Author Topic: Browsing/Playing Music files without pop-up player.  (Read 5125 times)

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Browsing/Playing Music files without pop-up player.
« on: September 16, 2012, 18:49:16 »
It would also be nice/handy if a feature could be included that can play the following file formats directly, without starting-up a third party pop-up player. For instance when browsing hundreds of music files prior to selecting desired file(s) for copying to a different folder, I want to quickly listen to a specific file by clicking with the mouse on the file . It is very irritating when going through hundreds of files, when everytime one clicks with the mouse on a file to quickly listen to it when a third party player pops up. The music files I regularly use [and I assume many others do] are as follows:

*.mp3; *.kar; *.mid; and sometimes the *.wav file format.

I am currently using a software i.e. WinNavigator v 1.97 [also dual-panel layout, but only 32-bit] that can do exactly which I mentioned above but, unfortunately it is not of much help when dealing with other file types of the 64-bit systems.