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Support and Feedback / Re: Virus detections for update zip package
« on: September 26, 2022, 17:48:41 »
Its a false positive, It is very common for application that do lots of file access like a file manager to get flaged.. some malware analyzer see that this application can do lots of different file access operation. And they become suspicious.
There is not much small developers can do about it

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with the renaming tool
« on: September 19, 2022, 08:41:18 »
Looks like this is an old issue with the exFAT filesystem and Windows.  Windows say the rename was successful, but if only upper/lower casing was change for new name, it will not be changed.

A workaround would be to use the MultiRename tool in MC and change the casing there and also add a "_" in the beginning or something.. and then after that, Rename them again and remove the _ character.
Then the name are changed and not just upper/lower casing.

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with the renaming tool
« on: September 18, 2022, 14:36:22 »
That is strange. I'm not able to reproduce that

What OS is that on? I know that XP had issue when renaming files when only changing upper case and lower case, since the file system is not case sensitive it did not fell that it as a change and did not actually change the name even if they file system function said the rename was successful.
Or is it remote network device ?
what filesystem NTFS ? FAT32 ?

Do you have the issue on all devices or just some devices ?

Support and Feedback / Re: Checkboxes for Files and Directories.
« on: September 14, 2022, 08:01:46 »
Menu > Configuration > Explorer Panel Settings > Display Tab

Under the "Selection and Checking of items" section you have a "Checkboxes" option

when deleting it, it pop up Error dialog shows "Unknown Error(5:20)"
I record a video for the issue.

Ahh You are sending to recylebin. That a big difference.. Then files are not deleted. but Windows moves them and redname them.. Not sure why Windows fails to send it to recycle bin.

I cannot recreate that.

If I create C:\folder1\Folder2 on panel is shown folder2.. and one C:.. and I delete Folder1 from there.. No issue..panel 2 that show folder2 will go back out to c:\

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Windows SYSTEM partition,
« on: September 12, 2022, 09:29:34 »
So you want to browse a Harddrive without mounting it in Windows.. ? No MC do no support that. MC do not scan the filesystem by it self like that.. It using Windows to access the filesystem

It should normally not happen, But depending on situation it can.
MC do not keep a lock on the folder. So normally it should not happen.
But it can happen depending on what files you got in the folder and what columns you shown.
When entering a folder MC will get icons and thumbnail for the files in the background.. also some extended column will be processed in the background.
Also AV software can be activate and scan files..  or some other program has a a file opened from that folder.

Also why are you starting it in the background ? what issue are that solving ?
The Batch File do it in this way and by the way, the /min parameter works not. I replaced Start with Start /min, this should work, but no instance started minimized. Just one window stay in the foreground and the other starting behind them in the second layer. This is without the /min parameter the same.

Yes i mean not running in the background, but running without a task bar icon is maybe the same like running in the background?

Why is this only with MC so? All other Programs can be started with multiple instances via  batch file. I have tested this with the 2 methods for recreating the issue.

I guess this will never be solved.... I make a Windows Update to 22H1 this weekend. Maybe then is the behavior different, but i dont believe.

When move i to Windows 11?
Then when Win 10 no longer developed.

Background just mean, Do not bring the program to the front. Keep the active program in the foreground.
It is not just MC..  I don't know why Windows does not add a TaskBar icon for you, I'm not able to reproduce that on any machine I got. Might be that MC takes longer to start or something. Don't know.
There is nothing MC about it. It must be a Windows Bug or something that is running on the machine that cause so that Windows Fails to add the Taskbar icon.
Like I said. Adding the TaskBar icon is something that is handled by Windows.

try to turnoff spash,605.msg1568.html#msg1568

It is how Windows works.  When an application open that shows a UI Window.. A Taskbar button/icon is added for that application, automatically.
If you do NOT want a Taskbar Icon for a UI Application, Then the program need to do weird workarounds..

Also if application are started "in the background" (It is not started as a background process.. just background in the UI layer) then MC can't popup in the foreground. Windows will not allow it.
Remember on XP when application just started and stole focus when you was in the middle of things.. Windows changed in Windows 7 (or was it 8? ) to not allow that anymore. If an application request to be in the foreground, but another program have focus, Windows will ignore that call, The program in focus must say that process X is allowed to steal my focus away from me.

Also why are you starting it in the background ? what issue are that solving ?

No I'm not able to recreate this. Win10 ?  Or Win11 ?

Placing the application icon on the TaskBar is not something programs do them self, Windows is handling that. if the application that is opened has a specific Window Flag, Windows place a Application Icon on the TaskBar. Only time MC manipulate that is in you have the Minimize to taskbar thing active and have activated that taskbar icon should not be visible when minimized.

Script / Re: Start MC with folder and file to select
« on: September 09, 2022, 07:33:30 »
Look at

There are multiple way depending on configuration..

Just as paramters or -L / -R parameters if you open new instance.
or /OPEN parameter if you want to modify a currently running instance.

Menu > Configuration > Core Settings > FileSystem (Tab)
Under the "Default file operations options" there is a "Auto Close progress windows when completed" option

Problem is that it is very rare and not possible to replicate since it is a timing issue. There are plans to rewrite some parts that MAYBE fix it. but since it can't be replicated it hard to say if that will fix it.

Script / Re: Problems with MC.FileSearch.Search
« on: September 01, 2022, 08:02:54 »
MC.FileSearch.Search currently not working.. Since search feature was rebuilt to use virtual devices like RESx: for result, the scripting does not work anymore.
But it is high up on the list of my to fix list.

However MC.FileSearch.Search will never return a list to you, it is just a scriptable way to start the search with a set rule of rules.

For low level access you need to use MultiScript functions and there is no direct search support there..
but you can enumerate files and get file info and such. so you can build you own search script for simple search that get a list of matches that you den do something with in the script.

Thank you for your response.

Yes, it is indeed strange, I have not had these problems with Android phones, thumb drives, or external hard drives. Huh...

Re "skip options", is this something that might be fixed in a future upgrade?

Thank you!

Yes it is on the list..  It has just not been top prio since not many people copy files like that from phones..

1. Strange. Not sure how that can happen. MC is using Windows Portable Device API to talk to portable devices. It is a built-in way for application to communicate with remote devices like phones.
I never seen that happen. But I'm mostly tested it on Android. Not sure if this is a iPhone unique issue or if it is something else.

2. the Virtual device WPD: does not yet support all skip option., this need to be handled internally by the extension.

Support and Feedback / Re: V12 - Archive extracting counter wrong
« on: August 25, 2022, 16:17:25 »
Mark all files, move from right tab to left tab, use Context menu, Extract...

Very Strange. I do not get it to show extra files. 
I select files and show context menu and do unpack (it shows same unpack dialog as File Menu > Unpack
unpacking a rar with 5 files  it say 5 of 5.. and one with 1 files  is 1 of 1, and selecting them both and I get 6 of 6

Edit: Ok I think I been able to repo it.. I don't get it everything..

"Remember open path" and "Remember only paths to local hard drives" are not checked. So that should not be the problem.
However, while checking this I found that it looks like that the problem actually is that the tab-session marked as "Autoload this tab session at startup" is no longer automatically loaded at startup.

So new problem description:

"Autoload this tab session at startup" doesn't seem to work anymore.
I cannot find any issue with autoload of tab session , If I check  "autoload" checked..  it will get autoloaded for me ..

Is nothing from the tabsession loaded, or are it some part of the things in the tabsession configuration that is not loaded ?

The update is replacing the files, no errors in the log.. If you still got the same error that must be another install of MC then.
Make sure that the path you see in the log are the same as the one that you start.
(Or you got some sandbox security software that do not keep changes,)

Start MutiUpdate.exe and click settings and check "force update" click apply and then start update

Support and Feedback / Re: V12 - Archive extracting counter wrong
« on: August 21, 2022, 23:19:38 »
Hm Im not getting it to show incorrect numbers...
How are you unpacking. Selecting rar files and then unpack command ?

Dont know why you need "Has Not ARHSDLCE3"
Works for be with just HAS 3 (symink) and one rule that is HAS 4 (junction), might be because of other rules. first matching rule will be used

Updated to 12.1
Newly created rules (except for Junctions & Symlinks) now do get applied on exit of File Coloring Rules Editor.

Rules for Junctions and Symlinks still not applied.

Strange, I have no issue.
I Create a rule for Junctions...    Only attribute for junction is checked.. "Attribute Has 4" it say..

video is private..  but test with 12.1 released today.  the save and reload issue is fixed in that.. now the code is exactly as in 11.6

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