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Not sure I understand.
You want the CreateDate to be set to the same as the ModifyDate ?

You can do that with MultiScript

Get all selected files and then loop over them and do
GetFileTime(..) -  filetimepart 0  (last write time)
SetFileTime(..) - filetimepart 1 (create time)

for the utcTime paramer use 0 ( return time in utc) , then no extra conversion are made. not needed NTFS store time in UTC

Support and Feedback / Re: Path shortcuts
« on: June 17, 2018, 21:23:10 »
The problem is that you can not assign Ctrl+H or that the command does not work ?

Both. I cannot assign (Ctrl-D brings nothing) and cannot call the assignment (Ctrl-1 - Ctrl-5 bring nothing as well).

Maybe it can't access the network path ? does it work if you change path to a local path?

Bot how to check it, when I can't define it? Is there GUI method for setting hot path except Ctrl-D?

And what can you say about User Defined Commands in the Menu Bar? Why it doesn't work?

Yes Ctrl+D can not be overriden.. (Ctrl+H can)  Ctrl+D is unselect all.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Batch renaming function
« on: June 17, 2018, 17:23:14 »
Looks cool.. I just wish I had there time and budget too :)
But some of it might be possible.

That is strange.
I got Office 385 home, And it works with that.

MC do not create the excel file. What happening is that excel have inserted an entry in the registry with a location to where a blank template file is located. And MC will copy that file to the new file that is selected.
In the registry

it find an entry for FileName , and for me it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Root\VFS\Windows\ShellNew\excel12.xlsx
and this file is used as a template. 

Do you have that in the registry and do the file exists

Support and Feedback / Re: Path shortcuts
« on: June 17, 2018, 17:08:32 »
The problem is that you can not assign Ctrl+H or that the command does not work ? (do it work in if you place it in the menu or or places)

Some key combination do conflict with key combination that are builtin into UI components that are in focus.
But Ctrl+H should not conflict.. ( I think ),  It works when I try to recreate it

Maybe it can't access the network path ? does it work if you change path to a local path?

If I'm going to bring it back ontopic. :)

I often do not run with thumbnails unless I work with images. So I have not seen an issue with that in MC. And it is a bit hard to reproduce.
What view mode is you running Thumbnail List or Details ?
Is in any kind if images that are now shown . (like only jpg fail and png works ?) or all image..
What are you doing, Like what kind of files do you have. and any other infromation you can give me on how to setup something to try to reproduce it.

If you enable the logging for thumbnails. And it happens again you might get information in the log if MC get an error from Windows and such.
If it is a caching issue with MC you can in the command line bar type ":ctc"  (clear thumbnail cache) and then do a force refresh.. (F2/F5 depending on key setup)
If that works, then the issue in within the MC caching.

Might be that files have hidden or system attribute..  click (or right click for more exact control) on the icon to the right of the color wheel on the toolbar and ebale to system/hidden files are shown

OK, not quite what I reported. It is showing the one file in that "Desktop". For whatever reason I can never figure out except Microsoft wants to enslave us all so there is no rhyme or reason how they make their software-there are two desktops in Windows and only showing the one on Multi Commander. So still need to find this other folder but not sure how to look for it. Thanks-Dave
Yes, The desktop you see in Windows is fake location. What Windows show is the joined content of multiple folders, Where one is your personal desktop folder and other are shared desktop folders. for example for shortcuts that ALL users should have and such. But when you save files. they should go to you personal desktop
When you in MC go to desktop, MC only shown the personal desktop folders since MC point of view is the real filesystem and not the virutal fake view of the system.

Normaly you find other user folders that are included in C:\Users the joined folders are normally the default and public user folders (You Must enable show Hidden/System to see everything in here)

If you run portable version it is not there but under the normal config folders.. But I guess you know that.
Only think that cause the context menu to act like that is if the ContextMenu.xml file is broken.

What?  Hmm In not able to recreate that.. that is weird
Should not be possbile unless you customized the context menu for MC ?  maybe it got corrupted when you did that. (if you edited it) , check if you got a ContextMenu.xml in C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\MultiCommander\Config\  and delete that.

Also you can try calling the command from the menu  Menu > Tools > File Checksum

and if you just want to calculate a checksum to compare the a number you already have (not create a .sfv file) select "Calculate checksum values"

What kind of error. ? That happens ? I cant reproduce any error with it.

Not sure what you taking about being split and stuff,  calculating checksum just read the entire file and calculate a valued based on the content.
If you split the file in many parts MC have no ide of knowing that.  it reads the file you select

You are not giving much information to go on.
What did not work..  what did you do, and so on.

Support and Feedback / Re: Multirename - Dialog Box Size
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:09:35 »
It remember its size.
However i resize the window, Height or width, Close the window and then reopen it..  it is the previous size

I don't think making the dialog part collapsible is a good. You need that part almost all the time when go into multirename. It would require more clicks all the time..
The dialog part is not that big unless you on a very very small screen.

Support and Feedback / Re: Multirename - Dialog Box Size
« on: June 02, 2018, 18:29:35 »
Just resize that window as you resize any window in Windows. By dragging the borders of the windows..
And if a windows is closed at one location it is often opened in that location. If possible

Support and Feedback / Re: Extremely sloooow refresh
« on: May 28, 2018, 12:32:57 »
As I said above if auto refresh stops. Instead of waiting for it to refresh it self, just hit refresh key to force a refresh.

BC do file copy
It is not off topic. With Folder Sync can you maka a perfect Folder copy. If Folder not exist, it create it (i suggested this for MC already). For Folder Compare are some commands for moving files or copy files. My Android Smartphones do i always syncronizing with BC, and New files from the android which have to be moved to the PC i make with Folder Compare, select teh to move files and CTRL+X. This works perfectly. New Videos and Images or Sound files or other move i with this feature from the Android to the PC. This works with highspeed USB 2.0 full speed. You can also synchronizing your homepage with ftp.......... The sync is not implemented in MC yet and BC is no Freeware, and MC is in other things like Multirename and file exploring very much better.

Yes it is OT, The original question did not mention anything about perfect folder copy, syncing, or backup or anything like that. Only that files did not show up.
If you have other issues with copy. please create a separate post, so we don't fixed up the issues.

( MC will create the folder if it does not exists.)

Support and Feedback / Re: Refresh issue
« on: May 27, 2018, 12:32:58 »
When multiple instances open and a external HDD is disconnected, MC think sometimes the HDD isnt disconnected.
Hmm If it is a normal drive then Windows should notify MC about that,
I can't recreate that. If I remove external device that is F: then F: goes away in MC. 

When a Android Smartphone disconnected, MC think it is still connected.
Yes, That is because Windows does not always notify MC when phone using WPD is disconnected.  Some phones works some dont

Support and Feedback / Re: Extremely sloooow refresh
« on: May 26, 2018, 10:48:26 »
I can't reproduce it.

But as I said. MC only auto refresh the view if it receives a notification from windows that the path is changes. MC is not auto rescanning the filesystem every second to check if something changed. That would cause so many other issues. So just waiting for something will not auto refresh it.
If a program is flooded with filesystem change messages faster then a program can handle MC can temporary stop sending them. So maybe that is what happening in you case? not sure.

You can force a refresh by pressing the refresh button/key (F2 or F5) and also it sometimes refreshes if application is reactivate (But depends on time stamp on parent folder)

For full OS backup then Acronis or other imaginge software are better
Acronis True Image is only so fast when it create its own Backup Files. Direct Copy of Hard Drives i tested a long time not.  But Beyond Compare (I don't know whether talking about is allowed in your forum) is also with creating the filesystem of the copy very much faster. The speed difference can you see when you make a copy of very much small files. When making a copy of Big Files like Videos you can't see any difference. But BC are using more than one CPU Core.
Yes I know. and lots of things affect speed and sometimes you think it is fast when it is not. and sometimes it is. There is not so much variable to play with.
BC do file copy ? back when I used it it was only used to compare files content..However. This is a bit off topic, not really relevant of the original question. 
The speed of copy was not in question. it was that he did not see the files after they was copied.

Sorry, but i have to say that the Windows Explorer or Multicommander or any other Commander are not the right Software for doing such a job. They all will need to much time. Therefore i never finshed such a job with MC. I made it always partially until the first question come or until it stop for several reasons and finished it with BC, The fastest Software is Acronis True Image. This use the Full Speed of the Hard Drive for making a Backup. There is no faster Software available and therefore Acronis can give us always alpha versions as final.....
It is not a drive backup, Just copying files
For full OS backup then Acronis or other imaginge software are better and faster


How did you copy the files (there are like 5-6 different way to do a copy in mc)

Did the files have system or Hidden on. Then It might be that they are not shown  (Right click on the icon to the right of the of the colorwheel on the toolbar)

And you can also press Ctrl+L and look at the fileoperation log. And you can see where the files was written maybe you did something that made the be copied to another location?

Support and Feedback / Re: LNK shortcut creation bug
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:50:15 »
Yes got it on my list

That is something else..
Notification must be turned of for each group.

Support and Feedback / Re: LNK shortcut creation bug
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:18:04 »
It remember what type was used last.
So might be an issue with it starts up with last used setting.
Workaround is to change type to something else and then back.  (fast then editing text field)

Support and Feedback / Re: 8.1 No Access to NAS
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:15:29 »
I can reproduce that.. There is not change around network access in in 8.x
MC asks Windows to connect to the remote server. it is not something MC does by it self. So I don't really know why that should happen and error saying "Server is busy" is nothing I have ever seen from a NAS.
It might be that there is something unique with you setup or the way you use it that are causing it.

Support and Feedback / Re: Hangs when updating
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:10:19 »
There should be no issues in downloading it.
Since you are not even receiving a single byte , then probably something is blocking the download. Maybe your security software does not trust multiupdate.exe and therefor blocks the download ? Or you have some strange proxy setup that it can not resolve correctly. Some none standard web proxy solution can cause issues.

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