and able to restore and continue from it at a later time.
  • SFTP support, SSH file transfer, not to be confused with FTP-SSL.
  • Function to Move and Link a folder automatically. (eg It will move the folder C:\A to D:\A, then it will create a Link (junction/symlink)
      from C:\A to D:\A so all program still using old path will still work )
  • Add script that will auto run at startup and shutdown of MC.
  • Able to turn off external folder change monitoring for a folder.
  • Tool to 'grep' text lines from a file
  • Tool for comparing files.
  • Able to use wcx,wfx,wlx plugins
  • Concept of Work Sessions. All tabs are belonging to a session. And user can define different session. and if Session X is selected
      All tabs are closed and new opened with the locations defined it that work sessions.
  • Copy plugin that will automatically CRC check files and create CRC checksum files if needed.
  • Support for browsing and extracting files from .CAB
  • Support for browsing and extracting files from .ISO
  • Support for browsing and extracting files from .LZH (Really? anyone still using that ?)
  • Able to share files using HTTP, Sharing a file temporary to someone that is a guest on your LAN can be a pain.
      Because you often need to modify a lot of network settings on the computer before you will see each other’s file shares.
      Able to share a file quick via a simple built in HTTP server would solve that pain.
  • Get icon for folder defined in desktop.ini file inside the folder ( Like Windows Explorer do )
  • Get color and column settings for a folder defined in a file stored in that folder. Similar to what Windows Explorer uses the desktop.ini file for
  • Customize the color the progress bar that are shown in the status bar. And have different color for different action
      eg. Green for copy, Blue for move, Red for delete.
  • Customize the colors for the Column header, and Toolbar background, status bar.
  • Customize the background color for the dropdown list
  • Customize the colors for the command line field.

(Item that are stroked have been added/fixed since this post was first created)

That is a lot of requests. And then the features I have on my own list is not listed here.
I wish I could clone myself and fix all of them, But that is not possible.

Here are some comments on some of the requested features

Favorites/Bookmarking system

  I had been thinking about something like that for a while myself. There are a couple of way to do this.
  A) A simple menu that shows a list of added path. Just like the simple favorite list you got in your web browser.
     And all items in the list are number 1-9 and then A-Z so they can easily be access using the keyboard.

  B) The other solution is a more advanced way. Show a windows where all favorites are shown. You can also tag paths and only show path with a special tags.
     You can also start to type something and the selection of bookmarks will be less until you find the bookmark you want,
     There can also be a tab/view/button that will show the most common path you select so you easy can select items.
     and there will of course be keyboard hotkeys for everything so you can from the keyboard do all things fast.

  C) Even more advanced system that automatically keeps track of paths/locations you do things in and keeps a list of them.
     and if a path/location is not visited in a long time it is automatically removed from the list.
     When show the bookmark window you will then see the path/location that you work with most frequently and they can then be access using 1-9,A-Z keys.

Synchronize Folders

  This is also a feature that would require more information on how you would like it to work.
  syncing folder can be simple like just making sure that folder A and B are the same. and if a file is located in both places it will keep the file that
  is the newest. However if a file is deleted in place A it will then not be deleted in place B since it does not know if the file is new or not.
  The more advanced way is to keep a 'folder sync-project' file with your files. Then it would be possible to detect if files are deleted and sync that too.
  And also in a more advanced folder syncing it would also allow for comparing file content. (witch also is a separate request that is quite large to add)

Thumbnail view

  There is a couple of ways this can work. as stated above there are request for this both as list and detail view.
  In Thumbnail list mode it will show a thumbnail is list mode is now but with the image being the size of 64x64 or bigger. (Might be customizable)
  And with the filename under the image. And just like list mode you will have multiple columns.
   ---------      ---------
  |         |    |         | 
  | image   |    | image   |
  |Thumbnail|    |Thumbnail|
  |         |    |         |
  |_________|    |_________|
  Filename1.jpg  Filename2.jpg

  With Thumbnail detail mode you will have 1 image per row. but the filename and file information will be listed next to the image under each other.
  And maybe also with special image properties
  |         |  Filename1.jpg
  | image   |  343 343 bytes
  |Thumbnail|  2012-01-01 23:23:23
  |         |  1600x1200
  |         |  Filename2.jpg
  | image   |  453 4324 bytes
  |Thumbnail|  2012-01-02 12:52:31
  |         |  1600x1200

Preview panel

  This is also a feature that I been thinking about for a while. and there are a couple of way to approach this and possible issues to avoid.

  Should a preview panel be locked to a specific open tab. ? If not then if I got a Preview panel on the left and 5 tabs on the right and I change
  the tab then the preview panel should show the new file in focus in the new tab? Can there be multiple preview panel open on the same side?
  or maybe only one preview panel per side. And more.
  I'm leaning into only allow 1 preview panel per side and the file in in focus on the opposite side, will be the file that is shown in the preview.
  and if tab is change so a new tab is in focus, then the new file that is shown and is in focus will be shown in the preview panel.

  Then it is what the preview panel should show..  for images it should show a thumbnail, for text file it should show the file content.
  But should it show all content using scrollbar or the first parts of them. (So many choices)

Flatview Showing all files and folders and subfolders together

  Not sure if it is possible. But do you not get that behavior if you open search, and search for everything in one folder.
  Then all files and folders and subfiles and subfolder are shown in the search result.
  Maybe the search need to support for more file system functions so the thing you want to do with files/folder when presented like this can be done here?

Missing feature
If you have any suggestions that are not on the list ? Just leave new post about it in the forum.
If it is a bug in any existing feature when leave the post in the support forum.

Your Input/Feedback
A lot of the requests can be added in many different ways so if you have any ides and views, suggestion
on how any of the feature should work, fell free to express your view of that here.
all suggestions are welcome.

So the question is. Which of the requests above would like to have added the most.

The end...

Tips and Tricks / Internal CommandLine commands
« on: July 01, 2012, 14:49:02 »
The Command line field support some special internal commands.

*<external program>Start a external program as administrator, Eg "*cmd" starts a admin prompt at current path
!<cmd / path>Normally Multi Commander will go to a path if it is enterd, Typing ! infront of the path will force the path/cmd to be opened by Windows Shell
cd <path>Change directory
mkdir <path>Create Folder
cf <file>Create a new empty file
alias <name>=<expanded to>Create a new alias, eg "alias d=d:\bin"
alias2 <name>Create a new alias for current path, eg "alias2 d"
topmost 1Change Multi Commander from being a always ontop. Use 1 to enable, else it will disable it
addlanguageUsed to add support for another language so that you can create new translations
importcmdUsed to import a script command fast.
dbg fologEnable full file operations logging
dbg fslogEnable full file system logging
dbg applogEnable fullapplication logging
:saveSave all autoload settings for all tabs. Same save that is done before exit.
:showhiddenChange the settings to show all system and hidden files
:hidehiddenChange the settings to hide all system and hidden files
:goappGo to the path where Multi Commander is started from
:userdataGo to the path under the user account where Multi Commander saves data
:gomcregGo to the path in registry used by Multi Commander
:gologGo to the path where Multi Commander stored the log files
:goconfigGo to the path where Multi Commander read/write the settings files.

Since v2.7 the following is also available

:boxGo to the location where you have your DropBox folder. (If you have DropBox installed)
:skyGo to the location where you have your SkyDrive folder. (If you have SkyDrive installed)
:deskGo to the desktop
:dlGo to the Windows Download folder (No available on Windows XP/2003)
:ctcClear Thumbnail Cache - Will remove all thumbnail cache information stored in memory

Make your suggestions for what to include in the next major update here

The result of the requests and suggestions can be found here

For new requests just create a new separate post in the Feature Requests and Suggestions forum

** This post is now LOCKED - Create a new separate post if you have any requests **
** Result from this post can be found here **

Now that v2.5 is out the planing for the next major release have started.

I got a list of new features and changes I want to do. But that list contains mostly my own wishes and
since we all have different needs and wishes I would like to hear from you.

What feature do you want to be added ?
What do you want to be able to do ?
What existing feature does not work and should be change? And how should it be change?
What do you want to be able to tweak and customize ?
What do you want to be able to do with script ? what needs to be added it it ?
For file task that you do often, How can some feature be added so you can do it easier/faster?

Any idea are welcome.  small, big, smart or stupid.

I will however not promise that I will add all of them, It all depends on what it is and how much work it required.

I will not comment on your suggestions in here, or saying that it is already on my list or if it is good or if it is not possible to add.
I will collect all ideas now and at a later time I will present a list with all the suggestions where they then can be discussed.

If you are to lazy to create a forum account, you can send suggestions from the "send feedback" option inside Multi Commander.
It is located in Menu > Help > Send Feedback

Beta Releases / 2.5 Beta - Build 1080
« on: May 27, 2012, 11:36:02 »
v2.5 - Build 1080

Over 250+ Changes. Some of the major changes are.

NEW - Explorer Panel can now show file in List Mode
NEW - Quick launch bar - Toolbar where you can drop file on, and more
NEW - Toolbar system reworked.
Changes - Many of the icons has been updated
ADDED - Toolbars can now be hidden
ADDED - Can now draw file extenion right aligned in the filename column
ADDED - File viewer - Has now support for word wrap both fixed and dynamic
ADDED - File viewer - Can now show line number.
ADDED - File viewer - Read entire file now works.
ADDED - File viewer - Can now hide toolbars.
ADDED - An internal icon gallery that can be used by the new Quick Launch bar.
ADDED - Language editor can now launch google translate.
ADDED - Right clicking on a drive button in the drive bar will now show the shell context menu for that item,
ADDED - Active panel in the left and right panel can now swap places.
ADDED - Active panel can not be moved to other panel.
ADDED - Better error checking for directory monitor.
ADDED - MultiScript function _FindFiles that return string array of found files.
ADDED - MultiScript functin GetFileTime/SetFileTime/IsFolder/GetFileSize/FileExists/TimeLocal2UTC/TimeUTC2Local.
FIXED - MultiTags ${currentfilepath}, ${currentfilename} now work again when running a script separetly for all selected files.
FIXED - Custom Command can now handle accept dropped files as parameters and accessiable using multitag "${param:x}"
FIXED - Problem with MultiScript function _FindFirstFile. Does not work with fixed name to match.
FIXED - Loading external scripts now work a lot better.
FIXED - When deleting folders to recycle bin on Windows Vista or better. The folder with it's content will be sent to recycle bin as one item.
ADDED - Custom Command to execute any internal command.
ADDED - When starting search from script it is now possible to set a fixed panel where it should be opened.
FIXED - Right click on a folder in the folder tree and selecting New->New Folder now works.
FIXED - The Path in the path field sometimes lagged a bit when entering folder with many files
FIXED - Sometimes when selecting item the selection status did not update.
FIXED - Problem in Explorer panel settings when settings a custom date/time format
FIXED - Problem when multiselecting files with "*zip" instead of "*.zip"
FIXED - When drag and dropping a file from a zip archive. It suggested that a Move operation should be done instead of copy.
FIXED - Improved speed a lot when unpacking many small files from a zip archive
FIXED - Problem with moving files under some situations.
+ a lot more

Report bugs In the 2.5 Beta Bugs post

An Early Look - Quick Launch Bar

Comments for the blog post should be posted here in the forum topic

An Early Look - New Toolbar system

Comments for the blog post should be posted here in the forum topic

Blog post comments / [Blog Post] - An Early Look - List Mode
« on: April 28, 2012, 13:45:22 »
Blog Post - An Early Look - List Mode

Comments for the blog post should be posted here in the forum topic

Beta Releases / 2.1 Beta - Changes
« on: March 17, 2012, 16:18:13 »
Build 1005

  ADDED - Settings to turn off the feature that remember selected files/folders when returning to previous path.
  ADDED - Can now choose to not separate files and folder when sorting.
  ADDED - Multi Commander can now be configured to only start a single instance.
  ADDED - Multi Commander can now be minimized to a tray icon.
  ADDED - Create Link tool can now create shortcut files (.lnk)
  ADDED - Shared folder overlay icon is now shown even if you are not running on XP
  ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to reset itself when going to a new path.
  ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to restore the view filter you had before leaving the path.
  FIXED - Problem with error handling with MultiRename.
  FIXED - Problem when openening the CheckSum Extension from the context menu on the tabarea.
  FIXED - Quick search field now accept keypad number keys.
  FIXED - Problem with natural sorting.
  FIXED - Shortcut files (.lnk) will now show the icon of the target of the link.
  FIXED - PackFiles will now use the autoclose settings.
  FIXED - Problem when showing some child dialogs from Button editor.
  FIXED - Dragging files/folder to the folder tree will now show the correct drag/drop action. (Copy/Move)
  FIXED - A couple of rare situation that could cause a crash.
  FIXED - A couple of minor memory leaks
  FIXED - 4 Crash situations reported by crash reports.

Beta Releases / Beta Build 857
« on: October 11, 2011, 18:45:15 »
Most of the time spent in the development of Multi Commander is spent on the next major version.
But some time has been spent on fixing bugs for the current version.

This new beta contains mostly bugs fixes and some minor changes.

some of the fixes are

  • Increased override color profiles from 4 to 8
  • Fixed problem when trying to open certain tar.gz files.
  • Fixed problem with view folder, Was not able to hide folders anymore
  • Added to possibility to export selected settings options.
  • And more. around 30+ changes since v1.2.0

Beta Releases / Beta Build 829
« on: August 31, 2011, 20:39:48 »
Mostly bugs and fixes for long path support (path over 260 characters)
  • Rare crash problem with folder tree.
  • Tab closed if user click where the close button should be, Even if settings was not to have a button.
  • Crash problem when trying to base64 decode a file that was not a base64 encoded file.
  • Folder sizing a path that is longer then 260 characters.
  • Problem when renaming a file located in a path longer then 260 characters.
  • Problem when viewing a file located in a path longer then 260 characters.
  • Problem when creating new folder in paths longer then 260 characters.
  • Problem when scanning paths longer then 260 characters.
  • Various multi language text problems.
  • Problem if a columnname was empty
  • 90+ Internal changes and fixes since v1.1.1 build 800.

Compress a predefined folder into a predefined file.

Command Type : Custom Command

MC.Filesystem.PackFiles FILES="D:\Projects\Documents\*.*" METHOD="Zip" TARGET="D:\${date:yyyy-MM-dd}_${time:HH:mm}"

Pack everything in "D:\Projects\Documents" into a file name, that will be named "D:\"

Script / Change path in both Left and Right panel
« on: August 23, 2011, 18:41:15 »
Change the path in both the left and right panel with the hit of hotkey.

Command Type : Custom Command

MC.Explorer.Goto LEFT="D:\Projects\Documents" RIGHT="E:\Shared\Documents"

* If left or right panel is not a explorer panel (eg. search is open and in focus). Then a new tab will be opened on that side.

Script / Start a Search Automatically
« on: August 23, 2011, 18:37:00 »
Custom command that will do a start a search for a predefined set of parameters.

Command Type : Custom Command

MC.FileSearch.Search SEARCHIN="${sourcepath}" SEARCHFOR="*.txt *.xml" CONTENT="MultiCommander" EXCLUDE=".svn" AUTOSTART

It will start a new search, It will search for the files in the current source path.
Search for all *.txt and *.xml files.

The files should have the content "MultiCommander" in them.

Exclude all folders named ".svn" , Do not scan that folder any any subfolder

HIDE - Hide the search criteria dialog.

AUTOSTART - Start the search immediately

Beta Releases / Beta Build 820
« on: August 21, 2011, 16:04:03 »
Mostly bugs and stability fixes since last beta
  • When copying files and files already exists. The "Replace all older" option now works.
  • Files dropped on a button will now have quotes around them.
  • Fixed a couple of High DPI related problems.The main GUI should now be drawn correctly if run under High DPI mode.
  • Devices where it is not possible to get free/available space will now no longer show any free space information.
  • Constant string now works with CustomCommands called from MultiScripts. (eg MC.Explorer.Goto Path="c:\bin" )
  • Crash problem if multiple instances of the Language editor was opened.
  • Multi selected problem when running Windows Explorer mode.
  • Path field, Freespace field, status field, all in the explorer panel, Will now resize according to the selected font size.
  • 65+ Internal changes and fixes since v1.1.1 build 800.

Go here to vote for what major feature to include in next version of Multi Commander,277.0.html

The planing for what the next major feature to include has started. Listed are a some of the major features that are planed for the future. (This is not all, There is also a secret list. Do not want to revel everything that is planed).

We all have different needs. So what of the following features would YOU like to see be included into Multi Commander.

Only feature that require major work are listed here. A lot of minor feature are planed, but they are not listed here.

Any feature that you would like to see that are not listed here ? Then post comment about it. And I might put it up there.

  • Large Icon Support - Able to large file icons ( 32x32 , 48x48 , ... )
  • Thumbnail mode - Show thumbnails of images and files when listing files.
  • List Mode - When listing files, Show only the file name, With multiple entries per row.
  • Internal Picture Viewer - Internal viewer that can show jpg, png and other common formats.
  • MultiRename Tool - Able to rename multiple files/folders using advanced substitution filters and rules, and using file properties.
  • Better Search - Better search GUI and Abel to use file properties from extensions in search, like image size, mp3 genre, and more.
  • Better Overwrite Dialog - When copying a file that already exists on target. Show a better "overwrite file" dialog. that highlight the differences of the files better.
  • File Association - Override file association. Able to configure custom open commands for file type.
                       If a file is launched from Multi Commander, then file associations in multi commander will override they one defined by Windows. This is useful when running in portable mode. (USB)
  • Synchronize Folder Content - Tool for synchronize folders content. that will copy all the changes from two location making sure are the same.
  • Tagging - Able to tag file and folders. Then select all files/folder that has a special tag.
  • Modify/Load/Save File Operation Queue - Rearrange and remove items from the copy/move queue. Save/load queue - Abort file copy and save queue so it can be resumed at a later time

Vote for the top 3 you would like.

No guarantee that the winning items will be included. It also depends on how much work they require to implement

If you have wises for how some of the listed feature should work or sub-features that they should included. Fell free to leave a comment.

Beta Releases / Beta Build 814
« on: August 14, 2011, 12:03:27 »
Only minor fixes and additions has been added since last beta.
  • Full path will now be shown as a tooltip when hovering over a tab
  • Starting MultiCommander.exe -F=startup.ini, you can now defined multiple paths to be shown at startup.
  • File editor now support ${mcinstallpath} tag. So relative paths for the editor can now be entered.
  • 5 new MultiTags.
  • Fixed crash that happen if file search tab was closed shortly after a search was finished.
  • Device dropdown list lost some items if a USB device was removed.
  • User Commands how support single quote around commands. (See doc on Multi-Tags)
  • Fixed problem that quotes around filename when edit a file was lost in some situation.
  • 45+ Internal changes and fixes since v1.1.1 build 800.

Beta Releases / Beta Build 808
« on: August 03, 2011, 13:49:27 »
Mostly stability fixes for rare problem that have been reported from crash reports.

Also some minor new improvments
  • Menu bar can now be hidden. And then shown when user presses Alt key. (Like in IE9)
  • Device toolbar now also shows USB/Removable devices.
  • Multi Commander no longer locks the folder it is showing. So it is now possible to delete the folder you are currently showing from another program.
  • 11 new MultiScript function for getting selected/focus items from target/source view
  • 4 new MultiTags that will expand to the item in focus for source/target item. with fullpath or just name.
  • When creating checksums MD5/CRC32/SHA1. It is now possible to copy the calculated checksum to the clipboard using context menu on the item.
  • 30+ Internal changes and fixes since v1.1.1 build 800.

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