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False positives happens a lot.  The security software sees that this software do lots of files things. so it much be suspicious.
It often fix it self after a while. Not much I can do to make it not happen.

Support and Feedback / Re: Open folder link in new tab
« on: July 17, 2024, 09:36:00 »
by default ' Middle click' will open in new tab on other side

You can configure the Mouse action in Explorer Panel Settings > Mouse Configuration
There you can select what action you want for the buttons.
Eg change so it is opened in same side

OneDrive is using virtual placeholder files (might be that other cloud venders also have moved over to that), Windows has done some changes to how they are identified, and they are now colliding with how junctions links are identified.

Im not able to reproduce that
If you start foldersize from shortcut or from Menu > Tools > Calculate folder size , Same result ?

Is there something special with those folder ? permission ? symlinks or something ?

The "Always rescan folders" has nothing to do with folder sizing. It is if a folder always should should rescan the content of the folder when entering, even if folder hint say nothing has changed

Not sure what issue you have, I have not seen any issue running 32bit apps. Run lots of them.
Yes Windows will virtualize some system folders for them. But that is needed else it would not run. part of the emulation. Eg System dlls must be loaded from Windows\SySWOW64  and not System32\ folder,  (That it is called 32 is just for combability reason. for 64bit version it contain 64bit version of dlls)

MC do not have any control over that.. that is handled by Windows.

WOW64 is what allows 32bit apps to run on 64bit system.
Or is it a .NET application that are build as ANYCPU ? so it runs as 64bit on 64bit system and 32bit on 32bit system ?
If it is .NET application you can force it to run in 32bit with

CorFlags.exe App.exe /32Bit+

and with you can then remove that flag again with
CorFlags.exe App.exe /32Bit-

Support and Feedback / Re: Default Forum Notification Settings..
« on: July 05, 2024, 09:59:47 »
I will take a look

Well,  Wikipeda has kind of a rule that you are not allowed to added or edit pages about your self and such. So If I add it my self I think it will be reverted as bias or something..

Support and Feedback / Re: Default Forum Notification Settings..
« on: July 04, 2024, 22:53:50 »
I don't think the default can be changed for that.
I see now settings to change the default of it

Beta Releases / v14.2 BETA
« on: July 04, 2024, 22:41:48 »

Build 3020 - 24-Jul-2024
 UPDATE- Updated unrar code to 7.0.9
 FIXED - Getting folder size works for OneDrive folder again
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

Build 3019 - 6-Jul-2024

 ADDED - Tab-area will now show a folder icon if tabs in tabarea is full, When clicking on icon a popup list is shown with all tabs
 ADDED - The dialog shown when closing lock tabs, now has a "Yes to all" option
 ADDED - MC.LoadTabs custom command now has a "DoNotAsk" option to suppress the dialog that is shown when tabs are locked
 FIXED - Focus rect in FolderTree almost not visibile in DarkMode

Build 3018 - 4-Jul-2024

 ADDED - Now possible to change the auto error handing settings from the progress dialog
 ADDED - DataPreview templates now support to change the font.
 FIXED - DataPreview that show file content will now respect the font size specified in the template
 FIXED - DataPreview Panel how shown correct in none dark mode

Support and Feedback / Re: Copy Window issues
« on: July 02, 2024, 22:21:38 »
I tried CTRL+L but nothing really interesting except:
2024-07-02 18:56:45.049 [7656] WaitForState : wait for 6 , current state is 2
I got it several times, but then I abandonned the copy.
I tried again the copy but no more error and copy did not worked.
I also obtained the list of errors once, and all the files were flagged as "protected". I tried again with protected files forced but the move was still stuck.
In the day, I also had a ".htaccess" file which stuck a folder deletion.
I did not had the error box today, so nothing much to say here.
I did not pushed to far the tests because I wonder if once the copy/move/delete window had an issue, maybe all other tests are useless because of something stuck till I restart the program.

Note : using a portable version, not installed
Note 2 : I am using the application using a standard user, and also another instance (in a separate program folder) using administrator elevation

I also saw you have made a bunch of changes in the latest version regarding copy/move options to avoid the window to get stuck, I have not played too much with it but it is geatly appreciated

WaitForState is not an error. it is information on what it does. waiting for the write process to complete before continue.

Hard to say why you have issues. normally there are information about the errors in the logs.
Might be that it gets stuck waiting for Windows to complete a write request or something. But hard to say with limited information on what is happening

Support and Feedback / Re: Copy Window issues
« on: June 30, 2024, 22:20:33 »
I copy/move windows profile just to ensure I have all the files that might end up there ; it is not intended to be restored (so it is not a backup).
Some of the files where "special" Windows ones, and some errors might also be due to the file not accessible for a while (overload of either the source or the destination).

I report the errors because I think you should catch them to handle them because when I tried it, I was stuck (no retry/skip worked), I had to abandon the window.
I only try to help to improve the product and be constructive, there is no critism, this is a very good tool!

Thanks for have taken into account my feedbacks

Hardware/Filesystem issue like that are hard to test without having devices with those issues on. Normally the auto error handing will handled and auto skip error. So this error must happen in a situation that is out of that process control.
that is very strange. If you see the error again. Look in the fileoperation log (Ctrl+L) and see if its report any more information. Sometimes where is more information on what it tries to do that failed.

Support and Feedback / Re: Copy Window issues
« on: June 30, 2024, 09:53:03 »
MultiCommander is not suitable for synchronizing or backing up Windows profile files. You should use backup software for that purpose. Many files are in use and cannot be copied. For synchronizing configuration files of programs, I use Beyond Compare. However, even with that, you should not copy, back up, or synchronize the entire Windows profile.

Problem with copying the Windows folders is that lots of files there are very special. For example there are lots of duplicated files that are filesystem hardlinks. So copying a Windows folder will mess that up. and also take a lot more space the the original folder.
Also some area is protected and Windows will virtualize some folders unless you run the program in a special mode. Backup of system drive is best done with doing a image of the drives.

Support and Feedback / Re: Copy Window issues
« on: June 29, 2024, 10:24:38 »
I tried the latest version and I obtain such attached error window, note sure the error code is always the same one. For sure, this error occurs when the file cannot be copied (protected windows file?) and in this copy used a UNC network source.
I am not sure, but it is also possible that this error occurs when moving files from an UNC path to a local one?

Windows Error 1920 - ERROR_CANT_ACCESS_FILE - The file cannot be accessed by the system.

Don't think it is becuse of protected. then the error code is Access denied. That error code is not common, I dont think I ever seen it.

Searching online for it. It look like you get that error code for I/O error.. HW issues or FileSystem Issues with device

Support and Feedback / Re: Copy Window issues
« on: June 29, 2024, 10:20:45 »
Just a few more informations:
- I experienced an error when moving the copy dialog right away after launching the copy/move and just before getting the confirmation dialog (some kind of unhandled exception)
- I also experienced an error while moving files from a complete Windows profile (I think it was the error 59) from a network share to an external USB disk. It might be some special files. I had to restart 2 or 3 times the move operation to move all the files but I cannot say if the error lost some of the files
Thanks again, I hope this can help on improving the copy part of this product

Without more precises information on what cause the copy issue it is hard to fix anything. Was you running as admin ? Can it be permissions error,

Win Error 58 is ERROR_BAD_NET_RESP (The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.)

Yeah, so there is not some kind of external Windows-shell / OS-native copy involved when using CTRL-V in MC? It really looks like this is the case.

I am thinking that, because the Windows progress dialog comes up and because the "created" date stamp is reset to current date, just like Windows and Explorer do it all the time and also because the replace dialog of Windows can pop up. I can't say why MC is not doing the copy on its own and preserve the date stamps as I set in the preferences. Maybe there is some other related setting I overlooked? I checked again, "Keep date stamps" is checked, CTRL-V though, does not restore them.

I have to remember to NOT USE the clipboard CTRL-C+V it seems, kind of difficult! o)

Ctrl+C/V the copy is handled by Windows.. since you can copy files from "strange" none normal location using that, So windows need to handle it

Just press F5/F2 to copy.. much easier..

Support and Feedback / Re: Lock Tab not working
« on: June 27, 2024, 16:58:27 »
Yes, tried that. Same results.
I'm just going to re-install and see what happens.

Strange.. That should work.
Only think I can imagine is that there is some conflict with the settings on what to save on exit

Support and Feedback / Re: Lock Tab not working
« on: June 27, 2024, 14:49:47 »
I'm not able to recreate that. I cannot make it fail.

Have you changed some settings around how tabs should work in Explorer Panel Settings or what should be saved on exit ?
Have you turned off  "Remember open path" ? in "Save on exit" for Explorer Panel settings ?

Ah, ok! o)

It's a bit confusing, suddenly there is a filename instead of a folder path in the "Copy files to.." field and it only seems to work for 1 of many selected items.
Still useful, since the date stamps will be copied when "duplicating" this way instead of using CTRL+C and CTRL-V (which seems to use the Windows shell "Copy" method, which does not preserve "Date created").

Alright, thank you! o)

Yes when you do quick copy.. When doing normal copy you get the target location.  F5/F2 (depending on keysetup)

Copy / Paste are made to copy some data from one program to another. it is made to be used to copy files.. When you copy / paste a file from one program to another. It just tell the other program
File copy this file(s) I have here in this path stored as plain text

You can't configure that in the editor for Custom Context menu ?
You can set if items should be shown for folders, files, both ?

Well yes and no.. o)
I can set whether to show the context menu entry for files or folders or both, but that does not help when clicking in the background of the file display, no file or folder selected.

Technically, clicking in the background of the file display should bring the menu items related to a folder, but it's another context, where things like "Rename", "Delete" etc. are not available. I mean they could be available, since why not rename the folder you are currently in, I actually added this functionality into another file manager I am using, but if the options don't work, it makes no sense to show them.

Maybe take a look at this screenshot:
This is Explorer's context menu on the file display background (the current folder), it also does not show "Rename", "Delete" etc., even though I technically should get all the operations being possible on a folder. I guess most people would be irritated if they could click "Delete" and the folder they are in would be removed from the disk, and the path is changed to the parent folder automatically (since the file manager does not have anything to show anymore for "this" path, which does not exist anymore).

Clicking on the backgroud you are actually clicking on the parent folder. so doing delete there might delete the entire folder you are in.
But maybe block commands like that in that situation would solve that.

Some items are not shown just becuse they are not tagged to be shown.  Delete/Rename are not in the MC menu because they are dupicates in the shell menu. but maybe can be added.

There are some others that often answer If I'm slow..

Duplicate file in same folder

I don't want to show all information in the regular tooltip, I was just talking about the positioning. Not sure what you mean, but ok! Thank you! o)
You can set so tooltip is only shown if the filename is too short to be shown completely.

I was trying to get rid of the windows shell context menu, it makes things slow and if I would use the Copy/Paste from the windows shell menu, timestamps will not be copied, which is why I need to use a different file manager than Explorer in the first place, apart from hundreds of other quirks of course! o)

While we are at it, is there a way to hide custom context menu entries, if the context menu is triggered on the file display background, so the actual target is not a folder/file from the listed items, but the folder I am in?
You can't configure that in the editor for Custom Context menu ?
You can set if items should be shown for folders, files, both ?


The black color looks like a left over or artefact from previously using a dark theme or something, but I did not mess with the themes yet, if I remember correctly o). Can these be colors and margins be changed someshow?

Yes the black part should not be black in None-DarkMode. I will look into that

Talking tooltips: Is there a setting to affect the regular tooltip somehow? Especially the position it opens on?
It always opens directly over the filename column, hiding all the filenames below, in contrast to the preview tooltip, which opens at the mouse cursor position.

No settings, I think.. showing full information in tooltip can be a bit large.

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