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Support and Feedback / Re: "Go Up" shortcut
« on: July 14, 2021, 09:55:38 »
Go up is by default backspace..  but you can change that in menu > configuration > Keyboard customization

Exit ..hmm Alt+F4 ?  I don't think it is currently customizible

Support and Feedback / Re: RegEx search totally fails...
« on: July 13, 2021, 20:09:58 »
MC is not using its own regex engine. It is using a standard engine in the language set to ECMAScript support.. so I think it follow the same RegEx rules are JavaScript

I'm no regex guru. So I don't know how whats needs to be written in regex to match what.

But the test with a.* and C.*\.jpg works for me with regex. it find all files starting with a* or C*.jpg

(case sensitive? That is not for matching filename. That is always ignore case, the flag for Ignore case is for file content when matching file content)

No currently there is no script command for that.. I will check if that can be added

The CrashID is always unique so that I can locate a crash report and run a manual analyze of it if needed

I can't reproduce any issue with rename, Do you run any security software that might block some programs from changing the filesystem?
Anything else with your setup that is special?
I will check the crash report later but at the moment I can't do that, Then I might be able to see why it crashes on your setup

It has to do with the Delayed startup of tabs to get better startup performance. Tabs with "!" is tabs that are not yet fully loaded and will be finalized when activated. You can turn it off in Explorer Panel settings. both the "!" marking and the delayed loading of the tabs.

Not sure what encryption thing you run. But it is handled automatically by Windows.
MC is not decrypting the files,  It is all handled by Windows when MC read the data..
So you need to configure you other devices so that all writes to that device will be encrypted. then they are encrypted automatically.

Support and Feedback / Re: Update from v10 to v11.2
« on: July 05, 2021, 16:53:24 »
Hmm No.. What is not working

Hmm #file: so external scripts ?
All those script changes was in v11 nothing about that is changes between 11.0 and 11.2. I cant remember right now but all script are just converted into individual files.
#file references should still work

Support and Feedback / Re: Mouse back button, highlighted folder
« on: July 05, 2021, 16:48:12 »
not sure I understand the problem.. but when you go back in folder history the focus is also restored.
Go back is not the same as when you press backspace and do "go to parent"

Support and Feedback / Re: can't find "Open in New Tab"
« on: July 05, 2021, 16:39:58 »
If you customized the Custom Context menu it will now show up by default since the upgrade do not touch user modified files.
And then you need to add new commands to the context menu your self.
or edit the config file called ContextMenu.xml and add

Code: [Select]
  <MenuItem Name="Open folder" Options="4368">
    <MenuItem Command="ExplorerPanel.41056" Options="4112"/>
    <MenuItem Command="ExplorerPanel.41057" Options="4112"/>

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Search like filter box
« on: July 03, 2021, 13:53:52 »
Quick seach and filter are totally different.
Filter changes the view.. quick search find items

yes you can filter by on letter but then you are doing "contains" filtering.  all items containg the characters (word) you type..
if you want "begin with" then you need to use wildcard *  so it do exact matches of letter and then wildcard * (what ever comes after)

try latest beta 2794+
if the text in clipboard matches a file/folder name in current location it changes focus to that item

I dont think it should create the file if not found, Think you get lots of empty files when you do not want But you can do that from the command line bar,.
type "cf " then paste the path and press enter..

Try Beta build 2794+

Sometimes i need a quick jump to a file without filter. Then i use the quick search which should automatically enabled by pressing a letter. But i have to say, it should be possible when paste vrom clipboard without pressing the letter first. And when a path from clipboard not exist, MS should create it. I dont need the "Safe Clipboard"- Feature. How about removing this just?
"Safe clipboard"  not sure I understand what you mean

So I have a couple of ideas for features that would be pretty easy in Java or VB or .Net but I realize Windows C++/C guts can make simple seeming things overly difficult. That said here are my thoughts:
- Information for selected files/folders shown on the status bar, specifically I'd like to see the target path of any symlinks, junctions, etc. shown on the status bar. I know the info is available as a column in the main explorer details view, but since most files aren't links of any kind having an empty column eating valuable screen real estate really is a waste. So having it just written on the status bar would be really useful. Actually being able to select multiple details about files or folders and having them redirect to the status bar would be very handy in a lot of ways.
Something similar like that are planned, however they are not easy fixes.

- Along those same lines, being able to get to the status bar and other such high visibility, information oriented controls from withing the scripting language in some fashion would be very useful. I know that may be a big ask, but I have ran into a couple of things I was trying to script that would make it useful, at least for me.

You can get the extended file information from script  (GetFileProp - )

As long as you have not turned off to now show them..All A-Z devices should be added without any issues as they are normal filesystem devices.
Is there something special with your setup ? Are they Normal mounted network shared a device letter ?

Is it not in any list or just in some places (Device dropdown, Folder Tree, Device Toolbar ) ?
Are you running MC as Admin ?  (network shares are by default not shared between normal and network share session in some Windows setups)

I have need seen any issue. But it depends on your system and how much the FileSystem is updated. If the FileSystem is triggerd for refresh constantly it need to rescan and do lots of stuff. Getting icons if needed, color items. sort data and such. and depending on AV some AV is hook into a process and their work is shown in process they hook them self into.
I don't think MC doing 100% cpu on one thread, MC is actually using multiple threads when scanning.

Also MC is trying to do everything as fast as possible that result on higher CPU for a shorter time instead of doing it slower and using less CPU under a longer time.

You can do":UnwatchFolder  <Folder path>" in the command line field to force a path not to be monitored for changed and then you need to do a manual refresh to get it activated
or type ":autorefresh 0" to disable all auto refreshes

Or you can disable item colors and icons to make the refresh do less work

And why dont you just use Alt+F4 for exit? Its faster than pressing Ctrl while clicking menu. Press enter for the message is maybe the same work like CTRL press. Sometimes should configs also working for other users which dont know all the tricks. Therefore remove the message just, this is the easiest method for a solution.

Alt+F4 will minimize to tray.   (If that option is on..)  Menu > File > Exit will always do an exit.

Doing search in Settings would be nice. and got it on my list, however that is a feature that is very time consuming to add. So I prioritized other stuff..

Try Beta build 2790.   Hold and press Exit will suppress confirm dialog

The issue crops up when the "Minimize to tray instead of closing" option is set in the Core settings.  One would do that so that MC is in the background and starts quickly.  The only way then to close the app is via File -> Exit.  Pressing the close window X only minimizes MC.  If you select File -> Exit you then get the following message in a message box

Sure you want to exit Multi Commander?

There is no way to suppress that message! It would be nice not to have to answer Yes every single time I want to actually exit MC given the core setting above

I don't like the idea with a settings. I'm trying to avoid settings for everything, MC is already in settings hell

But how about if you hold Ctrl key while clicking on menu > file > exit, so it will not ask if CTRL key is pressed while doing it ?

Beta Releases / Re: v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
« on: June 04, 2021, 07:31:06 »
Hi @Mathias,

ADDED - Added new command to open folder in new tab or in other panel
ADDED - MultiCommander part in shell menu now show a command for "Open in New Tab" / "New Tab Other Panel"

I use portable version so How do I can use these items with command-line?
Thank you so much your the best File Manager
There is already command line commands for that, the /OPEN parameter when running single instance.. ( )
This is internal commands. (so you can assign hotkeys) and menu commands in shell popup menu

That is strange, I can't recreate that. Works for me here

I did this.

* Go to Customize Columns
* Select Picture profile
* Add the download folder to "Autoload on path"
* Save Changes
* Go to download from the device dropdown..
= Picture column are added

The "Correct Folder Date/Time tool"  does exactly what it say.. It changes the date/time of FOLDERS. It does not change the date/time of files. and the folder will get the datetime of the latest folder/files in that folder.

The sorting error can't be related to the datetime for the sorting.
I'm not able to recreate that sorting error.. Does it happen always ?  If you do a refresh does it fix it self ?  Is it everywhere or only on some locations ?

Support and Feedback / Re: Font sizes
« on: May 28, 2021, 08:32:37 »
The scale is already at 125%. I made an attempt at 150%, but many parts of the screen were not visible.
The drop-down font is readable, but as you say they are cut off at part of the text, as their width is not adapted.
This is the problem that would appear on the whole system with 150% -and some applications would not even have any place on the screen.
In fact there are only two parts that are still written too little : the menus, and the tips window at opening.
It is quite possible that the solution would be to go back to Windows XP, that did not arise all those problems.

If some parts are too big when doing 150% that is probably because you changed some sizes before, because all this sizes are scaled +150% too.
A Friend with bad eyesight uses large monitor and 200% scaling. and he does almost no other settings changes in Windows.. some minor font tweaks in some programs. like changing font from 9pt to 12pt.. so minor changes..since all this changes are affected by the scaling too... a font that is 9pt will be drawn as 18pt with 200% scaling active.

Standard menubar is nothing that the program it self can change. It is controlled by windows.

It would be nice to have a Configuration option to bypass the "are you sure you want to exit" dialog when selecting file -> exit

It is especially useful in the scenario where one has opted to minimize rather than close MC

File > Exit will do a real exit even if minimize to tray is active, so that you CAN do a real exit.

Why not just click the X button instead of digging into a menu or (Alt+F4)  that will now show a warning. (unless a file operation is running in the background)

Beta Releases / Re: v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
« on: May 26, 2021, 07:54:55 »
Hi Mathias.

Can you tell me where I can download the zip installer for portable MultiCommander_x64_Update_(

The beta is not available as a installer yet, Final should be ready soon. Only have a couple of minor things to fix before release.

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